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About PowerToolsPlus

Power Tools Plus :

Configure chainsaw and jackhammer for fuel capacity,consumption and durability with Global or permission based settings.

Features :

  • Global settings for durability loss (true/false)
  • 3 Profiles/Permission based settings for
    Start Chance
    Fuell Capacity
    Fuell Consumption
  • Permissions to set No Durability Loss per Rank or Player

Permissions :

  • powertoolsplus.default
  • powertoolsplus.vip
  • powertoolsplus.plus
  • powertoolsplus.chainsaw : Can be used if Global Durabillity is false
  • powertoolsplus.jackhammer : Can be used if Global Durabillity is false

Configuration :

  "Durability Settings": {
    "Chainsaw : No Durability loss (Global)": false,
    "Jackhammer : No Durability loss (Global)": false
  "Chainsaw Settings Default": {
    "Chainsaw start chance": 0.33,
    "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 100,
    "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 1.0
  "Chainsaw Settings Vip": {
    "Chainsaw start chance": 0.75,
    "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 250,
    "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 0.5
  "Chainsaw Settings Plus": {
    "Chainsaw start chance": 1.0,
    "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 500,
    "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 0.33


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