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Raid Time Protection 1.0.4

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About Raid Time Protection

Raid Time Protection is a Rust plugin designed to provide players with a layer of protection against raids. This plugin introduces a system where raiding is only possible during specific times, allowing players to build and enjoy the game without the constant threat of raids.

Players can use the command /raid_date to check the status of raid protection.


  • Raid Time Protection offers a time-based raid system, where raids are only possible during specific hours of the day. This system is customizable for each day of the week.
  • The plugin provides a global protection configuration, allowing server administrators to enable or disable the plugin, show alerts on state changes, and more.
  • Raid Time Protection is compatible with the ZoneManager plugin. Server administrators can specify zones where the protection is disabled.
  • The plugin also allows server administrators to specify certain prefabs that are exempt from protection.
  • Raid Time Protection includes a wipe protection feature, which provides a period of protection after a server wipe.

The configuration of Raid Time Protection is handled through a JSON file. Here, server administrators can set the hours of protection, the duration of protection, and more for each day of the week. The configuration also includes settings for global protection and wipe protection.

The developer of Raid Time Protection is available to answer any questions or address any issues you may encounter when using the plugin. Do not hesitate to reach out for support.
You can also contact me via discord : https://discord.gg/JJnxFgP27G

With Raid Time Protection, enjoy a more relaxed Rust experience, knowing that your base is safe from raids during protected hours!


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