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  1. You can't have spaces is one thing I noticed. Otherwise, I tried to disable other commands while in the gui, but it could depend on your keybinds.
  2. The new (1.0.52) rule editor allows you to create your own rules. It needs work, but basically you should set the name as something like player_test. Set the source to player and target as test. Next, edit any of the available entities to the test collection. Note that at least currently there is no way to have entities in multiple collections. This is because, ultimately, each entity is checked for damage allow/deny at run time and in comparison to active rules in a ruleset. It might get a little messy if an entity were to be compared to multiple rules.
  3. RFC1920


    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  4. RFC1920


    This was added to the original version on another site. Out of respect, I won't be adding that here.
  5. RFC1920

    CanLootEntity null errer

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.0.3
  6. I absolutely think it's the best Anyway, I had plans early on to implement custom rules. If things are truly stabilized, I might be able to work on that.
  7. There is a plugin I use (EntityOwner.cs) where you can own and unown (sic) surrounding entities. This was how I tested. THe same plugin has the /prod command to let you confirm who owns whatever you're looking at.
  8. NPC Play is my plugin, currently hosted on remod.org.
  9. Please try 1.0.48 and let me know.
  10. What are your settings for: "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false,
  11. What is supposed to do that? Do you have a zone setup there?
  12. I'd rather let that get handled by a separate plugin that manages SAM sites. We call a hook to see if things can be damaged, and that could be used by another plugin to determine damage based on Launch Site vs. user SAMs. But in general, if the trap_player rule is active (visible in the ruleset), you should see traps listed as available for exception.
  13. Click on any of the existing rules in your ruleset (e.g. player_resource) and you should be presented with a list of all rules - click on trap_player. Now, click on the source exclusions button and select Shotgun trap, repeat for the other traps such as autoturret, etc.
  14. RFC1920


    I checked on my own servers and do not have this problem, and I am relatively certain I am running the current build I have checked on Linux and Windows servers and it seems to be working.
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