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About Ban Lockup

This is a plugin I had created based off a suggestion, its a basic plugin that handles players that are banned in a way to save time for admins. This plugin is super configurable, and will allow it to take full effect on banned players that maybe were cheating and had friends enjoying their loot.


Change all codes within TC of banned player

Destroy all beds/sleeping bags within TC of banned player

Clear everyone's privilege on TC of banned player

Kill banned player and remove items from body

Kill banned player and everyone auth'd on TC, will also remove all items on players

Remove containers from dropping items in a stash

Remove all containers, it will physically delete these objects (Campfires, Furnaces, Boxes, Fridges, etc)

Remove all building blocks (Foundations, Walls, Doorways, Ceilings, etc)



  "Run lockup if player on team": false, // If true, when player is banned all these actions will happen. If false, player will be banned but options wont be ran.
  "Change all codes within the TC": true,
  "Clear everyone on the privlidge list": true,
  "Destroy all beds and bags within TC": true,
  "Kill banned player and destroy there stash": false,
  "Kill all players auth'd and destroy there stash": true,
  "Remove containers dropping items": true,
  "Remove all containters (Campfires, Furnaces, Storage, and Machines)": true,
  "Remove all building blocks within tool cupboard range": false


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