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About Experiments

Experiments is a plugin introducing the old research system in Rust! Do you remember when tech tree was not around and you could gamble your scrap for a random blueprint? This plugin introduces just that and is made to be as close to the old system as possible with a ton of configurable options! 



- Gamble scrap for a random bp at each workbench tier.

- Disables tech tree system

- Restrict certain blueprints from the random search

- Change cost of research for each tier


Here is a preview video I made to show off how the system works!




  "Block Tech Tree?": true,
  "Disable Research Sound?": false,
  "Experiment Time (Could effect timing with the reseach sound)": 10,
  "Tier 1 Scrap Cost": 75,
  "Tier 2 Scrap Cost": 500,
  "Tier 3 Scrap Cost": 1000,
  "Disable Default Blueprints?": true,
  "Blueprint Blackist": [


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