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Explore both free and premium plugins for uMod for various games such as Rust.

140 files

  1. Free

    Loot Protection

    Yet another player loot protection plugin for Rust
    Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, Rust teams Player boxes, workbenches, etc. are protected from opening and pickup by others. With Friends/Clans/Teams support, a player's friends will maintain access. Server-owned storage should be unaffected. A list of zones can be set to only protect boxes in those zones. A schedule can be set to disable/enable the plugin throughout the actual or in-game time and day. Note that this is not damage control, only access to contents and pickup of entities. Commands
    /share (Requires lootprotect.share) /share ? - Show sharing status of object in front of you. /share   - Share object in front of you to ALL. /share PLAYERNAME - Share object in front of you to specified player. /unshare - Remove all sharing for object in front of you. /lp (Requires lootprotect.admin permission) /lp enable/e/1/true - Enable plugin /lp disable/d/0/false - Disable plugin /lp logging/log/l - Toggle logging on/off /lp status - Show current config and enable status     For the above, you can type /lp enable OR /lp 1 to enable, etc.
        If a player does not own the storage or are not a friend of the owner, they cannot share/unshare it.
        If Friends/Clans/Teams support is NOT enabled, players can share/unshare items they own.  If any of those features are enabled, they can still share/unshare to players not in their friend list, etc.
    lootprotect.all - Player overrides all access controls lootprotect.admin - Player can run the /lp command lootprotect.share - Player can run the /share and /unshare commands lootprotect.player - Player boxes protected (only if RequirePermission is true) Configuration
    { "Options": { "RequirePermission": false, "useZoneManager": false, "useSchedule": false, "useRealTime": false, "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false, "HonorRelationships": false, "OverrideOven": false, "OverrideTC": false, "StartEnabled": true, "StartLogging": false, "LogToFile": false }, "Rules": { "bbq.deployed": true, "box.wooden.large": true, "campfire": true, "cursedcauldron.deployed": true, "fridge.deployed": true, "furnace.large": true, "furnace.small": true, "mixingtable.deployed": false, "player": true, "player_corpse": true, "fuelstorage": true, "hopperoutput": true, "recycler_static": false, "refinery_small_deployed": false, "repairbench_deployed": false, "researchtable_deployed": false, "woodbox_deployed": true, "workbench1.deployed": true, "workbench2.deployed": true, "workbench3.deployed": true }, "Zones": null, "Schedule": "", "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 0 } } Global Options
    RequirePermission -- If set to true, players must have the lootprotect.player permission.  This could be assigned to the default group, for example. useZoneManager -- Use ZoneManager to only protect boxes in specified zones. useClans -- Use various Clans plugins for determining relationships. useFriends -- Use various Friends plugins for determining relationships. useTeams -- Use Rust native teams for determining relationships. HonorRelationships -- If set, honor any of the useXXX features to determine ability to access boxes. OverrideOven -- Allow access to ovens (campfire, furnace, etc.). Set this to only protect storage boxes, etc. OverrideTC -- Allow access to authenticate on an unlocked TC. StartEnabled -- Start plugin in enabled mode (default true). StartLogging -- Log all check activity by default on plugin load (default false). LogToFile -- Log to dated file in oxide/logs/LootProtect folder. If false, log to oxide log file/rcon. Rules
        This is a simple list of prefab names and whether or not they will be protected. Several defaults are included to work with standard storage boxes, furnaces, campfire, etc.
        For each prefab, if true is specified, they will be protected.
        If NOT listed, access will be allowed...
    ZoneManager (Optional)
        If ZoneManager is loaded, and useZoneManager is true, you can specify zone ids here. The default value is:
    "Zones": null, To set a zone or list of zones, specify them as follows:
    "Zones": [ "123456" ], Or:
    "Zones": [ "123456", "345678" ], Schedule (Optional)
        The schedule follows this simple format. A schedule determines when the plugin is active. If not set, it is always active.
    FORMAT: DAYOFWEEK_OR_*;START:TIME;END:TIME 1;1:00:21:00 == Monday between 1AM local time and 9PM local time *;4:00;15:00 == Every day between 4AM and 3PM The default schedule is:
    "Schedule": "", Enter your schedule into the config as follows:
    "Schedule": "*;4:00;15:00", Schedule flags (global options)
    useSchedule -- Must be true to enable the schedule useRealTime -- Use the actual server host clock to determine activity (if false, use in-game time) Future
    Disable protection after X hours or days of player inactivity.  This might be its own plugin for use by this and others. Add other storage types by default as needed. GUI Announcement support, etc.

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  2. Free

    Wipe Settings

    This is an incredibly simple, and potentially misleading with its name, plugin that will edit your hostname & description to include your wipe dates.
    Specify your preferred date format (DD/MM, MM/DD, etc) and the hostname + description you wish to use.
    This WILL completely override your server.cfg's hostname & description!
    { "Date Format (dd, mm)": "dd/mm", "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 1, "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "JUST WIPED", "Hostname ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text)": "My Server | Active Admins | {wipe}", "Description ({wipe} goes where you want the wipe text, 'Just Wiped' will not be added here)": "Welcome to XXYY, join our discord: discord.gg/abcdef\nLast wipe was on {wipe}", "Hostname Update Interval (seconds)": 3600 } In your hostname & description, simply put {wipe} anywhere and it'll get replaced with the date of your wipe.
    Want your server to say "RECENTLY WIPED" for the first 3 days of your wipe? Simply use "How many days counts as 'Just Wiped'?": 3 and "What text should be added if the server is 'Just Wiped'?": "RECENTLY WIPED" and you're set!
    Why is an 'Update Interval' needed?
    Let's say your server wipes on 22/11, and you only want it to say "Just Wiped" for the first 3 days of your 7 day wipe cycle. At some point during the third day, the server will no longer count as "Just Wiped" by your own definition, and there needs to be a good way to check this. You can alter the update interval to be as long or as short as you wish. Don't fancy having a timer running? Set it to 0 and it'll never be created 🙂
    Be warned though, unless you have daily server restarts or plugin reloads, the plugin will not know that it needs to update the hostname accordingly.

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  3. Free


    Nextgen Teleport plugin for Rust
    Uses Friends, Clans, Rust teams, RustIO
    A lot of the familiar commands from older teleport plugins are still there, with some exceptions.  You may also import your user homes from those plugins (see below).
        - /sethome NAME is an alias for /home set NAME.
        - /home or /home list will show your currently set home names, locations, and lastused.
        - /home list OTHERPLAYER will show a list of that player's currently set homes (Based on Friends, Clans, or Teams membership).
        - /home set NAME - Sets a home at player's current location
        - /home remove NAME - Removes the home named NAME
        - /home NAME - Teleports you to your home with that NAME.
        - /town set - Sets town at the current location
        - /bandit set - Sets bandit at the current location
        - /outpost set - Sets outpost at the current location
        - /town - Takes you to town
        - /bandit - Takes you to Bandit Town
        - /outpost - Takes you to the Outpost
        - /tpr PLAYER - Request teleport to PLAYER
        - /tpa - Accept teleport request
        - /tpc - Cancel a teleport
        - /tpb - Takes you back to your previous location
        - /tpadmin - Parent admin command to be run with one of the following subcommands:
            - /tpadmin wipe - Wipe ALL homes and town, etc.  Will reset outpost and bandit locations as well (normally should run at wipe).  Does not prompt before action.
            - /tpadmin backup - Backup the database
            - /tpadmin info - Show current global config flags
            - /tpadmin import - Import data from R/NTeleportation (homes only)
            If you specify r, it will select the RTeleporationHome.json file (and NTeleportationHome.json for n).  This file must be present in your oxide/data folder from previous use of the other plugins.
            If you add 1 or y, etc. to the end of the command, it will actually do the import.  Otherwise, it will show the data in chat so you can evaluate correctness, data presence, etc.)
            /tpadmin import r - Show data available for import from RTeleportationHome.json (No actual import)
            /tpadmin import n y - Import data from NTeleportationHome.json.  Users will immediately be able to use their homes from the old plugin.
        - teleportication.use     - /home
        - teleportication.tpb     - /tpb
        - teleportication.tpr     - /tpr
        - teleportication.town    - /town
        - teleportication.bandit  - /bandit
        - teleportication.outpost - /outpost
    { "Options": { "useClans": false, "useFriends": false, "useTeams": false, "useEconomics": false, "useServerRewards": false, "HomeRequireFoundation": true, "StrictFoundationCheck": true, "HomeRemoveInvalid": true, "HonorBuildingPrivilege": true, "HonorRelationships": false, "AutoGenBandit": true, "AutoGenOutpost": true, "HomeMinimumDistance": 10.0, "DefaultMonumentSize": 120.0, "CaveDistanceSmall": 40.0, "CaveDistanceMedium": 60.0, "CaveDistanceLarge": 100.0, "MinimumTemp": 0.0, "MaximumTemp": 40.0, "SetCommand": "set", "ListCommand": "list", "RemoveCommand": "remove" }, "Types": { "Home": { "BlockOnHurt": false, "BlockOnCold": false, "BlockOnHot": false, "BlockOnCave": false, "BlockOnRig": false, "BlockOnMonuments": false, "BlockOnHostile": false, "BlockOnSafe": true, "BlockOnBalloon": false, "BlockOnCargo": false, "BlockOnExcavator": false, "BlockOnLift": false, "BlockOnMounted": true, "BlockOnSwimming": false, "BlockOnWater": false, "AutoAccept": false, "DailyLimit": 0.0, "CountDown": 5.0, "CoolDown": 120.0, "AllowBypass": false, "BypassAmount": 0.0 } } Global Options
        - `useClans` -- Use various Clans plugins for determining relationships
        - `useFriends` -- Use various Friends plugins for determining relationships
        - `useTeams` -- Use Rust native teams for determining relationships
        - `HomeRequireFoundation` -- Require a foundation to set or use a home
        - `StrictFoundationCheck` -- Require centering on a foundation block to set a home
        - `HomeRemoveInvalid` -- If the home is no longer valid due to building privilege, destruction, etc., remove it.
        - `HonorBuildingPrivilege` -- If set, require building privilege to use a home.
        - `HonorRelationships` -- If set, honor any of the useXXX features to determine ability to teleport to a home.
        - `AutoGenBandit` -- Generate bandit location once per wipe.
        - `AutoGenOutpost` -- Generate outpost location once per wipe.
        - `DefaultMonumentSize` -- Most monuments do not contain a size parameter, so this would be the default in that case.
        - `CaveDistanceSmall` -- Small cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
        - `CaveDistanceMedium` -- Medium cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
        - `CaveDistanceLarge` -- Large cave distance/size (no stored parameter)
        - `MinimumTemp` -- Minimum player temperature to allow teleport, if BlockOnCold is set.
        - `MaximumTemp` -- Maximum player temperature to allow teleport, if BlockOnHot is set.
        - `SetCommand` -- For different languages to select something other than 'set' to set home, town, etc.
    For each of home, town, bandit, outpost, tpr, flags may be set as follows:
        - `BlockOnHurt`: false -- Block if player is injured (bleeding, etc.).
        - `BlockOnCold`: false -- Block if player is too cold.
        - `BlockOnHot`: false -- Block if player is too hot.
        - `BlockOnCave`: false -- Block if player is in or near a cave.
        - `BlockOnRig`: false -- Block if player is on one of the oil rigs.
        - `BlockOnMonuments`: false -- Block if player is to close to any monument.
        - `BlockOnHostile`: false -- Block if player is hostile (for bandit/outpost only).
        - `BlockOnSafe`: false -- Block if player is in a safe area.
        - `BlockOnBalloon`: false -- Block if player is on a hot air balloon.
        - `BlockOnCargo`: false -- Block if player is on the cargo ship.
        - `BlockOnExcavator`: false -- Block if player is on the excavator monument.
        - `BlockOnLift`: false -- Block if player is on a lift.
        - `BlockOnMounted`: false -- Block if player is mounted to a chair, etc.
        - `BlockOnSwimming`: false -- Block if player is swimming.
        - `BlockOnWater`: false -- Block if player is above water.
        - `AutoAccept`: false -- Only valid for TPR to automatically TPA (For Friends, Clans, and teams).
        - `DailyLimit`: 0.0 -- (NOT YET WORKING) If set to other than 0, the limit for this action per day.
        - `CountDown`: 5.0 -- Waiting period for action on home, tpr, etc.
        - `CoolDown`: 120.0  -- Waiting period until next teleport of this type
    Despite some similarities, the configuration and data files from other teleport plugins are NOT compatible.
    Teleportication uses SQLite for home, town, bandit, and outpost storage.  The file is saved in {oxidedata}/Teleportication/teleportication.db.
    In-memory objects keep track of previous location for tpb, pending tpr/tpa, etc.  This could change as development progresses.
      1. VIP Limits not yet working.
      2. Economics is a pending feature (for bypassing CoolDown, etc.)

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  4. Free

    Acid Rain

    Unprotected exposure to rain in Rust now causes radiation damage!
    New spawns are protected by the protection timer, which defaults to 5 minutes (300 seconds).
    After that, various articles of clothing will provide protection from the acid rain. However, the slightest bit of wetness can lead to exposure. So, choose your garments well.
        - acidrain.admin - Allows use of commands below
        - /arstart - Enable Acid Rain
        - /arstop  - Disable Acid Rain
        - /inno    - Innoculate (heal) all online players
    { "Options": { "hilevelbump": 1.0, "hipoisonbump": 0.5, "lolevelbump": 0.2, "lopoisonbump": 0.1, "notifyTimer": 60.0, "protectionTimer": 300.0, "EnableOnLoad": true }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 1 } } hilevelbump -- How much to increase the player's radiation level when rain > 0.5 hipoisonbump -- How much to increase the player's radiation poison level when rain > 0.5 lolevelbump -- How much to increase the player's radiation level when rain < 0.5 lopoisonbump -- How much to increase the player's radiation poison level when rain < 0.5 notifyTimer -- The player will be notified once while taking damage until this timer expires. protectionTimer -- How long will fresh spawns be protected from the acid rain. EnableOnLoad -- Enable acid rain on plugin load (disable for external scheduling, etc.) Future plans, maybe
    Clothing protection customization ???

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  5. $15.00


    New version. CRaidController allows to define each day the opening and closing time of the raids. Out of hours the damage is blocked.
    #FEATURES Defined schedules by groups oxide or id steam or raids are allowed during the day. Blocks damage outside the allowed period Displaying a UI Everything is customizable, configurable with many options. Non-raid time after a wipe  
    #INFO Bypass allows you to destroy if is not the raid time (only if nullify is enabled). All options are optional and can be configured The plugin is compatible with players languages For English players, the times will be in 12h format. Prefabs list available here  
    #UI There are 6 different displays, the background is in transparent black for the screens. Customizable
    I suggest interface 3 with "0 0 0 0" for background

    Date of version 2.0, subject to change
    UI n°1 UI n°2 UI n°3 UI n°4 UI n°5 UI n°6  
         » UI
         » SCHEDULES
    Note :
    "default", is the default shedules don't remove ! To determine which time slot corresponds to each player, the plugin will search in the configurations if there is a schedule with the steam id, else if it chooses the last oxide group where the player is present.                » CREATE NEW GROUP OR PLAYER SCHEDULE
    Replace "default" by the oxide group name or ID steam (whith quote)
                   » ADD ONE SCHEDULE
    "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "16:00", "» End": "00:00" } ]                » ADD SEVERAL SCHEDULES
    "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "10:00" }, { "» Start": "12:00", "» End": "14:00" }, { "» Start": "20:00", "» End": "00:00" } ]                » EXAMPLE OF SCHEDULES CONFIGURATION
                   » ADD A NON-RAID TIME AFTER A WIPE
    You can add a non-raid time for each group of schedules, Just enable it Two options are possible. Either with a custom date and time which will be treated in priority if the value is not on null. The second one is in number of days after the wipe (the time will be at 0h).  
    #PREVIEW (Date of version 2.0, subject to change)  
    In any suggestions, bugs, help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  6. Free

    Limit Bed Assigning to Team

    Limits bed assigning to team members only.
    No config file.

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  7. $11.71


    aMAZEingPro is a Rust mini-game which allows you and your friends to enjoy amazeingly fun but confusing mazes. Included extension required.
    If the download contains extra files, named "READ ME" or "IMPORTANT", please read through since it's important notes for the version you're using.
    Here's a list of upcoming features that are considered or will in fact make the cut in a future version of aMAZEingPro.
    NPCs in the maze — Follows and ensures to confuse the player. Automatic event mode — Enables events within an year automatically. (e.g Halloween event will enable itself all throughout October). Event Themes — Christmas (whole December), Valentine's Day (February, 14th) & Easter (around April, who knows) themes.  
    The plugin currently features the following:
    Extremely customizable. Asynchronous maze creation. Batch maze creation & destruction. Configurable maze sizes. Maze modes. Multiple floors. Multiplayer. Spectating mode. Host & helper player lives & respawning on trap death. Rewards: Economics and / or ServerRewards Events: Halloween mode. Configurable per floor:
    Posters. Traps (landmines, gun traps & bear traps). Block tier configurations (twigs, wood, stone, metal, top tier). Entrance / exit (reward box) loot configurations. Skins for entrance (small) / exit (large) storage boxes and rugs. Trap spawn chance amounts. Locked doors & gifts.  
    The plugin currently features the following:
    (string) CreateBuilding(ulong playerId, string modeJson, Vector3 rootPosition, int seed) // Generates a maze building with the mode configuration and returns the id which can be used to destroy it. (void) DestroyBuilding(ulong playerId, string buildingId) // Destroys a building with the id. (bool) IsHosting(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently hosting / playing a game. (bool) IsHelping(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently playing or is participating in someone's game. (bool) IsCooledDown(ulong playerId) // Returns true if the player with the ID is currently cooled down. (int) GetCooldown(ulong playerId) // Returns the amount in seconds of someone's cooldown. Warning: On plugin reload, the buildings created with the API (along with the running games) are going to be destroyed.
    The config comes with a few handy links, quick to access when you wanna make changes, like change the skins of small / large storage box, or need the item short-names and block tier indicators.
    { "ItemsListWebsite": "https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/", "LargeWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Large+Wood+Box", "SmallWoodenStorageBoxWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Wood+Storage+Box", "RugWorkshopWebsite": "https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=252490&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=mtxitems&requiredtags%5B%5D=Rug", "BlockTiers": "0 = Twigs, 1 = Wood, 2 = Stone, 3 = Metal, 4 = Top Tier", "WelcomeCommand": "maze", "InfoCommand": "maze.info", "PlayCommand": "maze.play", "LeaveCommand": "maze.leave", "KickCommand": "maze.kick", "InviteCommand": "maze.invite", "InviteAcceptCommand": "maze.accept", "InviteDeclineCommand": "maze.decline", "ModesCommand": "maze.modes", "LeaderboardCommand": "maze.lead", "ResetModesCommand": "maze.resetmodes", "MaximumInvites": 5, "DefaultHeight": 250.0, "BatchKillCount": 15, "BatchCreationRowCount": 5, "EnableLogging": true, "UseNPipesSignText": false, "EnablePlayerNoclip": false, "EnablePlayerNoclipLerp": true, "PlayerNoclipLerp": 4.0, "PlayerNoclipSprintMultiply": 3.0, "Themes": { "EnableHalloween": false }, "GroupCooldowns": { "admin": 0, "vip": 25, "default": 120 }, "Modes": {} }  
    To set up a mode with one or more floors, it must look something like this:
    { "DisplayName": "Easy Run", "DisplayDescription": "Fun but complicated. Don't give up too easily. There're memes for your enjoyment.", "Size": 15, "EnableInvites": false, "RespawnOnFloorWherePlayerDied": true, "HostMaximumLives": 1, "HelperMaximumLives": 1, "Floors": [ { "EnableLanterns": true, "Posters": { "Urls (Must be an accessible direct download link to an image - PNG or JP[E]G)": [ "https://i.redd.it/cbcz02c3wlv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/xhyxowes0gv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/y30leeu81lv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/qbo7ot73ojv51.jpg", "https://i.redd.it/78v3jj30hjv51.jpg" ], "PosterSpawnChanceAmount": 5, "PosterSpawnChanceTimes": 2 }, "Doors": { "DoorChanceAmount": 10, "DoorChanceTimes": 6, "DoorMaximumAmount": 7, "GiftStorageChanceAmount": 5, "GiftStorageChanceTimes": 2, "GiftStorageSkinId": 0, "WrapGifts": true, "GiftLoot": [ { "ShortName": "scrap", "MinAmount": 50, "MaxAmount": 500 }] }, "Traps": { "EnableLandMines": false, "EnableGunTraps": true, "EnableBearTraps": false, "EnableFog (Works only if Halloween mode is enabled)": true, "GunTrapAmmoChanceAmount": 5, "GunTrapAmmoChanceTimes": 2, "GunTrapAmmoAmount": 64, "LandMineChanceAmount": 5, "LandMineChanceTimes": 2, "BearTrapChanceAmount": 5, "BearTrapChanceTimes": 2 }, "Blocks": { "RugSkinId": 0, "EntranceWallTier": 2, "ExitWallTier": 2, "WallTier": 1, "WallFrameTier": 1, "FoundationTier": 1, "FloorTier": 2 }, "Loot": { "EntranceSignFormat": "START", "EntranceStorageLoot": [], "EntranceStorageSkinId": 0, "ExitSignFormat": "FINISH\nGood job, {0}!", "ExitStorageLoot": [ { "ShortName": "scrap", "MinAmount": 500, "MaxAmount": 1000 } ], "ExitStorageSkinId": 0 } } ] }  
    Here are all the permissions you can use:
    aMAZEingPro.play: Allows anyone to start a new maze. Invited players do not require this permission. aMAZEingPro.admin: Allows anyone to execute [admin command]s.  
    Here are all the commands you can use:
    Welcome: /maze by default, will print some information about this plugin, including the commands. Info: /maze.info by default, will print some information the current game the player's playing, including mode information. Play: /maze.play by default, [1/2/3 or mazeId (easy, hard, etc.)] will start a game with the specified maze id or index. Leave: /maze.leave by default, will make a player or a helper teleport back to where they were. If the same player started the maze, the maze will be destroyed. Invite: /maze.invite by default, will invite another player if you're already in a maze. They'll be secretly notified about it, where they can: Accept: /maze.accept by default, [none or playerName] will accept a request to help a player to the maze. Accepting without having any input, will accept any games that the player's been requested to. Decline: /maze.decline by default, [none or playerName] will decline a request to help a player to the maze. Declining without having any input, will decline any games that the player's been requested to. Kick: /maze.kick by default, [playerName] will kick a helper player from a player's game. Modes: /maze.modes by default, will print a list of all the maze modes a player can play in. Leaderboard: /maze.lead by default, will print a list of all the maze modes with top 5 players best completion times. Reset Modes: /maze.resetmodes by default [admin command], will reset the configuration.  
    To properly set up the plugin, please make sure you executed the following steps:
    Step 1
    Place Humanlights.System.dll in the RustDedicated_Data/Managed folder.
    Step 2
    Put aMAZEingPro.cs within the oxide/plugins folder.
    Step 3
    If you want everyone to be able to play the mini-game, use oxide.grant group default aMAZEingPro.play or replace default with admin, vip or any group you want.
    The plugin currently depends on the following plugins:
    ZoneManager by k1lly0u SignArtist by Whispers88 Vanish by Whispers88 The following are optional but highly recommended plugin dependencies:
    TruePVE by nivex HelpText by Calytic ServerRewards by k1lly0u Economics by Wulf  
    If you have any ideas or feedback you wanna give me, please comment down below.

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  8. Free

    Tool Cupboard GUI

    Provides a GUI to manage your tool cupboard and area autoturret authorization. Also adds a button which appears above the TC loot table for accessing the GUI.

    Click on Manage at the top of the TC Loot table for the GUI:

    Once opened by clicking the button, you can remove players by clicking the Remove button next to their name. Select additional players to add to the TC or turret by clicking the associated Select button:

    The user must be within range of the cupboard to access the GUI. They must also be authorized to the cupboard.
    { "Settings": { "cupboardRange": 3.0, "turretRange": 30.0 }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 7 } } cupboardRange -- Sets the minimum distance for interacting with a cupboard.  3f was the original default.  5f might work better for you.  Don't set it too high or you may see overlap and odd behavior. turretRange -- Sets the maximum distance from a cupboard to locate turrets.  30f is the default, which should be close to actual cupboard protection range.  You can adjust higher as needed if the plugin fails to find your local turrets. Permissions
    tcgui.use -- Allows player to see the Manage button and use the GUI Chat Commands
    /tc - Parent function which will display the authorized players for the TC in front of you. /tc gui - Alternate way to open the GUI for the TC in front of you.   Most of this is only useful to and used by the GUI but could be used for scripting from other plugins or via RCON, perhaps...
    /tc add {player.userID} {player.displayName} - Add player to TC authorized list /tc remove {player.userID} - Remove player from TC authorized list /tc tadd {player.userID} {player.displayName} {turret.net.ID.ToString()} - Add player to turret authorized list /tc tremove {theplayer.userID} {turret.net.ID.ToString()} - Remove player from turret authorized list  

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  9. Free

    Infinite Candles and Fog

    Candles burn indefinitely and Snow and Fog Machines do not consume fuel for players with permission.
    No config file.
    infinitecandlesfog.candle infinitecandlesfog.fog infinitecandlesfog.snow  

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  10. Free

    No Gibs

    Instantly kills gibs from Patrol Helicopter, Bradley APC, CH47 or Scrap Helicopter.
    { "Disable Patrol Helicopter gibs": false, "Disable Bradley APC gibs": false, "Disable CH47 gibs": false, "Disable CH47 fireball": false, "Disable Scrap Helicopter gibs": true, "Disable Scrap Helicopter fireball": true }  

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  11. Free

    Fix Cargoship RHIB

    Adds missing fuel containers and storage containers to RHIBs on Cargoship and kills the unparented leftovers at the center of the map when loading the plugin or restarting the server.
    No config file.

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  12. Free

    No Vehicle Collision Damage

    Disables collision damage and collision effects for Minicopter, Scrap Helicopter, Chinook and Modular Cars when there is any player mounted.
    No configuration file.

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  13. $7.50 $5.00

    Vehicle Fuel Manager

    Manage vehicles' fuel consumption, amount of fuel they spawn with and lock their fuel containers.
    Default configuration will make all vehicles' fuel consumption 0, add 1 LGF and lock their fuel containers to make them ready to drive or fly after enabling them in the configuration.
    Engine components will not wear out if "lock engine container" is set to true.
    Console command
    restorevehicles - Restores every vehicle's fuel consumption back to default values, removes the fuel and engine parts
                                   and unlocks their fuel containers and engine containers. The plugin unloads itself after restoring defaults.
    { "Enabled for Minicopter": false, "Minicopter fuel consumption per second (default 0.5)": 0.0, "Minicopter fuel amount": 1, "Minicopter lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Scrap Helicopter": false, "Scrap Helicopter fuel consumption per second (default 0.5)": 0.0, "Scrap Helicopter fuel amount": 1, "Scrap Helicopter lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Row Boat": false, "Row Boat fuel consumption per second (default 0.1)": 0.0, "Row Boat fuel amount": 1, "Row Boat lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for RHIB": false, "RHIB fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "RHIB fuel amount": 1, "RHIB lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Hot Air Balloon": false, "Hot Air Balloon fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Hot Air Balloon fuel amount": 1, "Hot Air Balloon lock fuel container": true, "Enabled for Modular Cars": false, "Modular Cars Engine Module max fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Modular Cars Engine Module idle fuel consumption per second (default 0.25)": 0.0, "Modular Cars fuel amount": 1, "Modular Cars lock fuel container": true, "Modular Cars engine components Tier (0, 1, 2 or 3)": 3, "Modular Cars lock engine container": true, "Modular Cars spawn with full health": true }  

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  14. Free


    Prevent damage to players and objects in a PVE environment
    Uses ZoneManager, Friends, Clans, RustIO, GUIAnnouncements, HumanNPC (from remod.org), ZombieHorde
    Works with DynamicPVP.
    Don't let the documentation trouble you.  In most cases all you should need to do is install the plugin.  The rest is optional.
    NEW FOR 1.0.52: Custom rule and entity collection editor - You must set AllowCustomEdit true in the configuration to enable this feature.  To go along with this, new entity types will be detected at wipe and should be available to set into existing or new collections for inclusion in rulesets.
    NextGenPVE is a new plugin and not a fork of TruePVE, et al.  It includes an integrated GUI for ruleset management.
    NextGenPVE is organized into entity collections, rules that use those collections, and rulesets that include a set of rules.
    Each ruleset has a default damage value of true or false.
    Each ruleset may include a list of rules which override the default setting called exceptions.
    Each ruleset may include a list of exclusions to the exceptions that override those exceptions.
    Each ruleset can and probably should be associated with a zone (if not the default ruleset).
    Each ruleset can be either enabled or disabled.
    The default ruleset (out of the box) has the following settings:
    Default damage false Exceptions: animal can damage animal animal can damage player fire can damage building fire can damage player fire can damage resource helicopter can damage building helicopter can damage player npc can damage player npc turret can damage animal npc turret can damage npc npc turret can damage player player can damage animal player can damage building (their own or a friend's) player can damage helicopter player can damage minicopter player can damage npc player can damage resource player can damage scrapcopter player can damage vehicle resource can damage player scrapcopter can damage player trap can damage trap elevator can damage (crush) player Exclusions: NONE (Could be chicken, bear, HumanNPC, etc.) There is an integrated GUI for the admin to use to:
    Enable/disable NextGenPVE Create or delete rulesets Enable or disable rulesets Set the default damage for a ruleset Add rules for exceptions to the default damage setting of a ruleset Add exclusions for the rules Set the zone enabling activation of a ruleset Set a schedule for ruleset enable/disable (NEEDS IMPROVEMENT) Schedules consist of the following simple format.  A schedule (currently one per ruleset) determines when the ruleset is active.  If not set, it is always active. FORMAT: DAYOFWEEK_OR_*;START:TIME;END:TIME 1;1:00:21:00 == Monday between 1AM local time and 9PM local time *;4:00;15:00 == Every day between 4AM and 3PM Set global flags. Commands
    The following commands have been implemented:
    `/pverule` - Starts the GUI for editing, creating, and deleting rulesets `/pveenable` - Toggles the enabled status of the plugin `/pvelog` - Toggles the creation of a log file to monitor ruleset evaluation.  This will severely impact performance and so should be used sparingly. `/pvebackup` - Creates a database backup copy in the plugin oxide data folder. This could be used, for example, in timed plugins or scripts to create periodic backups. It might also be used prior to making major changes that go wrong (for recovery purposes). If an end user is having trouble with the plugin, we might request that you make and send a backup file for troubleshooting. `/pvedrop` - Drop and create a new database with default values.  This will not affect the config file, only the db.  Yes, this will delete your rulesets. `/pveupdate` - Update new entity types (normally run automatically at wipe, but can be run any time).  Any newly-detected entities will be added to the collection 'unknown'. Sub-commands for /pverule
    `/pverule list` - List current rulesets `/pverule dump RULESETNAME` - List some information about a specific ruleset `/pverule backup` - Same as /pvebackup. `/pverule restore` - List available backup files from the plugin oxide data folder. `/pverule restore FILENAME` - Restores the named database backup file to the live database.  The file must end in .db and MUST be from a previous backup created by NextGenPVE.  It must also be located in the plugin oxide data folder. Additional sub-commands of /pverule called by GUI
    `/pverule editconfig {CONFIG} true/false` - Set any of the global flags below to true/false `/pverule editconfig RESET true` - Reset all of the global flags to default `/pverule editruleset default defload YES` - Reset the default ruleset to defaults. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} delete` - Delete the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} name {NEWNAME}` - Change the name of a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} schedule {SCHEDULE}` - Set schedule for a ruleset.  Format is day;starthour:startminute;endhour:endminute, e.g. 1;1:00;9:00, 2;15:00;21:00.  Use '*' for every day `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} clone ` - Clone a ruleset.  The new name wil be {RULESETNAME}1 or {RULESETNAME}2, etc. if 1 exists. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} damage 0/1` - Set default damage for the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} enable 0/1` - Enable or disable the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} add` - Add a named exception RULENAME to the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} except {RULENAME} delete` - Delete a named exception RULENAME from the named ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a source exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} src_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a source exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} add` - Add a target exclusion, e.g. NPCMurderer. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} tgt_exclude {TYPE} delete` - Delete a target exclusion, e.g. HumanNPC. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone default` - Set a ruleset zone to default. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone delete` - Delete zone from a ruleset. `/pverule editruleset {RULESETNAME} zone {zoneID}` - Set zone for ruleset. The above commands can also be run from console or RCON (without /).
    nextgenpve.use -- Currently unused nextgenpve.admin -- Required for access to GUI and other functions nextgenpve.god -- Override PVE, killall Configuration
    { "Options": { "useZoneManager": false, "useSchedule": false, "useGUIAnnouncements": false, "useMessageBroadcast": false, "useRealtime": true, "useFriends": false, "useClans": false, "useTeams": false, "AllowCustomEdit": false, "AllowDropDatabase": false, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsPlayers": true, "NPCAutoTurretTargetsNPCs": true, "AutoTurretTargetsPlayers": false, "HeliTurretTargetsPlayers": true, "AutoTurretTargetsNPCs": false, "NPCSamSitesIgnorePlayers": false, "SamSitesIgnorePlayers": false, "AllowSuicide": false, "TrapsIgnorePlayers": false, "HonorBuildingPrivilege": true, "UnprotectedBuildingDamage": false, "TwigDamage": false, "HonorRelationships": false }, "Version": { "Major": 1, "Minor": 0, "Patch": 21 } } The non-use flags above can be set from the GUI without reloading, etc.  useXXX flags are for the admin to determine third-party plugin use and require a reload.  In the GUI, you may also RESET the non-use flags to default.
    ZoneManager can be used to associate a ruleset with a zone.
    A few global flags are currently available to limit NPC AutoTurret and trap damage.
    If a player is trying to damage a building, "HonorBuildingPrivilege" determines whether or not they are limited to damaging their own structures or any structures.
    "UnprotectedDamage" determines whether or not an unprotected building (no TC) can be damaged by players other than the builder.
    "TwigDamage" determines whether or not twig building components can be destroyed by any player.
    "HonorRelationships" determines whether or not a player can damage their friend's structures or deployables.
    Note that friends support can include Friends, Clans, or Teams.
    AllowCustomEdit - Enables the editing of custom rulesets and setting collections for entities.  Be careful here as you can easily categorize animals as NPCs, resources as players, etc.
    AllowDropDatabase - Enables pvedrop command and GUI button to reset the database to defaults.  This wipes everything!!!
    NextGenPVE uses SQLite for most of its data storage. The database file is named nextgenpve.db.
    The only other data file is ngpve_zonemaps.json. This is currently used by third party plugins that create their own PVP ruleset and zones.  Many of those would need to be modified to use NextGenPVE, but the function calls should behave the same.
    Each rule includes a source and target listing all of the types that will be matched for the rule. The player is simply BasePlayer, whereas NPCs include several different types.
    Any individual type of NPC, for example, can be added to one of the "exclude" fields of a ruleset. This can be source or target. The list is based on the exception rules added to the ruleset, and the entity types they contain.
    The default ruleset allows quite a bit of damage other than player to player. For example, it has an exception for player_animal, allowing players to kill animals. You can add, for example, "Chicken" to the target exclusion list to block killing chickens for the poultry-friendly.
    The basic rule evaluation order is:
    Ruleset -> Default Damage -> Exception Rule -> Exclusion.
    Example 1:
    Player attacking Bear
    Default ruleset damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 2:
    Bear attacking Player Default ruleset damage False. Exception for animal_player No source exclusion for BasePlayer. No target exclusion for Bear. DAMAGE ALLOWED. Example 3:
    Player attacking Chicken Default damage False. Exception for player_animal. No source exclusion for BasePlayer. Target exclusion for Chicken. DAMAGE BLOCKED. DynamicPVP
    For use with DynamicPVP, you may need to create a new ruleset.  Change the name to match the one that DynamicPVP uses - default name is "exclude".  Set that ruleset's default damage to true.  After that, reload DynamicPVP.  Your ruleset should look like this:

    Note that the Zone is set to lookup.  You can click on "lookup" to see that the zone lookup for this is set to one or more DynamicPVP-created zones.  You should be able to adjust the rules for the zone to block things that would otherwise be allowed.
    A Note about AutoTurrets
    AutoTurrets are weird.  The attacker (initiator) from a turret is actually the weapon inside the turret.  In most if not all cases, this will appear as BaseProjectile (1.0.25 on).
    So, for example: The default ruleset has damage set to false.  If you add the rule trap_player to this ruleset, all traps will hurt players.  If you want to exclude AutoTurrets from being able to damage players, add BaseProjectile to the source exclusion list.  Consider the simplicity of leaving that global flag off to just skip targeting altogether (AutoTurretTargetsPlayers).
    The BaseProjectile source would have impact for turrets as well as other weapon attacks and in this case would likely prevent damage from held weapons as well.  On second thought, maybe not.  The attacker should be BasePlayer for weapons held by a player, and so on...
    However, if you have a rule set for a zone with default damage true and no exception rules or exclusions, it should behave like standard PVP.
    BotSpawn can override autoturret targeting since we call out to the CanBeTargeted hook.  You will need to set the global configuration in BotSpawn "Turret_Safe": false to allow targeting in addition to setting our global flag, AutoTurretTargetsNPCs.
    Competing Ruleset Examples
    You create a clone of the default ruleset and enable it. You now have two rulesets with identical functionality including default damage, allow rules, and exclusions. Both rulesets would apply to the entire map by default. If you edit the allow rules or exclusions, the rulesets will compete.  The clone will likely override the default. Without a schedule or zone to determine which one is active at any given time or place, either may match for all PVE activity. FIX 1: Apply schedules to both rulesets FIX 2: Set a zone to the cloned ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it. You create a new ruleset with default damage TRUE and enable it You now have a ruleset which competes with the default ruleset. This new ruleset has default damage TRUE, which overrides the default ruleset. The entire map is now PVP. FIX 1: Add a zone to the new ruleset (requires ZoneManager) to isolate it to a specific area of the map. FIX 2: Add a schedule to the new ruleset.  A better option for scheduled PVP might be to add a schedule to the default ruleset and delete your secondary ruleset. In short, any rulesets you copy or create should be isolated by time and/or area using schedules or zones.  If your intention is to simply modify what types of damage is to be allowed globally, delete the extra rulesets and edit the default ruleset instead.
    Improve the schedule editor. Performance tweaks as needed.  

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  15. $14.00

    Dangerous Night

    Increases the population of animals and monsters at night.
    Config File Performance Mode: If enabled, the plugin will check the server time at each save instead of every second which can create a delay between the time when night/day starts and the activation/deactivation of the features. (between 0 and 10 minutes depending on your server settings) Animals and Monsters per square kilometer. You can increase or decrease the number of hostile creatures during the night. Creatures that appear during the night will instantly disappear at daybreak. Murderer armor and outfit skins. You can choose the equipment they can wear. A random skin available on the workshop will be automatically assigned to them. The equipment is not collectible at death. Permission Profile (CF.: "Permission Profile and Premium Ready" below) Undetectable by Scarecrow and Murderer: Allow/Disallow monsters to target the player during the night. Players killed by monsters screams: Make the player silently/loudly dies if killed by a monster at night. A howl is heard when night falls: Make the player hear/doesn't hear a wolf howl at dawn. A text announcement is displayed when night falls: Receives/Not receive a message at dawn.  
    Update checker
    The plugin benefits from an update verification system notifying administrators that an update is available.
    Configuration File
    The plugin is customizable through an advanced configuration file.
    Default config file: Pastebin.com
    Permission Profile and Premium Ready
    This plugin has an advanced permission profile system offering the possibility for administrators to create as many profiles as they wish in order to offer them to their players for free or through a Premium/VIP pack.
    Permission profiles are located in data/<pluginName>/permissionProfiles. DO NOT RENAME/DELETE default.json: is the default profile use if the player isn't assigned to a profile. DO NOT RENAME example.json: is an example profile. This one is used as a model and resets on plugin update. Copy/Paste example.json and rename it as you want. (for this example, I'll call it vip.json) Avoid special characters and spaces: thisIsAGoodProfileName.json Edit vip.json as you need. "ProfileLevel" is the level of the profile. The player will ALWAYS use the highest profile level if the player is associated to multiple profiles. I suggest to always assign ONLY ONE profile to player/group to avoid bad behaviours. Avoid duplicate Profile Level. Reload the plugin. Associates players or groups to a profile using permission: <pluginName>.permissionProfile.<profileName> (o.grant group vip myPlugin.permissionProfile.vip) Players associated to this permissions will now use parameters in the associated profile.  
    Optimized for Performance
    This plugin has been developed with a primary objective to be very performant, thus limiting plugin-related performance losses.
    Depending the plugin, a parameter called "PerformanceMode" allow the administrator to reduce power consumption at the cost of the quality.
    This plugin is designed to be usable in different languages.
    English and Français are available by default. Some Russkiy system messages will be also available by default. Administrators can add their own language.  
    Server administrators can set the default server language using oxide.lang <language> in the RCON console. Players can set their own language using /lang <language> <language> = two-letter language code (For example: /lang EN)
    Resetting plugin
    Unloads the plugin. Removes files: config/<pluginName> data/<pluginName> lang/en/<pluginName> AND lang/fr/<pluginName> AND lang/ru/<pluginName> AND other language you added. Reload the plugin.  
    About Mælep
    My other plugins: Codefling's profile
    Looking for plugins: Fiverr's Gig
    Warranty and Updates
    The customer benefits from a six-month warranty and updates from the date of purchase of the plugin. This warranty covers bugs related to the script and, as far as possible, bugs related to Rust and uMod updates.
    This warranty is optionally renewable every six months by participating up to 10% of the current price (excluding tax). (cf.: Renewal Term on the plugin description page)
    Terms of Service of Mælep
    The Mælep's plugins are in no way affiliated to Facepunch, uMod or Codefling. He should not be considered as a developer endorsed by Facepunch, uMod or Codefling.
    Any contribution or purchase made on this website is donated to Mælep.
    For more information, support or a purchase history, please use the support section available on the page of the plugin.
    Payment to Mælep is payment for the digital items contained in the purchase. This transaction is final and there is no refund. If you are banned for breaking the rules of Codefling, you will not be refunded. Requests for refunds due to delays, Rust and uMod update flaws or any other problems are submitted at the discretion of Mælep.
    Icon of the plugin by Freepik on flaticon.

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  16. $10.00


    IQCraftSystem is a unique crafting system with all sorts of crafting, craft even a tree(which can be put), even a copter!

    - Huge functionality
    - Advanced settings
    - You can craft whatever your heart desires.
    - Has a nice interface
    - Has all the interface settings in detail, in the configuration
    - Has sorting of items by category
    - Has a smooth design
    - Plugin support
    - Has conditions for crafting, which you can set separately for each item
    1. The level of work bench
    2. Have a rank
    3. To have the skill to "Advanced crafting" with the support of IQPlagueSkill
    4. Currency with IQEconomic support
    - Also the installation of items that are required for crafting
    - Categories that you can craft
    1. game Items
    2. Commands
    3. Transport
    4. BaseEntity-prefabs

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  17. $30.00


    IQPlagueSkill is skill system that allows players to get advantages for playing on the server!
    Players must collect DNA points to study, for this they must fulfill simple conditions that are configured in the configuration file! There Is support for many plugins and various skills!
    What can be done with each skill :
    - You can enable and disable each skill separately
    - Customize its icon via a link to a PNG file
    To configure the icon using a Sprite from the game
    - Change the skill description
    - Change the skill name
    - Change the price for a skill
    - Any of his personal settings (individually in each skill)
    Neutral skills:
    - These skills help players simplify features in other plugins that this skill belongs to
    What is a pathogen and what does IT do
    - A pathogen is a virus, a disease gene that will destroy the player's genes, or rather their skills
    - You can customize the chance of players being infected with this virus
    - You can configure the time after which the virus infection will take place
    - You can configure the time after which the virus will destroy one skill
    - You can enable and disable this virus
    Skills available in the plugin and their functionality :
    Miner :
    Adds the ability to increase the rating of extracted resources - You can use custom mining ratings for each resource. - You can add a common rating multiplier for all resources Regeneration:
    Adds the ability to regenerate the player - You can change the amount of HP that will be regenerated by the player - You can set the time after which the player's HP will be regenerated Mastery of:
    Adds the ability to reduce the wear of items to the player - You can adjust the percentage that will reduce the player's weapon wear Hard skin:
    Adds the ability to get rid of the cold in cold biomes for the player Do not shake:
    Adds the ability to get up to the player after a serious injury - You can change the % chance of a player standing up after a fall - You can change the time after which the skill will work and win back the chance to the player - You can enable or disable deleting a skill from a player after it is successfully triggered Metabolism:
    Adds the ability to revive the player with the indicators that you set - You can change the % chance of rebirth with these indicators - You can change the number of HP when reviving - You can change the amount of Thirst when reviving - You can change the amount of Satiety when reviving Pathogen protection:
    Adds the ability to protect against the Pathogen - After successful activation - the skill will reset killing the pathogen:
    Adds the ability to get rid of the pathogen virus - Appears only after the player is infected with the Pathogen virus - Skill resets after using The Genesis gene:
    Adds the ability to save % of the DNA after a server wipe - You can configure the number of % of saved DNA Unity with nature:
    Adds the ability to earn DNA for animal prey - You can configure the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA loss(it will be random within the limits specified by you) - You can customize the chance of dropping DNA - You can use a custom sheet for each animal - In the custom list, you can specify the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA - In the custom list, you can specify your chance of DNA loss Unity with the earth:
    Adds the ability to earn DNA for resource extraction - You can set up a custom sheet for each item - In the custom list, you can specify the Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA - In the custom list, you can specify your chance of DNA loss Anabiotics:
    Adds the ability to get increased HP indicators for using first aid kits,syringes, and other healing drugs - You can customize a custom list with items - In the custom list, you specify the shortname of the item and the number of HP that it will give Crafter:
    Adds the ability to quickly craft items - You can configure how many times the skill will increase the crafting speed You can't find me :
    Additional skill that opens with the IQHeadReward plugin - Adds the ability to get rid of the bounty on the head - After triggering, the skill will be reset Video review - 
    Additional opportunity to earn DNA points:
    - You can enable and disable the ability to earn DNA with: 1. Killing NPCs 2. Killing animals 3. Killing players - With a configurable Minimum and Maximum amount of DNA loss - With a configurable % chance of dropping points. Supported plugins:
    - IQEconomics support is available - IQHeadReward support is available - Friends support is available - There is support for Clans - Support is available Battles - Duel support is available - IQChat you can create your own notifications in the chat,to setup a chat room with this plugin With IQEconomics you will be able to change the currency of the DNA on the currency system of the economy,which will also work with the plugin With IQHeadReward you have a new ability for players With Friends,Clans,Battles,Duel protection works and farm DNA on his teammates and other minor modifications Interface setting :
    - You can change absolutely the entire interface - Change the background - Change blocked/active / available icons for skills Panel of information about the skills - Skill learning button - Change the overall text color - Change the color of the skill description and name text Automatic WIPE of the plugin:
    - You can enable automatic cleaning of skills after VAPE server(works with the skill Geneziz gen)
    additional features:
    - I thought about the economic part for your server - You will be able to sell them to DNA (in the Teams section) - You can sell the entire skill set (in the Teams section) - You will be able to sell immunity from the Pathogen in permises Important :
    This plugin will be one of the biggest in the branch of the plugins IQ , I'm going to do another set of plugins that will complement this, ideas very much!
    I'm going to create a couple of additional systems,which will combine great functionality and will not conflict with others, for you it will,as an alternative to replace a few plugins - one of my, still with great functionality

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  18. Free


    A simple plugin that allows players to add their birthdays.
    When a player joins the server and it's his birthday, it will be announced so the other players will know.
    He can claim his present configured in the config file using the command /birthday claim .
    Player Commands
    /birthday set month/date - can only be set once /birthday claim - can only be claim once Console Commands for Owners
    birthdays.remove userID or b.remove userID - in case a player sets his birthday wrong birthdays.check userID or b.check userID - to check if a player claimed his present Configuration
    You can add more items if you want and add custom icon.
    { "Items to give ": { "shortname": 10 }, "Custom Icon": "76561199105971351" }  

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  19. Free


    Fixes recent issue where spawned Cargo Planes prevent automatic server saving.

    No config or settings - Just install.

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  20. $15.00


    Casino for resources, players also want to increase their holdings.
    The casino has a built-in video surveillance camera on which you can watch what is happening in it.
    Also spawn cameras can be disabled in the configuration.
    You can specify any resources.
    Nice UI and alerts
    The plugin requires CopyPaste (It will load and spawn the building)

    Sorry but video in Russian - 

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  21. $13.00


    ChinookIvent is a fresh take on the Chinook event. Auto-action "Special cargo"
    The essence of the event - The event is triggered once at a certain time (specified in the config), a label with a description appears on the map. Then the Chinook salmon arrives at the landing site (a random mark on the map) and remains in place for a certain time, after which it drops a special cargo and flies away. In a special download, you can completely customize your loot! Also add a custom element.
    - Unable to build in the event area
    - All messages are displayed in the chat.
    - Full plugin configuration in config
    - Ability to create NPCs that will protect the cargo
    /chinook salmon spawn position - Adds a custom chinook salmon spawn position (admin)
    /chinook call - Calling chinook prematurely (for administrator)
    { "Settings": { "Adjusting the smoothness / speed of the drawer descent": 0.7, "Block radius of buildings during the event": 65, "Reset timeout": 60, "Time to self-destruct (If nobody starts hacking)": 600, "Minimum number of players to start an event": 20, "Once in how many hours a chinook will fly": 7200, "Maximum items in 1 box": 7, "Use standard loot in the box (If false, your loot will drop out)": true, "Use custom positions ?": false, "Custom positions (/chinook addspawnpoint)": [] }, "Configuring display on maps": { "Create a marker on the G map?": true, "Marker names": "Special cargo", "Marker color": "#54bbb4", "Marker transparency": 0.4, "RustMap labels": false, "Image for RustMap map label": "https://i.imgur.com/x6qoCaK.png" }, "NPC setup": { "Spawn NPCs near a crate?": true, "Number of npc": 6, "Health nps": 150, "Random NPC nicknames": [ "Patrol", "Protector of special cargo", "The danger" ] }, "Drop items": [ { "Short name": "halloween.surgeonsuit", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 1, "Item drop chance": 70 }, { "Short name": "metal.facemask", "Skin ID ": 1886184322, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 1, "Item drop chance": 20 }, { "Short name": "door.double.hinged.metal", "Skin ID ": 191100000, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 2, "Item drop chance": 60 }, { "Short name": "rifle.bolt", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": true, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 1, "Item drop chance": 10 }, { "Short name": "rifle.lr300", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 1, "Item drop chance": 15 }, { "Short name": "pistol.revolver", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 3, "Item drop chance": 60 }, { "Short name": "supply.signal", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 3, "Item drop chance": 20 }, { "Short name": "explosive.satchel", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 3, "Item drop chance": 5 }, { "Short name": "grenade.smoke", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 20, "Item drop chance": 45 }, { "Short name": "ammo.rifle", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 50, "maximum amount": 120, "Item drop chance": 35 }, { "Short name": "scrap", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 100, "maximum amount": 500, "Item drop chance": 20 }, { "Short name": "giantcandycanedecor", "Skin ID ": 0, "Item name": "Новый год", "blueprint?": false, "Minimal amount": 1, "maximum amount": 5, "Item drop chance": 70 } ] } Sorry for the video in Russian😉

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  22. Free

    Safe Sleep

    Store your sleepy players in a safe place untill they come back online.
    Warning ! This plugin uses Spawns Database by k1lly0u.
    { "Time to move a sleeping player (in hours)": 1, "Check Interval (in seconds)": 10, "Spawns Database config file name": "Name" }  

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  23. Free


    BradleyGuards minigame will make more fun of the boring Bradley.
    Spawning bombs molotovs and a Tank Crew
    Features :
    Minigame with Scientist NPC spawning after bradley gets destroyed and various events during its attack phase Made compatible with NPCKITS (V1.0.9) (To make sure the NPC will not get the random NPCkits outfit thx @TheEye) It wil throw random Bombs and Molotovs when attacked. Hardmode wil throw the Bombs and Molotovs towards player instead around the Bradley (New in V1.0.9) Crew Spawn amounts Can be set for each Driver/Guards/Gunners in the cfg When destroyed the bradley does a close range Last Ditch Effort if the Driver is still allive and gets a last air support Loot will not be changed it will use vanilla loot if u are not using any loot plugins Give players a permission to see Messages or not Give the NPC the choice of using some predefined outfits or use the vanilla Scientist Outfits Choice of a predefined weapon or a diffrent weapon through config if using outfits (added in 1.0.8) Can set the use of each setting to true/false (handy if using diffrent plugins using same stat changes)(added in 1.0.8) Kits (only clothing) can be assigned Can set several bradley config sets like Bullet damage and Range Health etc etc Crew will be despawned upon plugin unload or reload As of version 1.1.1 napalm support will be set to target player instead of bradley position (Updated)  
    Warnings :
    backup your configs before plugin updates This is not compatible with BradleyControl Plugin !!!!! (since version 1.0.5)
      My BradleyOptions Plugin will take over some of the handling of the spawncheck !!!
    (starting from v1.0.7)

    Permissions :
    BradleyGuards.ShowMessages (to show interaction messages) BradleyGuards.ShowKillMessages (to show messages after bradley is destroyed) BradleyGuards.Admin (For the spawncommand) (added in 1.0.5) Commands : (new in V1.0.5)
    /bginfo : Shows the available commands/version/author Logfiles :
    Log files are found in the oxide.logs folder Will log the Player and info regarding the spawns after destroying the Bradley Configuration :
    Example config below :
    { "Bradley Settings": { "Change Values": true, "Bradley Health": 2000, "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100, "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0 }, "Bradley Loot": { "Change Values": true, "Bradley Max crates after kill": 4 }, "Bradley Canon": { "Change Values": true, "Bradley Canon Fire delay": 0.3, "Bradley Canon Firerate": 0.25 }, "Bradley Machinegun": { "Change Values": true, "Bradley Machinegun Bullet Damage": 15, "Bradley Machinegun Firerate": 0.06667 }, "Event Settings": { "Bradley Crew Max Roam Distance": 30, "Max throwing range of a Grenade": 25.0, "Max Grenades per trigger": 1, "Max throwing range of a Molotov": 25.0, "Max Molotovs per trigger": 1, "Hard Mode : Throws towards player (Grenades)": true, "Hard Mode : Max Grenades per trigger": 1, "Hard Mode : Max radius of a Grenade on player": 6.0, "Hard Mode : Throws towards player (Molotovs)": true, "Hard Mode : Max Molotovs per trigger": 1, "Hard Mode : Max radius of a Molotov on player": 10.0, "Napalm Support": true, "Napalm Support Area Radius": 35.0, "Napalm Support Rocket Amount": 3, "Napalm Support Rocket Height": 50, "Last Ditch Effort Rocket Amount": 5, "Last Ditch Effort Grenade Amount": 5 }, "Tank Crew Driver": { "Tank Driver Health": 450.0, "Tank Driver Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Tank Driver Damage multiplier": 1.0, "Tank Driver Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0, "Tank Driver Spawn Amount": 1, "Tank Driver Use Outfit": true, "Tank Driver Use other gun with outfit": false, "Tank Driver gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5", "Tank Driver gun skin id": 0, "Tank Driver Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Driver Kit ID": "" }, "Tank Crew Guards": { "Tank Guards Health": 800.0, "Tank Guards Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Tank Guards Damage multiplier": 1.0, "Tank Guards Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0, "Tank Guards Spawn Amount": 2, "Tank Guards Use Outfit": true, "Tank Guards Use other gun with outfit": false, "Tank Guards gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5", "Tank Guards gun skin id": 0, "Tank Guards Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Guards Kit ID": "" }, "Tank Crew Gunners": { "Tank Gunners Health": 600.0, "Tank Gunners Lifetime (minutes)": 10.0, "Tank Gunners Damage multiplier": 1.0, "Tank Gunners Spawn Chance 0-1": 1.0, "Tank Gunners Spawn Amount": 2, "Tank Gunners Use Outfit": true, "Tank Gunners Use other gun with outfit": false, "Tank Gunners gun short prefabname": "smg.mp5", "Tank Gunners gun skin id": 0, "Tank Gunners Use kit (clothing)": false, "Tank Gunners Kit ID": "" } } Localization :
    English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder.
    { "BradleyDriver": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Damnit i just washed it!", "BradleyGuards": "<color=yellow>Bradley Guard : </color>Stay away from our Bradley!", "BradleyGunner": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Prepare to die!", "BradleyDriverBomb": "<color=yellow>Bradley Driver : </color>Catch this!", "BradleyGunnerFire": "<color=yellow>Bradley Gunner : </color>Fire in the hooole!", "BradleyNapalmSupport": "<color=yellow>Bradley Operator : </color>Support incomming!" } Changes made in 1.0.5 !!!
    Updated/Cleaned/Organised the Documentation. Added lifetime for each individual Crew Added use of kits + checks (if incorrect kitname Crew will spawn with default scientist or heavy scientist outfit). Changed the Npc Naming so they can be shown correctly with AdminRadar Added prefix and chaticon to chatmessages (language file changed so delete it before updating to avoid weird chat messages). Added max roam range for the Bradley Crew BradleyCrew will now despawn when plugin gets unloaded/reloaded Removed the death sound when a npc dies. Will NOT work with BradleyControl plugin (adding features for it in BradleyOptions!!!! Fixed : Bradley will now ignore scientists from junkpiles added cfg : Tank Crew Lifetime (minutes) added cfg : Damage multiplier for each driver/guards/gunners added cfg : Napalm Support Rocket Height added cfg : Use kit (clothing) (for each driver/guards/gunners) added cfg : Kit ID (for each driver/guards/gunners) added cfg : BradleyCrew max roam range

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  24. Free


    Teleportation portals for Rust - this is a partial rewrite of the old Portals plugin by LaserHydra.
    Portals gives you the opportunity to place teleportation portals in the Rust world.

    How to use
    Go to the place where the entrance should be. Type /portal entrance portal1 (portal1 is an example name for a portal). Go to the place where the exit should be. Type /portal exit portal1 Portals can be unidirectional or bidirectional. See below.
    By default, a spinner wheel will be placed at the entrance and exit. If you have SignArtist installed, it can also write the portal name on the wheel. See Configuration below.
    It is recommended that you set the following configs for SignArtist to try to lessen the chance of spinners not being painted:
    { "Time in seconds between download requests (0 to disable)": 0, "Maximum concurrent downloads": 50, ... } There are additional configs for SignArtist, but what is above has impact on its use by Portals.
    On load, Portals will try to draw to every spinner within a few seconds at most.  This can exceed the default limits in SignArtist for "Time in seconds between...". If you have 5 portals, 10 spinners will need to be painted.  So, a limit of 10 might just allow Portals to finish its work.  Set this to allow all portals as well as any signs you may have actively using it. Permissions
    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant . To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke .
    portals.admin - Required for /portal command portals.use - Standard permission for using portals (can be customized per portal in oxide/data/Portals.json) Commands
    Commands can be used in chat or console.
    /portal entrance <NAME> - Set the entrance to a portal You can substitute pri|primary|add|create for entrance /portal exit <NAME> - Set the exit for a portal You can substitute sec|secondary for exit /portal timer <NAME> <NUMBERINSECONDS> You can substitute time for timer /portal remove <NAME> - Remove a portal /portal oneway <NAME> <TRUE|FALSE> You can use 1/0 or true/false /portal perm/permission <NAME> <PERMISSION> Ex. /portal perm cp1 checkpoint1 -- Registers a new permission, portals.checkpoint1 for portal cp1. /portal list - List existing portals Configuration
    { "Set two-way portals by default": true, "Portal countdown in seconds": 5.0, "Deploy spinner at portal points": true, "Write portal name on spinners": true, "Spinner Background Color": "000000", "Spinner Text Color": "FFFF00", "Spin entrance wheel on teleport": false, "Spin exit wheel on teleport": true, "Play AV effects on teleport": false } Stored Data
    Portals are saved in oxide/data/Portals.json.
    For Developers
    void OnPortalUsed(BasePlayer player, JObject portal, JObject point) JObject portal: the portal object; Example: { "ID": "1", "Entrance": { "Location": { "_location": "16.76093 75.57893 10.72905" } }, "Exit": { "Location": { "_location": "3.850618 72.05898 22.37546" } }, "OneWay": true, "TeleportationTime": 0.0, "RequiredPermission": "portals.use" } JObject point: exit or entrance point, player is being teleported to; Example: { "Location": { "_location": "16.76093 75.57893 10.72905" } }  
    SpawnEphemeralPortal(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity, float time = 10f)
      Spawns a temporary portal in front of a user and target entity.  It will be automatically destroyed after "time".  Default name is currently player.displayName:TEMP.
    Spinners can break when not placed on a nice flat surface like a foundation.

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  25. Free


    JuanTime gives players a kit one time per wipe.
    JuanTime will wipe its data of who has had the kit on map change/Server wipe.
    Give one Kit, or a random kit from list
    Umod Rust Kits

    Easy one line config.. place name of kit in config, save and reload. (Case Sensitive)
    { "KitName": [] } One Kit:
    { "KitName": ["autokit"] } Multiple (picks one at random):
    { "KitName": ["autokit","poop","bum"] }
    JuanWipe << will wipe the list of people who have had the kit awarded to them (which is saved in Data)
    (ignore config part.. its changed.. look above)

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