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About Hunger Games

This plugin and prefab combo adds a unique game arena to your map with very minimal effort. The plugin automates the game play entirely, and can be scheduled to run at an interval along side other plugins that use EventHelper.

The game revolves around finding loot from crates (primitive by default), and killing each other while a radiation zone closes in around you. The zone is represented by a dome that will shrink in size at a configurable rate, as the game progresses. This will force players back to the centre for a final showdown.

The winner will be awarded a prize (configurable).

This package includes everything required to run the game manually or automatically, and features:

  • Customizable weapon/armor lists (primitive and guns come default).
  • A lobby with 8x elevators to bring contestants into the game.
  • A configurable plugin to handle gameplay completely (more info below).
  • Custom UI for the radiation zone.


Running the game:

  • The game will run automatically every hour (by default).
  • It will give players 5 minutes to join (by default), or can be manually started by typing in /starthg <seconds>.
  • Players join by typing in /hg (by default), which will strip and save all of their equipment, note down their metabolism stats (hunger, thirst, health etc) and teleport them into the lobby. The players will then be added to the "roster" and will be told to get into an elevator.
    A player cannot join if they have a car key in their inventory, or an active crafting que.
  • Upon the game commencing, players will be taken to the surface via an elevator and the game will begin when the doors open.
  • The dome spawns after 60 seconds (by default), and will start shrinking. Leaving the bounds of the dome will bring up a hud indicating that the player is in a radiation zone, and will start giving the player radiation stacks for as long as they are outside.
  • Dying removes the player from the game, returning their equipment on respawn, and teleporting them back to the location that they were at originally. A player can also manually leave the game by typing in /leave (by default).
  • The game ends when there is 1 player left standing. The player will be returned to their original location, with their original health and metabolism stats, and will have the ability to claim a prize by typing /claimprize.



  • /starthg <seconds> - starts the game manually and resets the automatic start timer. Seconds = how many seconds before the game actually begins.
  • /endhg - ends the current round of hungergames.
  • /hg - joins the hungergames event. This command is configurable.
  • /leave - leaves the hugnergames event. This command is configurable.
  • /addfinalpoint - adds a potential end zone.
  • /hgplayers - Lists all players who are still alive in the current event.


Optional plugin - Night Vision

You can the Nightvision plugin on Umod to allow for players to enjoy the event, even during pitch black nights. The plugin will enable/authorise a user to use nightvision when they join the event, and will then remove that privilege when they leave.
Link: https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision



Follow the youtube guide for installation. The plugin will automatically acquire the button IDs when loaded for the first time. Be sure to delete the data file when you wipe the server so that it can acquire the new .net.IDs.



"hungergames.admin" - Required to start/stop hungergames manually.

"hungergames.list" - Required to use the /hgplayers command.

See youtube video above for more information on adding this prefab to your map/server.


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