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Explore both free and premium plugins for uMod for various games such as Rust.

110 files

  1. Free

    Fix Cargoship RHIB

    Adds missing fuel containers and storage containers to RHIBs on Cargoship, also adds the default 50 low grade fuel to the fuel container.
    No config file.

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  2. $15.00


    New version. CRaidController allows to define each day the opening and closing time of the raids. Out of hours the damage is blocked.
    #FEATURES Defined schedules by groups oxide or id steam or raids are allowed during the day. Blocks damage outside the allowed period Displaying a UI Everything is customizable, configurable with many options. Non-raid time after a wipe  
    #INFO Bypass allows you to destroy if is not the raid time (only if nullify is enabled). All options are optional and can be configured The plugin is compatible with players languages For English players, the times will be in 12h format. Prefabs list available here  
    #UI There are 6 different displays, the background is in transparent black for the screens. Customizable
    I suggest interface 3 with "0 0 0 0" for background
    UI n°1 UI n°2 UI n°3 UI n°4 UI n°5 UI n°6  
         » UI
         » SCHEDULES
    Note :
    "default", is the default shedules don't remove ! To determine which time slot corresponds to each player, the plugin will search in the configurations if there is a schedule with the steam id, else if it chooses the last oxide group where the player is present.                » CREATE NEW GROUP OR PLAYER SCHEDULE
    Replace "default" by the oxide group name or ID steam (whith quote)
                   » ADD ONE SCHEDULE
    "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "16:00", "» End": "00:00" } ]                » ADD SEVERAL SCHEDULES
    "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "10:00" }, { "» Start": "12:00", "» End": "14:00" }, { "» Start": "20:00", "» End": "00:00" } ]                » EXAMPLE OF SCHEDULES CONFIGURATION
                   » ADD A NON-RAID TIME AFTER A WIPE
    You can add a non-raid time for each group of schedules, Just enable it Two options are possible. Either with a custom date and time which will be treated in priority if the value is not on null. The second one is in number of days after the wipe (the time will be at 0h).  
    #PREVIEW (Version 2.0)  
    In any suggestions, bugs, help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  3. Free


    Simply lists players and sleepercount to chat with permissions
    Permissions :
    Commands :

    Localisation :
    English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.
    { "NoPermission": "<color=red>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>", "Version": "\nVersion : V", "Info": "\n<color=green>List of current Players/sleepers</color>" }  

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  4. $8.00

    Vehicle Fuel Manager

    Manage vehicles' fuel consumption, amount of fuel they spawn with and lock their fuel containers.
    Default configuration will make all vehicles' fuel consumption 0, add 1 LGF and lock their fuel containers to make them ready to drive or fly after enabling them in the configuration.
    Engine components will not wear out if "lock engine container" is set to true.
    To move a locked engine module you must first remove the engine components from a car lift.
    Console command
    restorevehicles - Restores every vehicle's fuel consumption back to default values, removes the fuel and engine parts
                                   and unlocks their fuel containers and engine containers. The plugin unloads itself after restoring defaults.
    { "Enabled for Minicopter": false, "Minicopter fuel consumption per second (default 0.5)": 0.0, "Minicopter fuel amount": 1, "Minicopter lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Scrap Helicopter": false, "Scrap Helicopter fuel consumption per second (default 0.5)": 0.0, "Scrap Helicopter fuel amount": 1, "Scrap Helicopter lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Row Boat": false, "Row Boat fuel consumption per second (default 0.1)": 0.0, "Row Boat fuel amount": 1, "Row Boat lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for RHIB": false, "RHIB fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "RHIB fuel amount": 1, "RHIB lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Hot Air Balloon": false, "Hot Air Balloon fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Hot Air Balloon fuel amount": 1, "Hot Air Balloon lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Modular Cars": false, "Modular Cars Engine Module max fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Modular Cars Engine Module idle fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Modular Cars fuel amount": 1, "Modular Cars lock fuel container": true, "Modular Cars engine components Tier (0, 1, 2 or 3)": 3, "Modular Cars lock engine container": true, "Modular Cars spawn with full health": true }  

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  5. Free


    You can only Craft when standing next to a workbench!
    { "ShowMessages": false } Localization:
    { "inofrange": "Stay in the workbench radius, or your crafting queue will be canceled!", "outofrange": "You cant craft if you arent in workbench radius!", "canceled": "You have left the workbench range so your crafting queue was canceled!" }  

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  6. Free


    Power Tools Plus :
    Configure chainsaw and jackhammer for fuel capacity,consumption and durability with Global or permission based settings.
    Features :
    Global settings for durability loss (true/false) 3 Profiles/Permission based settings for
    Start Chance
    Fuell Capacity
    Fuell Consumption Permissions to set No Durability Loss per Rank or Player Permissions :
    powertoolsplus.default powertoolsplus.vip powertoolsplus.plus powertoolsplus.chainsaw : Can be used if Global Durabillity is false powertoolsplus.jackhammer : Can be used if Global Durabillity is false Configuration :
    { "Durability Settings": { "Chainsaw : No Durability loss (Global)": false, "Jackhammer : No Durability loss (Global)": false }, "Chainsaw Settings Default": { "Chainsaw start chance": 0.33, "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 100, "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 1.0 }, "Chainsaw Settings Vip": { "Chainsaw start chance": 0.75, "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 250, "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 0.5 }, "Chainsaw Settings Plus": { "Chainsaw start chance": 1.0, "Chainsaw Fuel Capacity": 500, "Chainsaw Fuel consumption": 0.33 } }  

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  7. Free


    Prevent damage to players and objects in a PVE environment
    Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, RustIO, HumanNPC (from remod.org)
    Works with DynamicPVP.
    Don't let the documentation trouble you.  In most cases all you should need to do is install the plugin.  The rest is optional.
    NextGenPVE is a new plugin and not a fork of TruePVE, et al.  It includes an integrated GUI for ruleset management.
    NextGenPVE is organized into entity collections, rules that use those collections, and rulesets that include a set of rules.
    Each ruleset has a default damage value of true or false.
    Each ruleset may include a list of rules which override the default setting called exceptions.
    Each ruleset may include a list of exclusions to the exceptions that override those exceptions.
    Each ruleset can and probably should be associated with a zone (if not the default ruleset).
    Each ruleset can be either enabled or disabled.
    The default ruleset (out of the box) has the following settings:
    Default damage false Exceptions: animal can damage animal animal can damage player fire can damage building fire can damage player fire can damage resource helicopter can damage building helicopter can damage player npc can damage player npc turret can damage animal npc turret can damage npc npc turret can damage player player can damage animal player can damage building (their own or a friend's) player can damage helicopter player can damage minicopter player can damage npc player can damage resource player can damage scrapcopter player can damage vehicle resource can damage player scrapcopter can damage player trap can damage trap Exclusions: NONE (Could be chicken, bear, HumanNPC, etc.) There is an integrated GUI for the admin to use to:
    Enable/disable NextGenPVE Create or delete rulesets Enable or disable rulesets Set the default damage for a ruleset Add rules for exceptions to the default damage setting of a ruleset Add exclusions for the rules Set the zone enabling activation of a ruleset Set a schedule for ruleset enable/disable (NEEDS IMPROVEMENT) Schedules consist of the following simple format.  A schedule (currently one per ruleset) determines when the ruleset is active.  If not set, it is always active. FORMAT: DAYOFWEEK_OR_*;START:TIME;END:TIME 1;1:00:21:00 == Monday between 1AM local time and 9PM local time *;4:00;15:00 == Every day between 4AM and 3PM Set global flags. Commands
    The following commands have been implemented:
    `/pverule` - Starts the GUI for editing, creating, and deleting rulesets `/pveenable` - Toggles the enabled status of the plugin `/pvelog` - Toggles the creation of a log file to monitor ruleset evaluation.  This will severely impact performance and so should be used sparingly. `/pvebackup` - Creates a database backup copy in the plugin oxide data folder. This could be used, for example, in timed plugins or scripts to create periodic backups. It might also be used prior to making major changes that go wrong (for recovery purposes). If an end user is having trouble with the plugin, we might request that you make and send a backup file for troubleshooting. Sub-commands for /pverule
    `/pverule list` - List current rulesets `/pverule dump RULESETNAME` - List some information about a specific ruleset `/pverule backup` - Same as /pvebackup. `/pverule restore` - List available backup files from the plugin oxide data folder. `/pverule restore FILENAME` - Restores the named database backup file to the live database.  The file must end in .db and MUST be from a previous backup created by NextGenPVE.  It must also be located in the plugin oxide data folder. Additional sub-commands of /pverule called by GUI
    `/pverule editconfig {CONFIG} true/false` - Set any of the global flags below to true/false `/pverule editconfig RESET true` - Reset all of the global flags to default `/pverule editruleset default defload YES` - Reset the default ruleset to defaults. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} delete` - Delete the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} name {NEWNAME}` - Change the name of a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} schedule {SCHEDULE}` - Set schedule for a ruleset.  Format is day;starthour:startminute;endhour:endminute, e.g. 1;1:00;9:00, 2;15:00;21:00.  Use '*' for every day `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} clone ` - Clone a ruleset.  The new name wil be {RULESETNAME}1 or {RULESETNAME}2, etc. if 1 exists. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} damage 0/1` - Set default damage for the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} enable 0/1` - Enable or disable the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} add` - Add a named exception RULENAME to the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} delete` - Delete a named exception RULENAME from the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a source exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a source exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a target exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a target exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone default` - Set a ruleset zone to default. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone delete` - Delete zone from a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone {zoneID}` - Set zone for ruleset. The above commands can also be run from console or RCON (without /).
    nextgenpve.use -- Currently unused nextgenpve.admin -- Required for access to GUI and other functions nextgenpve.god -- Override PVE, killall Configuration
    { "Options": { "useZoneManager": false, "useSchedule": false, "useRealtime": true, "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsPlayers": true, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsNPCs": true, "AutoTurretTargetsPlayers": false, "AutoTurretTargetsNPCs": false, "SamSitesIgnorePlayers": false, "AllowSuicide": false, "TrapsIgnorePlayers": false, "HonorBuildingPrivilege": true, "UnprotectedBuildingDamage": false, "TwigDamage": false, "HonorRelationships": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 21 } } The non-use flags above can be set from the GUI without reloading, etc.  useXXX flags are for the admin to determine third-party plugin use and require a reload.  In the GUI, you may also RESET the non-use flags to default.
    ZoneManager can be used to associate a ruleset with a zone.
    A few global flags are currently available to limit NPC AutoTurret and trap damage.
    If a player is trying to damage a building, "HonorBuildingPrivilege" determines whether or not they are limited to damaging their own structures or any structures.
    "UnprotectedDamage" determines whether or not an unprotected building (no TC) can be damaged by players other than the builder.
    "TwigDamage" determines whether or not twig building components can be destroyed by any player.
    "HonorRelationships" determines whether or not a player can damage their friend's structures or deployables.
    Note that friends support can include Friends, Clans, or Teams.
    NextGenPVE uses SQLite for most of its data storage. The database file is named nextgenpve.db.
    The only other data file is ngpve_zonemaps.json. This is currently used by third party plugins that create their own PVP ruleset and zones.  Many of those would need to be modified to use NextGenPVE, but the function calls should behave the same.
    Each rule includes a source and target listing all of the types that will be matched for the rule. The player is simply BasePlayer, whereas NPCs include several different types.
    Any individual type of NPC, for example, can be added to one of the "exclude" fields of a ruleset. This can be source or target. The list is based on the exception rules added to the ruleset, and the entity types they contain.
    The default ruleset allows quite a bit of damage other than player to player. For example, it has an exception for player_animal, allowing players to kill animals. You can add, for example, "Chicken" to the target exclusion list to block killing chickens for the poultry-friendly.
    The basic rule evaluation order is:
    Ruleset -> Default Damage -> Exception Rule -> Exclusion.
    Example 1:
    Player attacking Bear
    Default ruleset damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 2:
    Bear attacking Player Default ruleset damage False. Exception for animal_player No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 3:
    Player attacking Chicken Default damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. Target exclusion for Chicken. DAMAGE BLOCKED. DynamicPVP
    For use with DynamicPVP, you may need to create a new ruleset.  Change the name to match the one that DynamicPVP uses - default name is "exclude".  Set that ruleset's default damage to true.  After that, reload DynamicPVP.  Your ruleset should look like this:

    Note that the Zone is set to lookup.  You can click on "lookup" to see that the zone lookup for this is set to one or more DynamicPVP-created zones.  You should be able to adjust the rules for the zone to block things that would otherwise be allowed.
    A Note about AutoTurrets
    AutoTurrets are weird.  The attacker (initiator) from a turret is actually the weapon inside the turret.  In most if not all cases, this will appear as BaseProjectile (1.0.25 on).
    So, for example: The default ruleset has damage set to false.  If you add the rule trap_player to this ruleset, all traps will hurt players.  If you want to exclude AutoTurrets from being able to damage players, add BaseProjectile to the source exclusion list.  Consider the simplicity of leaving that global flag off to just skip targeting altogether (AutoTurretTargetsPlayers).
    The BaseProjectile source would have impact for turrets as well as other weapon attacks and in this case would likely prevent damage from held weapons as well.  On second thought, maybe not.  The attacker should be BasePlayer for weapons held by a player, and so on...
    However, if you have a rule set for a zone with default damage true and no exception rules or exclusions, it should behave like standard PVP.
    BotSpawn can override autoturret targeting since we call out to the CanBeTargeted hook.  You will need to set the global configuration in BotSpawn "Turret_Safe": false to allow targeting in addition to setting our global flag, AutoTurretTargetsNPCs.
    Competing Ruleset Examples
    You create a clone of the default ruleset and enable it. You now have two rulesets with identical functionality including default damage, allow rules, and exclusions. Both rulesets would apply to the entire map by default. If you edit the allow rules or exclusions, the rulesets will compete.  The clone will likely override the default. Without a schedule or zone to determine which one is active at any given time or place, either may match for all PVE activity. FIX 1: Apply schedules to both rulesets FIX 2: Set a zone to the cloned ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it. You create a new ruleset with default damage TRUE and enable it You now have a ruleset which competes with the default ruleset. This new ruleset has default damage TRUE, which overrides the default ruleset. The entire map is now PVP. FIX 1: Add a zone to the new ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it to a specific area of the map. FIX 2: Add a schedule to the new ruleset.  A better option for scheduled PVP might be to add a schedule to the default ruleset and delete your secondary ruleset. In short, any rulesets you copy or create should be isolated by time and/or area using schedules or zones.  If your intention is to simply modify what types of damage is to be allowed globally, delete the extra rulesets and edit the default ruleset instead.
    Improve the schedule editor. Add new entity types as introduced (vehicles, etc.) Performance tweaks as needed.  

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  8. Free

    Full Repair

    A simple plugin that disables max condition loss, the red bar items receive when repaired. More features are coming soon.
    Important The plugin will not change existing items, so if you install the plugin while your server is running, old items will be unaffected. Rebooting your server after installation will apply the changes to existing items.
    Permissions Permissions are planned and not yet implemented.

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  9. Free


    Display a GUI splash screen to players after they wake up with information in the event your server is migrating to a new host. Configuration options included to either kick the player or let them play after they exit the screen.
    HeaderText - {0} server name SubHeaderText {0} player name {1} tab ConnectInfo {0} connect info {1} server name {2} tab PrintInfo {0} connect info KickReason {0} server ip Replacements are optional and can be removed or replaced with static text. Replacements refer to {0}, {1}, {2}, etc... units throughout the config file that is automatically replaced with config values.
    Icon by @SawyerWD

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  10. Free

    The Button

    Customizable 7th Button.

    Easy to setup, Default is a backpack image and command
    Use any command that would usually require a slash e.g. "/Backpack" becomes "Backpack" in the config

    TheButton.use << Required to use The Button
    /button << toggles button on or off.
    { "GlobalSettings": { "Image Url for The Button": "https://i.imgur.com/7L1uDrs.png", "Command For The Button": "backpack", "Background color of Button RGBA format": "0.3 0.3 0.3 0.8", "Open By Default true/false": true }, "AlignmentSettings": { "AnchorMin": "0.645 0.023", "AnchorMax": "0.688 0.095" } }
    AnchorMin And Max are set roughly to the position right of the hot-bar but can appear slightly different depending on the players resolution.
    The default value in the Config is for 16:10.... 
    theres 16:9:  AnchorMin": "0.645 0.029", AnchorMax": "0.691 0.104"
    theres also to the left 16:9: AnchorMin": "0.295 0.029", AnchorMax": "0.341 0.104",
    Color Examples
    blackSolid black. RGBA is (0 0 0 1).
    blueSolid blue. RGBA is (0 0 1 1).
    clearCompletely transparent. RGBA is (0 0 0 0).
    cyanCyan. RGBA is (0 1 1 1).
    grayGray. RGBA is (0.5 0.5 0.5 1).
    greenSolid green. RGBA is (0 1 0 1).
    greyEnglish spelling for grey. RGBA is the same (0.5 0.5 0.5 1).
    magentaMagenta. RGBA is (1 0 1 1).
    redSolid red. RGBA is (1 0 0 1).
    whiteSolid white. RGBA is (1 1 1 1).
    The Last digit dictates Alpha channel... so for an opaque appearance select a value below 1  E.g. 0.7
    1.0.2 Added background color to config, added open or close by default to config, fixed errors on server load, added hook to hide button if using furnace splitter.
    1.0.3 Removed Debug message and fixed force load on default being true
    1.0.4 error on server load fixed.... for real this time
    1.0.5 Loosing the will to live.... Changed red text stuff again, changed methods that call the ui, simplified code, expanded brackets, drank coffee.. if its still broken after this i'm removing the plug and stating again!
    1.0.6 Not given up on life yet.. another possible fix for red text spamage 

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  11. Free


    Simple plugin that allows crafting speed multipliers to be set per oxide/uMod group.
    These commands can be ran via ingame console (with permission) or RCON.
    gcraft gcraft <group> <multiplier> Permissions
    The following permission is only needed to allow users to access commands via ingame console.
    groupcrafting.admin Configuration
    The config can be edited directly or can be adjusted with the commands above.
    "group": Multiplier, "group2": Multiplier Oxide/uMod groups automatically populate the config when plugin is loaded. Default multiplier is 1 and increases crafting speed higher the value. For instant crafting, set multiplier to 0.
    Thanks to @SawyerWD for icon!

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  12. Free


    Configure spawn checks for launchsite including RustEdit spawns. Configure settings for Bradley  (hp/crates/damage etc etc). Works with :
    BradleyGuards (Bazz3l) BradleyGuards (KrunghCrow) Paratroopers (FastBurst) Optional dependencies :
    RustEdit Features :
    Configurable Bradley settings like HP,Crates,Damage Can set Sleepersafe true/false (To not attack a sleeper) Can set to ignore admins/owner (will ignore the admins and owner completely by the BradleyAPC) Even when NOT vanished!!! Will not attack Junkpile scientists No conflicts with Vanish. Can enable/disable gibs Can unlock crates and extinguish fire after kill (true/false) Set plugins true/false to avoid BradleyOptions to override settings those plugins use (Choose 1). If enabled can set a random bradley respawn time. If enabled when you use a custom map and the bradley spawns incorrect will check and set the spawntime and bradley path it drives (only use these settings if the Bradley from custom locations are forced spawning on random locations at launchsite instead of the locations placed with RustEdit) Commands to respawn dead bradleys manualy.  
    fixed fireballs to get destroyed serverwide Now only when parented to the bradley gibs (1.0.6)
    Permissions :
    BradleyOptions.Admin (To use the commands)  
    Commands :
    /bradley info : Shows the version/author/commands available in chat. /bradley quickrespawn : To respawn a dead bradley on vanilla launchsite location. /bradley custom : To respawn and check for killed Bradleys on Custom locations (RustEdit). Configuration :
    Note : for override settings set only 1 setting to true !!!
    If u have other Custom bradley plugins using either setting let me know i can add it to a profile or check if they are the same with one of the existing profiles.
    { "Spawn checks Custom Maps (Use this only when bradley does not spawn correctly on custom maps!!!": { "Respawn check (Use rustedit for Custom locations": false, "Respawn check (Vanilla Launchsite)": false, "Respawn check (Launchsite) each x Minutes": 15.0, "Respawn check (all Custom locations) each x Minutes": 15.0 }, "Avoid BradleyInfo override settings for other plugins": { "Using Only BradleyOptions": false, "Using BradleyGuards/ParaTroopers (Umod)": false, "Using BradleyGuards (Codefling)": true }, "Spawn checks Vanilla Maps (use this only when you are using just the Launchsite!!!": { "Respawn Use (Launchsite Bradley ,use only when spawn checks are disabled)": true, "Min respawn time (minutes)": 10.0, "Max respawn time (minutes)": 15.0 }, "Bradley Settings": { "Enabled (will not spawn when false)": true, "Health": 2000, "Max Fire Range": 100, "Throttle Responce": 1.0, "Hostile timer": 20.0, "Ignores sleepers": true, "Ignores admins": false }, "Bradley Loot": { "Max crates after kill": 4, "Remove Napalm": true, "Remove Gibs": false, "Instantly unlock crates": false }, "Bradley Canon": { "Canon Fire delay": 0.3, "Canon Firerate": 0.25 }, "Bradley Machinegun": { "Machinegun Bullet Damage": 1, "Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667, "Machinegun Burst Duration": 10 } } Localisation :
    English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.
    { "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>", "Version": "\nVersion : V", "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color>\n<color=green>/bradley info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands", "InfoRespawn": "\n<color=green>/bradley quickrespawn</color> : Respawns the Launchsite bradley.", "InfoRespawnCustom": "\n<color=green>/bradley custom</color> : Respawns custom bradleys <color=purple>[RustEdit]</color>.", "RespawnAll": "<color=green>Respawned all Bradleys on custom locations</color> [RustEdit]", "RespawnLaunch": "<color=green>Respawned The Bradley on Launchsite only", "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>", "Prefix": "<color=yellow>[Bradley Options]</color> " } Credits :
    Plugin Icon design : @Horus for making me this

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  13. Free


    RustyBan is a simple no hassle Community Ban system.

    RustyBanLite will search our database whenever a player connects, If they have been banned off one of our partnered servers it will prevent entry to the player.
    No configuration, No messing about, Just drop the plugin in and start your protection today.
    Our database of cheaters and troublemakers is growing daily... Don't get caught with your pants down!
    For more information on the Project and to learn about becoming a Partnered server come see us at http://www.RustyBan.com

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  14. Free


    BradleyGuards minigame will make more fun of the boring Bradley.
    Spawning bombs molotovs and a Tank Crew
    Features :
    Minigame with Scientist NPC spawning after bradley gets destroyed and various events during its attack phase It wil throw random Bombs and Molotovs when attacked. Crew Spawn amounts Can be set for each Driver/Guards/Gunners in the cfg When destroyed the bradley does a close range Last Ditch Effort if the Driver is still allive and gets a last air support Loot will not be changed it will use vanilla loot if u are not using any loot plugins Give players a permission to see Messages or not Give the NPC the choice of using some predefined outfits or use the vanilla Scientist Outfits Kits (only clothing) can be assigned Can set several bradley config sets like Bullet damage and Range Health etc etc Crew will be despawned upon plugin unload or reload Spawn checks have been removed and have been taken over by the BradleyOptions plugin (removed in 1.0.7)  
    Warnings :
    backup your configs before plugin updates This is not 100% compatible with BradleyControl Plugin !!!!! (since version 1.0.5)
      My BradleyOptions Plugin will take over some of the handling of the spawncheck !!!
    (starting from v1.0.7)

    Permissions :
    BradleyGuards.ShowMessages (to show interaction messages) BradleyGuards.ShowKillMessages (to show messages after bradley is destroyed) BradleyGuards.Admin (For the spawncommand) (added in 1.0.5) Commands : (new in V1.0.5)
    /bginfo : Shows the available commands/version/author Logfiles :
    Log files are found in the oxide.logs folder Will log the Player and info regarding the spawns after destroying the Bradley Configuration :
    Example config below :
    { "Bradley Settings": { "Bradley Health": 5000, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 2.0 }, "Bradley Loot": { "Bradley Max crates after kill": 7 }, "Bradley Canon": { "Bradley Canon Fire delay": 0.3, "Bradley Canon Firerate": 0.25 }, "Bradley Machinegun": { "Bradley Machinegun Bullet Damage": 15, "Bradley Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667 }, "Event Settings": { "Bradley Crew Max Roam Distance": 50, "Max throwing range of a Grenade": 25.0, "Max Grenades per trigger": 2, "Max throwing range of a Molotov": 25.0, "Max Molotovs per trigger": 2, "Napalm Support": true, "Napalm Support Area Radius": 35.0, "Napalm Support Rocket Amount": 3, "Napalm Support Rocket Height": 70, "Last Ditch Effort Rocket Amount": 6, "Last Ditch Effort Grenade Amount": 5 }, "Tank Crew Driver": { "Tank Driver Health": 450.0, "Tank Driver Lifetime (minutes)": 20.0, "Tank Driver Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Tank Driver Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0, "Tank Driver Spawn Amount": 1, "Tank Driver Use Outfit": true, "Tank Driver Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Driver Kit ID": "" }, "Tank Crew Guards": { "Tank Guards Health": 800.0, "Tank Guards Lifetime (minutes)": 20.0, "Tank Guards Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Tank Guards Spawn Chance 0-1": 0.8, "Tank Guards Spawn Amount": 4, "Tank Guards Use Outfit": true, "Tank Guards Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Guards Kit ID": "" }, "Tank Crew Gunners": { "Tank Gunners Health": 600.0, "Tank Gunners Lifetime (minutes)": 20.0, "Tank Gunners Damage multiplier": 0.6, "Tank Gunners Spawn Chance 0-1": 0.8, "Tank Gunners Spawn Amount": 2, "Tank Gunners Use Outfit": true, "Tank Gunners Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Gunners Kit ID": "" } } Localization :
    English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.
    { "BradleyDriver": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Damnit i just washed it!", "BradleyGuards": "<color=yellow>Bradley Guard : </color>Stay away from our Bradley!", "BradleyGunner": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Prepare to die!", "BradleyDriverBomb": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Catch this!", "BradleyGunnerFire": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Fire in the hooole!", "BradleyNapalmSupport": "<color=yellow>Bradley Operator : </color>Support incomming!" } Changes made in 1.0.5 !!!
    Updated/Cleaned/Organised the Documentation. Added lifetime for each individual Crew Added use of kits + checks (if incorrect kitname Crew will spawn with default scientist or heavy scientist outfit). Changed the Npc Naming so they can be shown correctly with AdminRadar Added prefix and chaticon to chatmessages (language file changed so delete it before updating to avoid weird chat messages). Added max roam range for the Bradley Crew BradleyCrew will now despawn when plugin gets unloaded/reloaded Removed the death sound when a npc dies. Will NOT work with BradleyControl plugin (adding features for it in BradleyOptions!!!! Fixed : Bradley will now ignore scientists from junkpiles added cfg : Tank Crew Lifetime (minutes) added cfg : Damage multiplier for each driver/guards/gunners added cfg : Napalm Support Rocket Height added cfg : Use kit (clothing) (for each driver/guards/gunners) added cfg : Kit ID (for each driver/guards/gunners) added cfg : BradleyCrew max roam range

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  15. Free


    A simple plugin to spawn a mini copter for yourself. Limits to one mini copter per player with optional cooldown (using permission).
    myminicopter.spawn -- Allows player to spawn a mini copter (/mymini) myminicopter.fetch -- Allows player to use /gmini retrieve their mini copter myminicopter.where -- Allows player to use /wmini to locate their mini copter (NEW!) myminicopter.admin -- Allows an admin to run console commands (may change) myminicopter.cooldown -- Adds a cooldown to player myminicopter.unlimited -- Player can fly without fuel usage (will need to add at least 1 LGF unless "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank" is set to false) Chat Commands
    /mymini -- Spawn a mini copter /nomini -- Despawn mini copter /wmini -- Find mini copter /gmini -- Get/fetch mini copter Console Commands
    spawnminicopter <player ID> killminicopter <player ID> For Developers
    (void) SpawnMyMinicopter (BasePlayer player) (void) KillMyMinicopterPlease (BasePlayer player) no return value; Configuration
    { "Chat Settings": { "Prefix": "[My MiniCopter] :" }, "Cooldown (on permission)": { "Use Cooldown": true, "Value in minutes": "60" }, "Global": { "Allow spawn when building blocked": false, "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank": false, "Allow driver dismount while flying": true, "Allow passenger dismount while flying": true, "Destroy copter on player sleep": false, "Standard fuel consumption per second": 0.25 }, "Maximum height for dismount": { "Value in meters": "7" }, "Minimum Distance for /gmini": { "Value in meters": "0" }, "Minimum Distance for /nomini": { "Value in meters": "0" } } Global:
    "Allow spawn when building blocked": set to true to allow player to use /mymini while building blocked "Allow unlimited to use fuel tank": If the player has the unlimited permissions, they will not be able to use the fuel tank if this is set. 1LGF is added so the copter will start. "Destroy copter on player sleep": If this is true, the player's copter will be destroyed when they disconnect. It should check that no one is mounted to the copter. "Standard fuel consumption per second": How much fuel does the copter use (assuming player does NOT have the unlimited permission). 0.25/S is the default. Set "Value in meters" for gmini or nomini to 0 to disable the requirement (default).
    Future Plans
    health workaround check console commands input/NRE

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  16. $5.00


    Recyclers are back on the oil rigs just like it used to be! You can customize the location of the recycler however you want!
    OilrigAI = Small Oil Rig OilrigAI2 = Large Oil Rig Use RustEdit to get the position and rotation information if you plan on changing its location! "place the oil rig prefab in the center of the map, set its position and rotation all to 0 and then place your recycler and get its position/rotation" Configuration:
    { "Monuments": { "OilrigAI": { "Position": { "x": 21.1, "y": 22.6, "z": -30.6 }, "Rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 180.0, "z": 0.0 } }, "OilrigAI2": { "Position": { "x": -4.4, "y": 27.4, "z": -20.9 }, "Rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 90.0, "z": 0.0 } } } }  

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  17. $7.00

    Tool Cupboard Auth Limiter & Turret sync

    Allow the administrator to limit the number of authorized players per Tool Cupboard. It can also sync turret auth with Tool Cupboard.
    Parameters "syncTurret: true" to make Turrets don't attack players who have Building Privilege. "limitPerRank => default" is the default amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. Permission "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.zero" players with this permission will upgrade (from default) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.one" players with this permission will upgrade (from zero) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.rank.two" players with this permission will upgrade (from one) the amount of allowed authorization per Tool Cupboard. "ToolCupboardAuthLimiter.bypass" allow the player to bypass the limitation. Demonstration: Video coming soon...
    Live test: You can try all my public plugins on my servers at https://Rust.Maelep.be
    This plugin is available on the following servers: Maelust: Extended Official, Maelust: Wildman, Maelust: Escape From Rust. Price:
    The first purchase gives you access to download the plugin and updates for 6 months. After these 6 months, if you still want to benefit from the new updates, you will have to unlock the download access again but at a reduced cost (10%). Bugs:
    Bugs because of my script will always fixed as soon as possible. Bugs because of uMod or Rust changes will be fixed as soon as possible but I'm not responsible for the inability to continue to maintain the plugin due to incompatibility. No refund will be made.

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  18. $5.00


    Win the lost scrap from Bandit Camp!
    banditsjackpot.enter - Enters the jackpot banditsjackpot.draw - Draw the jackpot banditsjackpot.set - Set the jackpot banditsjackpot.add - Add to the jackpot banditsjackpot.remove - Remove from the jackpot banditsjackpot.reset - Resets the jackpot banditsjackpot.clear - Clears the jackpots entries Commands:
    /jackpot enter - Enters the jackpot /jackpot draw - Draw the jackpot /jackpot set - Set the jackpot /jackpot add - Add to the jackpot /jackpot remove - Remove from the jackpot /jackpot reset - Resets the jackpot /jackpot clear - Clears the jackpots entries Config:
    { "AnnounceInChat": true, "AnnounceTime": 600, "ChatPrefix": "[Jackpot]: ", "JackpotAnnounceThreshold": 1, "JackpotTime": 3600 } Language:
    { "Announcement": "Join the jackpot to win {0} scrap from those that lost it from bandit camp! Type /jackpot enter to enter the jackpot!", "JackpotWinner": "Congratulations {0} won the jackpot of {1} scrap!", "JackpotEntry": "You have entered the jackpot of {0} scrap!", "JackpotDuplicateEntry": "You are already in this jackpot!", "JackpotNoEntries": "Nobody entered the jackpot so nobody won!", "JackpotNoPrize": "I guess its a good thing but no scrap was lost, so no reward!", "JackpotReset": "The jackpot has been reset!", "JackpotClear": "The entries has been cleared!", "Denied": "You do not have access to that command!", "Jackpot": "{0} Scrap!", "JackpotSet": "The jackpot has been set to {0}!", "JackpotAdd": "{0} has been added to the jackpot!", "JackpotRemove": "{0} has been removed from the jackpot!" }  

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  19. $8.50


    About The "Walking Dead"
    Walking Dead will spawn a "Walker" after a player dies.
    With the option to spawn it with a Flaming entrance.
    Optional dependancies :
    Rust Kits
    Features :
    Spawns a Walker (murderer) after a player died/suicided Hostile like a real walker even goes for sleepers and scientists and animals It can ressurect "From Hell" with flaming spawn true/false Configurable Spawn amount (v1.0.1) Configurable Spawn delay time (v1.0.1) Configurable Health Configurable lifetime Configurable Roam Range Set messages true/false (v1.0.1) Can use kits (only clothing) Despawns the Walkers on plugin unload Backup your configs before plugin updates! 50% of sales will be donated to the codefling website !!!
    Future additions :(wip!!!)
    Walkers resurrect as a clone having the players clothing and Named as ea  "Walker KrunghCrow"
      Permissions :
    No permissions
    Commands :
    /wdinfo : tells version/author/and a little backend story
    Logfiles :
    No logging yet.
    Configuration :
    Example config below :
    { "Zombie Settings": { "Zombie spawn delay (seconds)": 5, "Zombie spawn amount": 1, "Zombie Health": 250, "Zombie Max Roam Distance": 20, "Zombie Damage multiplier": 0.3, "Zombie Lifetime (minutes)": 15.0, "Zombie Spawns on fire": true, "Zombie Use kit (clothing)": false, "Zombie Kit ID": "walkerkit", "Zombie Shows messages": false } }  
    Localization :
    English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.
    { "Zombie_Spawn": "You died and resurrected a Walker!", "Prefix": "<color=green>Walking Dead : </color>", "info": "\nThe [Walking Dead] will resurrect players as Walkers\nThese are aggressive and attack anything on sight !!\nUsing their melee weapons they can and will go after you !!" }  
    Credits :
    Chaticon design : @Horus for making me this

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  20. $14.00

    Dangerous Night

    Increases the population of animals and monsters at night.
    Config File <bear, boar, stag, wolf, murderer, scarecrow>PerKmSquare: Animals/Monsters population. Permission Profile IsImmuneToMonstersAtNight: Allow/Disallow monsters to target the player during the night. DoScreamIfKilledAtNight: Make the player silently/loudly dies if killed by a monster at night. DoHearHowlAtNight: Make the player hear/doesn't hear a wolf howl at dawn. DoInformNightStarts: Receives/Not receive a message at dawn.  
    Update checker
    The plugin benefits from an update verification system notifying administrators that an update is available.
    Configuration File
    The plugin is customizable through an advanced configuration file.
    Permission Profile and Premium Ready
    This plugin has an advanced permission profile system offering the possibility for administrators to create as many profiles as they wish in order to offer them to their players for free or through a Premium/VIP pack.
    Permission profiles are located in data/<pluginName>/permissionProfiles. DO NOT RENAME/DELETE default.json: is the default profile use if the player isn't assigned to a profile. DO NOT RENAME example.json: is an example profile. This one is used as a model and resets on plugin update. Copy/Paste example.json and rename it as you want. (for this example, I'll call it vip.json) Avoid special characters and spaces: thisIsAGoodProfileName.json Edit vip.json as you need. "ProfileLevel" is the level of the profile. The player will ALWAYS use the highest profile level if the player is associated to multiple profiles. I suggest to always assign ONLY ONE profile to player/group to avoid bad behaviours. Avoid duplicate Profile Level. Reload the plugin. Associates players or groups to a profile using permission: <pluginName>.permissionProfile.<profileName> (o.grant group vip myPlugin.permissionProfile.vip) Players associated to this permissions will now use parameters in the associated profile.  
    Optimized for Performance
    This plugin has been developed with a primary objective to be very performant, thus limiting plugin-related performance losses.
    This plugin is designed to be usable in different languages.
    English and Français are available by default. Some Russkiy system messages will be also available by default. Administrators can add their own language. Tips:
    Server administrators can set the default server language using oxide.lang <language> in the RCON console. Players can set their own language using /lang <language> <language> = two-letter language code (For example: /lang EN)
    Live Test
    This plugin is available on Mælust's servers.
    Resetting plugin
    Unloads the plugin. Removes files: config/<pluginName> data/<pluginName> lang/en/<pluginName> AND lang/fr/<pluginName> AND lang/ru/<pluginName> AND other language you added. Reload the plugin.  
    Warranty and Updates
    The customer benefits from a six-month warranty and updates from the date of purchase of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates.
    This warranty is optionally renewable every six months by participating up to 10% of the current price (excluding tax). (cf.: Renewal Term on the plugin description page)
    Terms of Service of Mælep
    The Mælep's plugins are in no way affiliated to Facepunch, uMod or Codefling. He should not be considered as a developer endorsed by Facepunch, uMod or Codefling.
    Any contribution or purchase made on this website is donated to Mælep.
    For more information, support or a purchase history, please use the support section available on the page of the plugin.
    Payment to Mælep is payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there is no refund. If you are banned for breaking the rules of Codefling, you will not be refunded. Requests for refunds due to delays, Rust and uMod update flaws or any other problems are submitted at the discretion of Mælep.
    Icon of the plugin by Freepik on flaticon.

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  21. Free


    ComTimer is a plugin that runs console commands after an amount of time.
    Good for automating events quickly and easily

    Set the commands you want to run into the config list.
    Set a timer upper limit and a timer lower limit and the plugin will pick a number between and countdown... on completion it will run a command from the list and start the whole process over again.

    any command that you can run in rcon you can run with this.

    Default configuration is as follows:
    { "Command List": [], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 } Setting a single command:
    { "Command List": ["say Welcome to the server"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 } Setting more then one command:
    { "Command List": ["say Welcome to the server","callheli","giveall scrap 1"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 }
    Works well with plugins like CustomHeliTiers if the plugin doesn't have its own spawn timer:
    { "Command List": ["callheli 1","callheli 2","callheli 3","callheli 4","callheli 5","callheli 6"], "Upper Time In Seconds": 500.0, "Lower Time In Seconds": 200.0 }  

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  22. $26.00

    Ready-to-use Modular Car

    Modular Car are now ready-to-use at spawn.
    Every missing parts of the vehicle engine are placed at spawn. The quality of the missing parts are randomly chosen.  
    Update checker
    The plugin benefits from an update verification system notifying administrators that an update is available.
    Optimized for Performance
    This plugin has been developed with a primary objective to be very performant, thus limiting plugin-related performance losses.
    This plugin is designed to be usable in different languages.
    English and Français are available by default. Some Russkiy system messages will be also available by default. Administrators can add their own language.  
    Server administrators can set the default server language using oxide.lang <language> in the RCON console. Players can set their own language using /lang <language> <language> = two-letter language code (For example: /lang EN)
    Live Test
    I'm available for demonstrations on my development server.
    Resetting Plugin
    Unloads the plugin. Removes files: config/<pluginName> data/<pluginName> lang/ en/<pluginName> AND fr/<pluginName> AND ru/<pluginName> AND other language you added. Reload the plugin.  
    Warranty and Updates
    The customer benefits from a six-month warranty and updates from the date of purchase of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates.
    This warranty is optionally renewable every six months by participating up to 10% of the current price (excluding tax). (cf.: Renewal Term on the plugin description page)
    Terms of Service of Mælep
    The Mælep's plugins are in no way affiliated to Facepunch, uMod or Codefling. He should not be considered as a developer endorsed by Facepunch, uMod or Codefling.
    Any contribution or purchase made on this website is donated to Mælep.
    For more information, support or a purchase history, please use the support section available on the page of the plugin.
    Payment to Mælep is payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there is no refund. If you are banned for breaking the rules of Codefling, you will not be refunded. Requests for refunds due to delays, Rust and uMod update flaws or any other problems are submitted at the discretion of Mælep.
    Thank you for using my plugins and supporting my work. You can leave a review by clicking on the "Reviews" tab on the plugin page.

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  23. Free


    NameCheck checks a players name to see if it contains part of the config list and then kicks the player with a custom message.
    Prevent players advertising on your server with their display name.
    Default config looks like this 
    { "Names": [], "Kick Message": "Change your name to enter this server" }  
    For a single entry input it in quotations like this
    { "Names": [".com"], "Kick Message": "Change your name to enter this server" }  
    For multiple entries enter them separated with a comma
    { "Names": [".com",".gg","skins"], "Kick Message": "Change your name to enter this server" } Just enter values, reload and forget about it.

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  24. Free


    This plugin provides a way to automate light control and toggle lights from the server console and via chat command using no fuel. There is a config to allow you to pick and choose what is toggle. There is also options to automate turning lights on and on at night.
    A big thank you to Wulf and k1lly0u for their awesome lights plugins. If you need fine grained control of lights they are both superior options. If you want fuel use for lighting AutoFuel is a awesome choice. My understanding of lights came directly from reading these plugins and it inspired me to make this low load and slightly more inclusive of entities plugin. If it generates lights or effects I tried to include it. I include a lot of non-light devices (Water Pumps, Fog Machine, Snow Machine, Spooky Speakers, Strobe Lights) to allow operators to have fun with players.
    I am open to suggestions to improve this plugin as long as it does not hurt performance.  I use it on my PVE server and it has a lot of lights.  By using always on the load of the lights is light on the server.  It can still be brutal on the client due to the graphics load.  Night Toggle (turning the lights on and off, is reasonably efficient but can spike server load).  It is nice for role playing but use always on if you want the best server side performance.
    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.
    Granting that to a group or player allows them to toggle the lights for the entire server. For example:
    oxide.grant group admin lightson.allowed
    Console Commands
    lights on -- Turn on any lights that are off and set to true in the config
    lights off -- Turn off any lights that are off and set to true in the config
    There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config.
    lights on fireplace -- Turn on all fireplaces regardless of the config settings
    Chat Commands
    /lights on -- Turn on any lights that are off and set to true in the config
    /lights off -- Turn off any lights that are off and set to true in the config
    There is a second parameter where you can specify a portion of the light source short name to force all of them to the on or off state ignoring the config.
    /lights on candle -- Turn on all candles regardless of the config settings
    The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the LightsOn.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.
    Console Output set to false will stop message (other than errors and night toggles) from logging in the console.
    These can be set to true or false in the json which lets you determine what is turned off and on automatically:
    BBQs Campfires Candles Cauldrons Ceiling Lights CCTVs Fire Pits Fireplaces Fluid Splitters (only the power to allow you to control flow) Fog Machines Furnaces Hobo Barrels Igniters Lanterns (which include Chinese Lanterns, Tuna Can Lamps, Lanterns, and Jack'O Lanterns) Refineries Searchlights Snow Machine Spooky Speakers Strobe Lights To avoid automatically turning off active processing there are protection you can set to true for the following:
    BBQs Campfires Cauldrons Fire Pits Fireplaces Furnaces Hobo Barrels Refineries They can be turned on automatically but not off is protection is true.You can still force them off by name. For example:
    /lights off furnace
    Additional control parameters:
    Always on Night Toggle (please use either Always on or Night Toggle) Check Frequency (10-600) Dusk Time (0-24) Dawn Time (0-24) Hats do not use fuel
    Always on means turn the lights on and leave them on. Night Toggle uses the Dusk Time and Dawm Time to toggle the lights on at night and off in the morning.
    Hats do not use fuel is as the name suggests.
    If the server lights are on (either via always on of the night toggle is on) and you place a light source you have selected to be on, it is turned on when placed. This avoids having to periodically turn the lights on to catch newly placed lights.
    This alters fuel requirements to zero through the methods it is using to toggle the lights, since you removing player agency around fuel usage. Note: Furnaces etc. turned on will not process their contents, just look active and produce light. You are giving free light but not free processing. Simply turn them off and back on for normal processing. It is important to let players know this as they may initially be confused or frustrated.
    Since this plugin is toggling animation flag states (where ever possible), it allows things like hobobarrels to light up with no fuel in them. It does some "hacky" flag settings to avoid needing fuel in other light sources. It is not elegant, but efficient.
    If you want free fuel NoFuelRequirements or AutoFuel are good solutions, this plugin tries to avoid altering the fuel level in entities other than hats and jack o lanterns. I only add fuel where the toggle of animation state trick is not working in that use case.
    Hats and Jack O Lanterns usually require at least one fuel in them to allow players to toggle them. Toggleing Laterns (which includes Jack O Lanterns) with the commands does not need fuel.
    If you are using the commands to turning a light source on and it is already on, it is not altered. If you are turning a light source off with the commands and it is already off, it is not altered. Toggling lights on should not mess up processing content, as their state is not changed. It will mess up processing if you toggle off and then back on for an entity that processes things (grills, furnaces, refineries, camp fires, firepits and fireplaces). Since I added the Night Toggle feature, I also added Protection for light sources that also process contents. I would recommend you leave these to true. Doing so will not turn these off when dawn happens. That is to avoid annoying players by interrupting their processing. The side effect is they will always appear on if they set to automatically turn on in the configuration.
    Choose carefully what you will configure to be controlled if you plan to use the off command or Night Toggle. If you are going to use the off command I recommend you do not include Furnaces, Grills or Refineries as it will stop processing if they are in legitimate use. If folks tend to cook in campfires, firepits and fireplaces you may want to skip them as well if you plan to use the off command. Honest I normally just turn items not normally used to do processing on and leave them on as it has the smallest server load and will not annoy players. It is important to consider consequences of turning things off or toggling them on and off.
    Check Frequency controls how often the plugin checks for night or to toggle the lights in seconds. It has a relatively small load unless there are lights to process. If you want the lights on at a very precise time then a lower number (more frequent check) will help increase the accuracy.
    I like to light up all the hobo barrels on the map to give a nice effect, that is why I originally wrote this. It should cover all light sources, please let me know if any are missing. It will be interesting when electricity comes in, I will do my best to ensure this keeps functioning.
    The light source name tries to match so "a" would match all light sources with "a" in their name. Use "all" to force all lights server wide regardless of configuration setting.

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  25. Free


    Scales or disables decay of items, and deployables
    NoDecay nullifies or scales down/up any decay damage applied to any item in game (except of small stashes). Each building tier has a different multiplier, so do all other entities.
    The default configuration does NOT affect Twig decay but nullifies all damage on all other items.
    As of version 1.0.34 you can optionally also check for the presence of a deployed tool cupboard. Set requireCupboard to true. This will check for an attached cupboard for building blocks and a nearby cupboard for entities. For entities, use "cupboardCheckEntity: true" and "cupboardRange: number" to configure how far the entities can be from a cupboard before they will decay. The default is 30 game meters (?), which may or may not be enough for your needs. Adjust as desired.
    Note, the default is cupboardCheckEntity: false, which will skip checking for cupboards in range of entities. It will still check for blocks attached to cupboards, which should be more accurate.
    NOTE: The long-standing misspelling of Multipliers has been fixed as of 1.0.46.  Older configs should be upgraded automatically.
    { "Debug": { "outputToRcon": false, "outputMundane": false }, "Global": { "blockCupboardResources": false, "blockCupboardWood": false, "requireCupboard": false, "cupboardCheckEntity": false, "cupboardRange": 30.0, "usePermission": false, "DestroyOnZero": true, "disableWarning": true, "useJPipes": false, "protectVehicleOnLift": true, "warningTime": 10.0 }, "Multipliers": { "entityCupboardMultiplier": 0.0, "armoredMultiplier": 0.0, "baloonMultiplier": 0.0, "barricadesMultiplier": 0.0, "bbqMultiplier": 0.0, "boatMultiplier": 0.0, "boxMultiplier": 0.0, "campfireMultiplier": 0.0, "deployablesMultiplier": 0.0, "furnaceMultiplier": 0.0, "highStoneWallMultiplier": 0.0, "highWoodWallMultiplier": 0.0, "minicopterMultiplier": 0.0, "scrapcopterMultiplier": 0.0, "samMultiplier": 0.0, "sedanMultiplier": 0.0, "sheetMultiplier": 0.0, "stoneMultiplier": 0.0, "trapMultiplier": 0.0, "twigMultiplier": 1.0, "vehicleMultiplier": 1.0, "watchtowerMultiplier": 0.0, "woodMultiplier": 0.0, "horseMultiplier": 0.0 }, "Mutipliers": null, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 46 } } The default configuration above disables decay for all but twig. For each multiplier, set to 1 for normal decay, 0 for no decay, and somewhere in between for reduced decay.
    Set usePermission to true to require the nodecay.use permission to prevent decay. If false, all players are protected by default.
    If "blockCupboardResources" is set to true, blocks stone, frags, and hqm from being added to a cupboard.
    If "blockCupboardWood" is set to true, blocks wood from being added to a cupboard.
    Use both of these to prevent all building materials from being added to cupboards. Players will still get the Building Decaying warning but will not waste resources on upkeep since they are not necessary with NoDecay.  You can disable the warning as of 1.0.48 by setting disableWarning true. Use only blockCupboardWood to block wood and therefore upkeep on twig. Set requireCupboard to true to check for a cupboard to prevent decay.
    Set cupboardCheckEntity to also check for entities in range of cupboards (i.e. not just foundations, etc. This should work on doors and high walls, etc.
    Set cupboardRange to a desired value for the cupboardCheckEntity range. If too high, may affect other user's stuff. If set too low it may not protect external items if out of range.  Note that this was created primarily to take care of entities that are not building blocks but are part of a building (doors, etc.)  Set "entityCupboardMultiplier" to the desired amount of decay for entities in cupboard range (default 0).
    Set DestroyOnZero to true to enable destroying entities when health is zero. This is most likely needed due to a bug in the Feb 2020 Rust.
    Set useJPipes if you have JPipes installed to ensure no decay for JPipes if NoDecay is configured with zero Multiplier for the JPipe building grade.
    Set protectVehicleOnLift true if you want to prevent decay for vehicles on a lift.  This should bypass the vehicleMultiplier.
    Set warningTime to a number greater than the default of 10.0 (ms) to limit the warnings fired off due to time to execute.  If your logs are consistently being filled with messages like the following:
        "(17:04:31) | [NoDecay] NoDecay.OnEntityTakeDamage on Rowboat took 15.04 ms to execute."
    A Few Notes About Multipliers, decay.tick, etc.
      For any config file multiplier, you can set to 0 to disable decay for that item, 1 for normal decay, or a higher number for faster decay.  In other words, anything below 1 is slower down to 0 which is no decay.  Anything above 1 increases the rate of decay for that item and, yes, you can set numbers higher than 1.
    Decay is implemented by Rust based on the decay.tick value which defaults to 600 (10 minutes).  This specifies how often decay is processed on your server.  decay.scale should also be set to the default of 1.
    The warning from Rust about Building Decaying cannot be bypassed at this time except by stocking a TC with the appropriate materials.  If a player adds materials to his TC, NoDecay will be bypassed altogether for their building, and normal upkeep costs will apply.  There are server variables available to adjust cost and decay rates, but that is outside of the scope of what NoDecay is intended to do and may also affect its operation.
    nodecay.use     -- Required for NoDecay to work for a user, if the usePermission flag is set to true. nodecay.admin -- Required to use the /nodecay commands below  Commands
    `nodecay log` -- Toggle logging of debug info to oxide log and rcon `nodecay info` -- Display current configuration (must still set manually and reload) `nodecay enable` -- Toggle enable/disable of the plugin.  This can only be switched off/on via chat and the plugin will always default to enabled on reload. Credits
    Deicide666ra and Piarb, the original authors of this plugin Diesel, for helping maintain the plugin Thanks to Deicide666ra, the original author of this plugin, for his permission to continue his work.

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