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About Monument Spawn Control

UI spawn amount/time control for monument crates, keycards, barrels, etc.


MonumentSpawnControl provides a UI per vanilla monument, listing each spawn group for that monument,
with controls for spawn population, respawn timer, and max amount to respawn per cycle.

Each group can be emptied, filled, enabled, or disabled, with one click.

Respawn durations are in minutes.

Where there are multiple monuments of the same name (e.g. Lighthouse), they are all controlled by the same settings.



  • Does not offer control over RustEdit created monument spawns.
  • Does not govern spawners which are part of a puzzle, as these have their own reset criteria.


Chat commands.

  •  /msc - Usable by admin, or with permission.


  • monumentspawncontrol.allowed


  • ButtonColour "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"
  • ButtonColour2 "0.4 0.1 0.1 1" - Used for disabled / inactive.

Config also stores an entry per monument with information per spawn group.
There is no need to edit or view this - It’s all controllable by in-game UI.


Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal.


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