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About Chicken Bow

A quest to obtain the "Bow of the chickens", allowing the weilder to create chickens when fired.




This plugin will allow your players to complete the "Chicken Hunter" quest, by killing x amount of chickens (default 100). This will reward them with a skinned Huting bow called "Bow of the Chickens".

When fired, the bow will spawn a chicken at the arrows location. Players can spawn a configurable number of chickens this way.

When a chicken that was spawned by the bow dies, it will run 1 of 6 random effects. These effects can be added to/reduced etc in the config file.


Chat Commands

- /chickenkc: This will display the users current kill count.

- /chickenbow: Spawns a chicken bow (requires permission:  chickenbow.admin).



- chickenbow.allow: Allows the player to participate in the chicken killing quest to obtain the bow.

- chickenbow.admin: Allows the player to spawn the chickenbow with the command, and will ignore the maximum chicken limit.


See the youtube video for more information on setup and configuration.

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