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AntiMacros / AntiScript 1.1.5


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About AntiMacros / AntiScript

AntiMacros - a plugin that blocks scripts for mice/programs that allow players to remove the recoil from their weapons
This plugin will block this option for players

If the player will shoot with a prohibited script, his script will break and his sight will lead to the sides, which will force him to disable this script and make it impossible to play with it

The defense works in 3 different modes, individually for each available weapon :
- Light weight
- Medium
- Hardcore

Available weapons with script protection :
- AK47
- LR300
- Thompson
- MP5

Important :
The plugin slightly changes the trajectory of the bullets, the spread and the distance between the bullets, it depends on the level of protection, the higher the level the more it changes!
This indicator is individual for each weapon! Watch and customize for yourself! This thing does not significantly affect the gameplay, so your players will not even notice it!

Permissions to enable macro protection- AntiMacros. use

by Mercury&DezLife



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