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About IQParachute

Oooooh! These are parachutes in RUST!
The game developers themselves have been asked to add parachutes to the game for the second year, but they do not react to this in any way!
Therefore, I take this idea into my own hands and add parachutes for you in the form of a plugin!

You will be able to :

Use a parachute on all aircraft transports (you can open the parachute only after jumping from the transport and including the trunk of the transport):
- Minicopter
- Large cargo helicopter (including trunk)
- Chinook
To buy a parachute at different locations directly from an NPC, pointers will be scattered throughout the territory that will help players find this seller (I will attach screenshots below)
- In the compount
- In the bandit camp
- At the Airfield
You can enable and disable any NPC location separately!
Setting up an NPC is available in the configuration :
- Change clothes
- Change name
- Change the name of a point on the G map
- Change clothes to any of your own
- Change the type of NPC (yes, its model)
Specify the type and price for which the player will buy a parachute from an NPC
Supports IQChat!
The parachutes will also be fired by air defenses on different radtown or from players' houses!
The parachute is given as an object and you need to put it on yourself to use it!
Full setup and customization of the parachute :
- Display name
- SkinID
- Shortname
You will be able to customize the parachute flight in as much detail as possible :
- Flight speed
- Maneuvering speed
- Speed of turns
- Tilt angles
- Boost
- Slowing down
You will be able to enable and disable the chance of opening a parachute
You will be able to adjust the chance of opening the parachute
Issue a parachute via a command in the console
Enable and disable smoke on the parachute
Replace the effect with any of your own!

Parachute Control :
- Open the parachute
W - Direct the movement forward
S - Slow down the forward movement
A - Turn left
D - Turn right
SHIFT - Slowing down the fall
CTRL - Acceleration of the fall



"Setting up the parachute": {
"Whether to allow an air defense attack on a parachutist": true,
"Setting up an item": {
"DisplayName": "Parachute",
"ShortName": "sunglasses",
"SkinId": 2663677167
"Additional configuration": {
"Setting up the effect": {
"Enable parachute effect support": true,
"Effect": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/smoke_signal_full.prefab"
"Setting up the opening of the parachute": {
"Enable the chance of opening the parachute (true - yes/false - no)": true,
"Chance of opening a parachute": 80
"Flight Setup": {
"Maximum falling speed": -10.0,
"Opposition to gravity": 7.0,
"Acceleration force (When pressing W)": 4.0,
"Acceleration force (When pressing S)": 4.0,
"Rotation acceleration force (When pressing A/D)": 0.4,
"Resistance (Parachute Deceleration)": 0.3,
"Resistance to rotation (Reduces the rotation speed when the player does not press the A/D buttons)": 0.5,
"Sliding(Gives sliding to the parachute when the SHIFT key is pressed)": 3.0,
"Acceleration (Gives acceleration to the parachute when the CTRL key is pressed)": 1.5,
"The maximum angle of inclination of the parachute when turning A/ D": 30.0
"Setting up an NPC Merchant": {
"Store names on the map": "SKYDIVING SHOP",
"Setting up an NPC who Sells a Parachute": {
"DisplayName NPC": "SKYDIVER",
"ID NPC (His appearance depends on his ID)": 1321,
"Clothes NPC": [
"ShortName": "shoes.boots",
"SkinId": 1526996873
"ShortName": "pants",
"SkinId": 963524525
"ShortName": "tshirt",
"SkinId": 860007266
"ShortName": "metal.facemask",
"SkinId": 1720716475
"ShortName": "metal.plate.torso",
"SkinId": 1720718368
"Setting up a Parachute sale": {
"Payment item Shortname": "scrap",
"SkinID of the payment item(0 is the default)": 0,
"The cost of a parachute": 100
"Setting up NPC Merchants": {
"Use an NPC merchant in a compound": true,
"Use an NPC merchant in a bandit camp": true,
"Use an NPC merchant at the airfield": true
"Configuring supporting plugins": {
"Settings IQChat": {
"IQ Chat : Custom prefix in the chat": "[IQParachute]",
"IQChat : Custom avatar in the chat (If required)": "",
"IQChat : Use UI notifications": false


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