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About Hit Markers

Each user can choose his own marker, which is convenient for him!



  • marker - open an UI



You can set permission in config, for example: 

  "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.use)": "hitmarkers.use",

You can also set your own permission for each font and button.



  "Commands": [
  "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.use)": "",
  "Work with Notify?": true,
  "Fonts": {
    "0": {
      "Font": "robotocondensed-bold.ttf",
      "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": ""
    "1": {
      "Font": "robotocondensed-regular.ttf",
      "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": ""
    "2": {
      "Font": "permanentmarker.ttf",
      "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": ""
    "3": {
      "Font": "droidsansmono.ttf",
      "Permission (ex: hitmarkers.font)": ""
  "Min Font Size": 8,
  "Max Font Size": 18,
  "Buttons": [
      "Enabled": true,
      "Title": "Text",
      "Type": "Text",
      "Description": "<b>Damage numbers</b> will pop up in the center of the screen!",
      "Permission": "hitmarkers.text"
      "Enabled": true,
      "Title": "Icon",
      "Type": "Icon",
      "Description": "The familiar hit icon changes color after a <b>headshot!</b>",
      "Permission": "hitmarkers.icon"
      "Enabled": true,
      "Title": "Heath Line",
      "Type": "HealthLine",
      "Description": "A bar appears above the slots, showing the <b>remaining</b> health of the enemy",
      "Permission": "hitmarkers.line"
      "Enabled": true,
      "Title": "Buildings",
      "Type": "Buildings",
      "Description": "Displaying damage by buildings",
      "Permission": "hitmarkers.buildings"
  "Info Icon": "https://i.imgur.com/YIRjnIT.png",
  "Show damage to NPC": true,
  "Show damage to animals": false,
  "Marker removal time": 0.25,
  "Default Values": {
    "Font ID": 0,
    "Font Size": 14,
    "Text": true,
    "Icon": false,
    "Health Line": false,
    "Buildings": false



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