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About Debug Info

This is a plugin I had created based off a reply on uMod forum from redBDGR, I saw a screenshot of something that looked like a debugging plugin which I knew I had to remake for helping speed up development. I decided to release it as I am sure a lot of people could utilize it. Hope you all enjoy!


Prefab ID, Location, Short name

Entity Position (XYZ, Local, Normalized, Magnitude)

Entity Rotation (XYZ, Local, Euler)

Entity Bounds (Center, Extents, Size)

Entity Net ID

Entity Layer ID & Name

Entity Distance From Player

Entity Category

Entity Health

Local Scale

Entity Components w/ nested inheritance classes


Console Bind:

bind p console.clear;consoletoggle;getinfo



redBDGR - For initial creation and design

Steenamaroo - Helping with nesting list

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