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Bradley Tiers 1.1.0

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About Bradley Tiers

Bradleys now spawn in Tiers with small config and lootcrate spawn options.

Features :

  • Spawns as Easy,Medium,Hard or Nightmare Tiers
  • Easy configuration and setup
  • BradleyGuards and BradleyOptions will disable their HP and Cratedrop settings automaticly (Krungh Crow versions).
  • Works on any Bradley no exceptions
  • Spawn and Kill Messages
  • Option to make a vanilla bradley spawn instead of a Tiered one at random.
  • Set a extra reward in the form of Economics or ServerRewards
  • Support for Tiered loot systems (using it set to false by default) v1.0.3
  • Showing Bradley tier on 1st damage then after each 2 minutes will show it again.

Issues with other plugins!!!

If you are using other bradley plugins changing the HP and Crate drop ammounts do the following

Look for settings to change amount of crates to drop inside the other plugins cfg and set this to 0
Look for settings to change Health inside the other plugins cfg and change this to 0

 For Other Devs/Plugins :

To work with BradleyTiers the following can be done

            [PluginReference] Plugin BradleyOptions, BradleyTiers;

            if (!BradleyTiers || !BradleyOptions)
                bradley.maxCratesToSpawn = 4;
                bradley._maxHealth = 2000;
                bradley.health = bradley._maxHealth;
                Puts("Bradley[Tiers/Options] not installed using BradleyGuards Crate and HP settings");
            if (BradleyTiers || BradleyOptions)
                Puts("Bradley[Tiers/Options] installed skipping Crate and HP settings");



Todo : (For Future updates)

  • killmessages (Added in V1.0.1)
  • GUIAnnouncements (Added in V1.0.1)
  • Side events

Permissions :

  • bradleytiers.use : To be able to use the /bt info chatcommand

Commands :

  • /bt info : Just prints plugin info version and author to chat

Configuration :

Want a certain item to spawn as a blue print just add .bp behind its shortname !

  "Main config": {
    "Debug": false,
    "Chat Prefix": "[<color=yellow>Bradley Tiers</color>] ",
    "Use GUIAnnouncement": true,
    "Reply to player in chat on attack": true,
    "Reply to player in chat on reward": true,
    "Show kills/spawns in Global chat": true,
    "Include Vanilla Bradley": true
    "Tier Names": {
    "Vanilla": "Vanilla",
    "Easy": "Noob",
    "Medium": "Intermediate",
    "Hard": "Advanced",
    "Nightmare": "Zombie"
  "Kill Rewards": {
    "Use Economics?": true,
    "Use ServerRewards?": false,
    "Vanilla amount": 500,
    "Easy amount": 1000,
    "Medium amount": 1500,
    "Hard amount": 2000,
    "Nightmare amount": 2500
  "Loot Tables": {
    "Use lootsystem": true,
    "Use Random Skins": true
  "Easy Bradley": {
    "Bradley Health": 1500,
    "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0,
    "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.6,
    "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.6,
    "Bradley Max crates after kill": 2,
    "Spawn Min Amount Items": 5,
    "Spawn Max Amount Items": 6,
    "Loot Table": [
        "shortname": "black.raspberries",
        "amount": 5,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 5
  "Medium Bradley": {
    "Bradley Health": 1800,
    "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0,
    "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.75,
    "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.7,
    "Bradley Max crates after kill": 3,
    "Spawn Min Amount Items": 7,
    "Spawn Max Amount Items": 8,
    "Loot Table": [
        "shortname": "black.raspberries",
        "amount": 10,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 10
  "Hard Bradley": {
    "Bradley Health": 2000,
    "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0,
    "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.8,
    "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 0.85,
    "Bradley Max crates after kill": 4,
    "Spawn Min Amount Items": 9,
    "Spawn Max Amount Items": 10,
    "Loot Table": [
        "shortname": "black.raspberries",
        "amount": 15,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 15
  "Nightmare Bradley": {
    "Bradley Health": 2500,
    "Bradley Max Fire Range": 100,
    "Bradley Throttle Responce": 1.0,
    "Bradley Accuracy (0-1)": 0.85,
    "Bradley Damage scale (0-1)": 1.0,
    "Bradley Max crates after kill": 5,
    "Spawn Min Amount Items": 11,
    "Spawn Max Amount Items": 12,
    "Loot Table": [
        "shortname": "black.raspberries",
        "amount": 20,
        "skin": 0,
        "amountMin": 20


Localisation :
English language file included to use a different language just make a new file in the language folder.

  "Bradley": "Bradley",
  "BradVanilla": "A <color=#EC1349>Vanilla</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=#EC1349>{0}</color>",
  "BradEasy": "A <color=green>Noob</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=green>{0}</color>",
  "BradMedium": "A <color=blue>Intermediate</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=blue>{0}</color>",
  "BradHard": "A <color=red>Advanced</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=red>{0}</color>",
  "BradNightmare": "A <color=yellow>Zombie</color> Bradley has spawned around <color=yellow>{0}</color>",
  "Destroyed": "finaly destroyed the",
  "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color>\n<color=green>/bt info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands",
  "InvalidInput": "<color=red>Please enter a valid command!</color>",
  "KillRewardMessage": "You recieved {0}$ for Destroying the {1} BradleyApc",
  "Version": "Version : V",
  "NoPermission": "<color=green>You do not have permission to use that command!</color>"


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