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  1. You might try deleting the lang file and reloading. That message should have a reason printed.
  2. RFC1920

    HumanNPC GUI

    There is no hope for this to work with the HumanNPC from umod. So, first make sure that you are running the version of HumanNPC from remod.org. Also, if you were using the version from umod, be sure to clear out your data files since they may actually not be compatible.
  3. RFC1920


    Version 1.0.5


    Show and list Rust roads, and use road points programmatically Commands /road (Requires roadfinder.use) /road list - List all roads by name, and set temporary markers /road show ROADNAME - Set temporary markers for named road /road {start} ROADNAME - Teleport to the start of the named road in 5 seconds (start is optional) /road end ROADNAME - Teleport to the end of the named road Examples: /road end Road 12 - to teleport to the end of Road 12 /road start Road 10 - to teleport to the start of Road 10 /r
  4. This should be working in the new version 1.0.12 released here.
  5. Changed Status from Pending to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.0.62
  6. Try downloading the version from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Remod-org/TCGui/master/TCGui.cs. If that works as expected, let me know. This adds new configs, limitToFriends, useFriends, useClans, and useTeams. If limitToFriends is true, the useXXX configs will be used to limit player selection.
  7. RFC1920


    Player can damage their own house. Disable HonorRelationships and HonorBuildingPrivilege and perhaps it will work. Worst case, add rule for player_building.
  8. RFC1920

    upported decaying entity

    Changed Status from Pending to Closed
  9. RFC1920

    upported decaying entity

    Changed Fixed In to Next Version
  10. RFC1920

    add fuel on spawn

    Changed Fixed In to 0.3.2
  11. RFC1920


    I am checking and so far I do not see any call out for decay on those items... Strange. I enabled debug to print EVERY entity and so far no stockings.
  12. RFC1920


    It means that someone has the god permission, which allows all damage. Probably not necessary for the most part: nextgenpve.god -- Override PVE, killall
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