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Vote Commands 0.1.0

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About Vote Commands

🛠️ Introducing VoteCommands

VoteCommands is a dynamic plugin for Rust that allows server administrators to create multiple custom vote windows. Each voting window is designed to be intuitive, with players clicking on images to cast their vote. At the end of a predefined period, the image with the most votes triggers associated commands.

🌟 Key Features of VoteCommands

Engage your players in collective decision-making and bring a new level of interaction to your server. The visual voting process is not only engaging but ensures that players are more likely to participate and enjoy the experience.

✅ Included Examples

The plugin includes practical examples:

  • EventManager: Allows voting between three different event types.
  • NightSkip: Players vote to instantly skip the night cycle.
  • MapVote: Vote to select the map for the next wipe. Manual action or an additional plugin is required to apply the vote result.

🔧 Configuration Guide

Step 1: Configuration File Creation

  • Create a new configuration file within config/VoteCommands. It's highly recommended to use the provided example files as a starting point.

Step 2: Key Settings

  • AutomaticStart: Enable to automatically initiate a voting session when the plugin starts.
  • AutomaticSessions: Voting sessions start one after another without manual intervention.
  • DelayBeforeAutomaticStart: The delay before the first automatic vote session starts.
  • TimeBetweenSessions: The interval between automatic vote sessions.

Step 3: Vote Session Settings

  • CommandForStartSession: The command to start a voting session.
  • CommandForUi: The command for displaying the voting interface to players.

Step 4: Voting Commands Configuration

Here’s how to set up a voting option in the JSON file:

  "Name": "DeathMatch",
  "ImageUrl": "https://example.com/image.png",
  "ServerCommands": [
      "Enabled": true,
      "Command": "server_command_to_execute"

Each voting option (VoteCommands) should have a name (Name), an image URL (ImageUrl), and a list of server commands (ServerCommands) that will be executed if that option wins.


👮 Permissions

  • VoteCommands.<config_name>.Start: Permission to initiate a vote session.
  • VoteCommands.<config_name>.Vote: Permission to cast a vote in a session.


🎨 UI Customization

Customize the look of your voting window in the configuration settings to fit your needs, ensuring that images are presented optimally, especially for square aspects.


💡 Usage Ideas

Get inspired to create unique scenarios:

  • Special Events: Let players decide which special event to activate for a limited time.
  • Rule Changes: Offer a vote to temporarily change server rules.


🤝 Support and Assistance

I am committed to providing responsive support for any questions or assistance you may need. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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