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About No Roofcamping

This is a plugin that has been long awaited but this plugin officially gets rid of roof camping. Have you ever been tired of players just sitting on there roof with a bolt action rifle? This can completely eliminate that and make sure players have to leave there base.


Must know Before Buying:

In order for some monuments to pass monument check, monument must have the Building and Monument Topology!



- Stop players from being able to sit on roof and camp

- Checks for if player is not associated with base, allowing players above someones door to be able to shoot.

- Check if player is within players base, allowing them to roofcamp if player sneeks in compound

- Glitch Free (Tested all possible ways for a player to exploit roof camp)



  "Roofcamp Distance": 40.0,
  "Roofcamp Height": 1.0,
  "Roofcamp Kill Time (Secs)": 120,
  "Deal damage to roofcamper": true,
  "Damage Retuned (This value is divied by the damage done)": 2.0,
  "Allow roofcamp for heli": true,
  "Heli Roofcamp Disable Time (Mins)": 5,
  "Allow roofcamp when getting raided": true,
  "Raid Roofcamp Disable Time (Secs)": 120,
  "List of shortnames to start raid time if damaged": [


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