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  1. $10.00


    Boom is an admin/troll/OP tool which adds c4 explosions to regular weapon damage.
    It's a bit of fun and, with the price tag, an excuse/opportunity to 'donate' and support my real plugins.
    When a player, or turret, has permission any damage that it inflicts with bullets results in a (real) c4 explosion and c4 damage.
    Anything that can be hurt/damaged/broken with bullets will go boom.
    Examples - Animals, players, barrels.
    Trees and nodes, for example, do not take damage and, therefore, do not go boom.
    boom.allowed - Allows players to toggle boom.
    boom.turretsallowed - Allows players to toggle boom for their turrets.
    boom.costs - With this permission each boom costs 1c4 (taken from inventory).
    Chat Commands
    /boom - Toggles boom on and off for players who have the permission and are not on cooldown.
            Initial use of the /boom command enables the tool and begins 'EnabledMinutes' countdown.
            Subsequent uses will toggle the tool on and off but will not pause the countdown.
    /boomturret - Toggles boom on or off for the turret that a player with the turret permission is looking at, and authorised on.
            Turrets are not subject to a countdown, or cooldown.
    The config options govern player use of /boom command.
                EnabledMinutes = 1; - How long the player can use boom for.
                CoolDownMinutes = 1; - How long before player can use boom again.
                AllowedWeapons = []; - Shortprefabnames of weapons which will make booms.
                RespectPVEPlugins = false;
    AllowedWeapons is a List<string> and should be formatted as follows.
    ["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity", "etc", "etc" ], for many.
    Leaving AllowedWeapons blank enables all weapons.

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  2. $10.00


    Grid based teleportation plugin with daily limits, cooldowns, and permissions.
    Also has useful admin features.
    Note - GridTP is accurate right to the lines in both axis.
    gridtp.admin gridtp.clickmap gridtp.precisemap gridtp.tomiddle gridtp.tocorner gridtp.whereis gridtp.back gridtp.toplayer With 'precise' perm, players can TP to the precise spot they clicked on the map, or the nearest safe spot.
    With 'middle' or 'corner' perms, players can use map right-click or chat commands to TP to a safe spot in the middle of the grid, or the top left corner of the grid.
    Hour at which daily limits reset : 22 Log details of successful Tps : false Disable map use for regular players : true Disable map use for everybody : true Prevent TP into building-blocked : true* Prevent TP from within building-blocked : true* Prevent TP into monuments : true* Prevent TP from within monuments : true* Prevent TP from whilst swimming : true* Disable TP whilst mounted : true* Maintain admin height when TPing in noclip : true Player should be sleeping after TP : true* Custom Chat Command : "gridtp"
      Config also includes daily limits, (0 means disabled) and cooldown times for precise/middle/corner TPs
    Holders of admin permission are not subject to the options marked '*'
    Map right-click takes 'admins' precisely where they clicked when in noclip,
    and to the closest safe spot when not in noclip, regardless of other perms.
    If logging is enabled, the data file stores steamID, username, time and TP type for each successful TP.
    Data file also stores a date for reference when resetting daily limits.
    Manual editing of the data file is never required.
    Chat Commands.
    /gridtp <letters> <numbers> - Attempt to TP to the specified grid.
    /gridtp back - Attempt to TP back to previous location (one use per TP)
    Admin or back permission required.
    /gridtp limits - Display your remaining daily Tps.
    /gridtp whereis <playername> - Displays player grid coordinates.
    Admin or whereis permission required.
    Admin perm only.
    /gridtp wipelogs - Wipes all data file TP logs.
    /gridtp toplayer <playername> - Tps close to specified player.
    /gridtp reveal <playername> - Publishes player grid coordinates to the server.
    /gridtp trackpublic <playername> - Toggles publishing player grid to the server every time it changes.
    /gridtp trackprivate <playername> - Toggles displaying player grid to you every time it changes.

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  3. Free


    GUI with personal stats, leaderboard, per-category stats, and #1 player custom chat titles
    Tables with personal bests per category, top scoring player per category, and top-30 players per category.
    The same tables can be viewed for clans, rather than players.

    Server-wide top-list per category can be advertised on a timer.
    Tables have clickable headers for ascending/descending sort
    Multiple leaderboard snapshots (top single player for each category) can be taken for SQL/web use.

    Optional uMod dependencies.
    Clans. Economics. EventManager. Friends. PlaytimeTracker. BetterChat.  
    playerranks.use - Allows players to use GUI, if 'RequiresPermission' is true. playerranks.admin - Allows admin UI and command access. playerranks.excludefromstats - Allows players to toggle /pr optout - taking their stats out of public displays. playerranks.excludedfromstats - Force a player to be excluded from stats playerranks.optout - Used behind the scenes for user preference persistence across wipes. By default, stats for admins are not publicised.
    Chat commands.
    Player commands.
    /pr - Open PlayerRanks GUI /pr chat - Enable/Disable chat announcements. /pr optout - Have your stats removed from, or included in, public displays.
    Requires playerranks.excludefromstats permission. Admin commands.
    /pr save - Save the database /pr wipe - Wipe the database /pr del - Remove all stats for that player's steamID /pr wipecategory <categoryname> - Remove all of user stats for that category Console commands.
    playerranks.save - Save the database playerranks.wipe - Wipe the database  
    General options.
    displayClanStats - True/False record_ClanMate_Kills - Toggle killing of clan-members contributing to PVPKills. record_FriendsAPI_Kills - Toggle killing of 'Friends' contributing to PVPKills. record_RustIO_Friend_Kills - Toggle killing of RustIO friends contributing to PVPKills. record_Rust_Teams_Kills - Toggle killing of Rust team mates contributing to PVPKills. blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. statCollection - True/False RequiresPermission - Makes user /pr access by 'playerranks.use' permission only. allowadmin - Toggle admin stats in public displays. chatCommandAliases useTimedTopList - Toggle public broadcast rotation. TimedTopListAmount TimedTopListTimer TimedTopListSize - Font size for chat output. TimedTopListNumbered - Adds ordered numbering to chat output (1st,2nd,etc). deleteOnBan - True/False saveTimer (minutes) lastLoginLimit - in days.Deletes data for users who haven't logged in since X days ago. Value of 0 means disabled. wipeOnDeath - True/False WipeOnNewMap - Wipes PlayerRanks data base when a new map is detected. CommandOpensTop30 = false; KDRExcludesSuicides = false; PVPKillsCountsSleeperKills = false; PlayTime_HH_MM = false useIntenseOptions - Enable/disable.Toggle gathering of information, and displays, relating to: StructuresBuilt ItemsDeployed ItemsCrafted EntitiesRepaired StructuresDemolished Resources Gathered GUI.
    UiTextColourStrong = "<color=#b3522b>"; UiTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ChatTextColourStrong = "<color=#d4d3d3>"; ChatTextColourWeak = "<color=#bdbdbd>"; ButtonColour = "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"; CategorySortButtonColour = "0.48 0.2 0.1 1"; GuiTransparency = 0.9; Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal.
    EnablePlayerTitles = false; MaxDisplayedTitles = 3; MaxTitlesBeforeLineBreak = 3; TitleStart = "["; TitleEnd = "]"; AddTitleHoldersToGroup = true; DestroyGroupOnUnload = false; Categories.
    Each category has the following options in config.

    "PVPKills": {
      "EnabledInPersonal": true,
      "EnabledInTop1": true,
      "EnabledInTop30": true,
      "IncludeInChatBroadcast": true,
      "Title": "[Killer]",
      "BroadcastTitleChanges": true
    Leave blank to have no title.
    Players with titles are automatically placed in a group of the category name.
    Players are removed when they lose #1, and all groups are emptied on unload.
    SQL - optional.
    Database Name Host Password Port Username tablename - Main data table name that PR will create. LBtableName - Leaderboards table name that PR will create. Use MySQL - true/false autoWipe - true/false (wipes SQL with main database) The SQL database will be created on the first save, whether automatic or manually with command /pr save.
    Category List.
    PVPKills PVPDistance PVEKills PVEDistance NPCKills NPCDistance Sleepers Killed HeadShots Deaths Suicides KDR (kill to death ratio) SDR (suicide to death ratio) SkullsCrushed TimesWounded TimesHealed HeliHits HeliKills APC Hits APCKills BarrelsDestroyed Explosives Thrown Arrows Fired Bullets Fired Rockets Launched WeaponTrapsDestroyed Drops looted Structures Built Structures Demolished Items Deployed Items crafted Entities Repaired Resources Gathered Structures Upgraded blockEvents - Toggle EventManager contributing to ranks. Economics** ServerRewards** PlayTime** (DD:HH:MM:SS)
    MySQL Only. Online/Offline Status** ActiveDate - Player's last login date. ** - These options are reported by Player Ranks, but not incremented or maintained by Player Ranks.
    Resetting Player Ranks database will not set these entries to zero, as they are read from elsewhere.
    Wipe Playtime Tracker data and/or Economics data to set these to zero.
    Key Binds.
    Personal stats and leader board can be bound to toggle as follows, using H J as examples:
    bind h callPersonalStatsUI bind j callLeaderBoardUI Notes.
    Data for banned players is automatically removed. Heli Kills are attributed to the player who hit the heli the most - not the last hitter. If a player dies from his wounds, the person who wounded him gets the PVP kill. PVP distance is recorded based on the wounding shot.

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  4. Free


    Gives reward payments to players for performing various in-game actions.
    Uses Economics, Server Rewards, or Scrap.
    **Although V3 is a rewrite, the original plugin was written and maintained by MalS**
    Thank you to MalS for the original submission and continued support.
    Chat Commands.
    /rr – Opens RustRewards UI.
    UI allows players to customise their notification preferences.
    It also allows viewing of reward and multiplier values, if that option is enabled in config.
    Holders of rustrewads.admin permission can use the same UI to adjust reward and multiplier values.
    See images.
    rustrewards.adminui Enables adjustment buttons for values in UI.
    Players with the following permissions can earn rewards for that category.
    rustrewards.harvest rustrewards.kill rustrewards.open rustrewards.pickup rustrewards.activity rustrewards.welcome  
    All reward values are 0.0 by default. 
    All multipliers have basic default values. 
    Reward categories.
    Kill Harvest Open Pickup Activity Welcome Harvesting and looting containers must be carried out to completion in order to receive the reward.
    Group Permission Weapon used Happy hour (optional) RaidableBases (action within RB area) Zone (action within specific zone) Distance (for kill rewards)  
    Group and permission multipliers apply to players in X group or players holding X permission.
    Adding group or permission names to their lists in config will automatically create that group or permission.
    Permissions from other plugins can also be added here, in full, without issue – eg “kits.vip”
    "Group_Multipliers": { "Regulars": 1.0 }, "Permission_Multipliers": { "loyalty": 10.0 }, This, for example, will register the permission 'rustrewards.loyalty', and create the group “Regulars”.
    General Settings
    Disable_All_Notifications = false, TakeMoneyfromVictim: false, DoLogging: true, HappyHour_BeginHour: 17, HappyHour_EndHour: 21, Player_Kill_Reward_CoolDown_Seconds: 0, View_Reward_Values": true - Enables UI access to reward and multiplier values for players.  
    UseScrap: true, UseEconomics: false, UseServerRewards: false Chosen currency for rewards. Only one can be used at any one time.
    UseFriendsPlugin: true, UseClansPlugin: true, UseRustTeams: true Prevent rewards for killing friends/clan mates/team mates.
    UseGUIAnnouncementsPlugin: false, - Enables 'banner' notification option UseZoneManagerPlugin: false, - Allows for zone specific multipliers UseNoEscape: false - Prevents rewards when NoEscape-blocked  
    Data file.
    'Friendly names' for items and entities can be customised in the data file.
    Each item or entity has a pair listed – Edit the right hand value.
    Example : 
    "vehicle_parts": “vehicle parts,  "loot_barrel_2": “barrel”,  "loot_barrel_1": “barrel”,  "crate_tools": “tool crate",   
    An extensive list of npcs types has been added for 'Kill' and 'Harvest' (flesh) rewards,
    including entries for BotSpawn and Zombiehorde.
    Item Actions
    'Open' rewards are now given for items with “Unwrap” or “Gut” actions,
    including all recently added fish.
    AI vehicle kills.
    Rewards are given to the player who caused the most damage to APC / Patrol Heli / CH47.
    UI Amount adjust increments.
    As different servers will have different base units of currency, you can change how much the + and – buttons in UI adjust the amounts.
    Reward_Small_Increment: 1.0, Reward_Large_Increment: 10.0, Multiplier_Increment: 0.1,  

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  5. Free

    Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams

    Adds frickin' laser beams to sharks.

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  6. Free


    UI spawn amount/time control for monument crates, keycards, barrels, etc.
    MonumentSpawnControl provides a UI per vanilla monument, listing each spawn group for that monument,
    with controls for spawn population, respawn timer, and max amount to respawn per cycle.
    Each group can be emptied, filled, enabled, or disabled, with one click.
    Respawn durations are in minutes.
    Where there are multiple monuments of the same name (e.g. Lighthouse), they are all controlled by the same settings.
    Does not offer control over RustEdit created monument spawns. If the original release left you with unusual respawn times, run mscfix from console to reset them.  
    Chat commands.
     /msc - Usable by admin, or with permission. Permissions.
    monumentspawncontrol.allowed Configuration.
    ButtonColour "0.7 0.32 0.17 1" ButtonColour2 "0.4 0.1 0.1 1" - Used for disabled / inactive. Config also stores an entry per monument with information per spawn group.
    There is no need to edit or view this - It’s all controllable by in-game UI.
    Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal.

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  7. $10.00


    Admin and player UI for saving/recalling/deleting sign drawings.
    Gives players a 25 capacity image library so they can save, and restore, their artwork.
    Saved images exist even after the signs they're on are destroyed.
    Multi-layer support for animated signs allows save from and restore to each layer separately.
    Admin can view a 25 image history for any sign, with the SteamID of the painter shown.
    Clicking a SteamID shows a 25 image history for the that player.
    UI delete allows for very easy moderation of unwanted images.
    SignManager.admin – Allows use of /sma command. SignManager.autosave – Allows auto-saving of paintings upon completion. SignManager.manualsave – Allows manual saving of paintins in UI menu.  
    Chat commands
    /sm – Opens SignManager UI. Player must be close to a sign Admin.
    /sma – Opens admin menu for closest sign. /sma <steamID> – Opens admin menu for closest sign /sma export – Exports all images/library data to file. These are auto imported on next server boot.  
    Console commands
    sma export -Exports all images/library data to file. These are auto imported on next server boot.  
    ButtonColour : “0.7 0.32 0.17 1” CommandAlias = "SignManager"; AdminCommandAlias = "SignManagerAdmin";   Note : SignManager uses Rust storage and, therefore, saved images will be wiped when the server is wiped.
    To avoid this, use the the `/sma export` chat command or `sma export` console command before shutdown and wipe.

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  8. Free


    Formerly NPCLoot.
    Populate npc corpses, containers, and barrels with custom loot.

    General info.
    Users can create as many loottables as required, and assign them to npc/container types by name.

    To create a new loot table, simply set the "lootTable" entry for some container type in config to a new made up name.
    This will create a new /data file of that name, which you can customise.

    The same loot table can be used for multiple corpse types.

    New categories and items are added automatically so, hopefully, data should never need to be wiped.
    Default loottable has all probabilities set to zero and will required customisation.
    I intend to provide some sample loottables for free download in the near future.
    Item choice is done by two-tier probability.
    For each spawned item a category is chosen, based on your category probabilities,
    then an item is chosen from that category, based on your item probabilities for that category.
    See notes at bottom for further info on probabilities.
    Optional dependencies -
    BotSpawn - V2.0.5 or later. Configuration.
    corpseTypePerBotSpawnProfile - true/false allowDuplicates - true/false Include_DM_Crates - true/false NPC types.
    Military Tunnel Junkpile Scientist Mounted Scientist (CH47) Compound Scientist BanditTown Murderer ScareCrow CargoShip HeavyScientists Excavator OilRig BotSpawn * *if Global option 1 is true, this entry is replaced with one entry per existing BotSpawn profile, by name.
    Eg, The Dome 0, Airfield 0, LaunchSite 0, etc.
    Container Types
    bradley_crate heli_crate supply_drop dm ammo dm c4 dm construction resources dm construction tools dm food dm medical dm res dm tier1 lootbox dm tier2 lootbox dm tier3 lootbox loot_barrel_1 loot_barrel_2  loot-barrel-1 loot-barrel-2 oil_barrel codelockedhackablecrate crate_basic crate_elite crate_mine crate_normal crate_normal_2 crate_normal_2_food crate_normal_2_medical crate_tools crate_underwater_advanced crate_underwater_basic foodbox minecart trash-pile-1 Options per type:
    "enabled": true/false (governs corpse loot-giving) "lootTable": "default" "minItems": 6 "maxItems": 6 "gunsWithAmmo": true/false "noGuns": true/false "MaxBps": 3 "WaterPreFillPercent": 20 "ClearContainerFirst": true/false Data:
    By default there is one data file : /data/CustomLoot/default.json
    If you specify a unique lootTable name for any corpse or container type,
    a new file will be created in the same folder, by name.
    Eg /CustomLoot/JunkPileLootTable.json
    Each data file contains:
    Blacklist : [] - These items will never spawn, and are removed from loottable.
    Setting to [] will repopulate with default blacklist. AlwaysSpawnList : [] - These items will always spawn, regardless of probabilities.  allowChristmas = false allowHalloween = false allowKeycards = false
    By default all Christmas, Halloween and Keycard items are disabled. Items, grouped by category.
    *Each item has:*
    "probability": 5 "minStack": 10 "maxStack": 50 "blueprintChancePerfect": 0 - where applicable "skins": [] - where applicable "IncludeAllApprovedSkins" - false "MinConditionPercent": 90 - where applicable "MaxConditionPercent": 100 - where applicable Categories:
    Ammunition Attire Component Construction Electrical Food Fun Items Medical Misc Tool Traps Resources Weapon Options per category:
    "probability": 5 "allowBlueprints": true  
    If the called config profile doesn't exist CustomLoot will create it under 'API'.
    Example call.
    [PluginReference] private Plugin CustomLoot; var lootcall = NPC?.Call("MakeLoot", "Npc_Config_Profile_Name"; if (lootcall is string) PrintWarning(string)lootcall);  
    Object hooks are provided to prevent this plugin giving loot to your spawned npcs, or containers.
    Return non-null for the following.
    OnCustomLootNPC(uint) OnCustomLootContainer(uint) Notes.
    *Probability, in both cases above, is relative; There is no scale.
    If there were two categories with probabilities of 9 and 1,
    the first would have a 9 out of 10 chance of being picked.
    Probability of zero effectively means the item, or category is disabled.
    Categories with no enabled items will never be chosen. Their probability is irrelevant.
    Disabled categories will never be chosen. Their probability is irrelevant. 
    Users should never have to manually add, or remove, items in the /data files.
    New items in Rust should be added automatically.
    The blacklist can be used to remove entries from the data file, if that's preferred.
    Reloading is not required to catch up with profile changes made in BotSpawn.

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  9. Free


    Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition.

    General information.
    Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed.
    Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents.
    Note : 
    Please make sure that the weapons you're giving to the npcs are suitable.
    Oilrig npcs, in particular, seem to become stupid with certain weapons.
    Optional dependencies.
    NPC types.
    Military Tunnel Junkpile Scientist Mounted Scientist (CH47) Compound Scientist BanditTown Murderer ScareCrow CargoShip HeavyScientists Excavator OilRig Airfield(new) Trainyard(new) Options per type:
          "enabled": false,       "Kits": [],       "Health": 100,       "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 100,       "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,       "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,       "Dropped_Weapon_Has_Ammo_Percent_Chance": 100,       "Wipe_Default_Weapons", Removes default spawn weapons from npcs.       "Wipe_Default_Clothing", Removes default spawn attire from npcs.       "Wipe_Main_Inventory_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in main by Kits plugin       "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in clothing by Kits plugin       "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in belt by Kits plugin       "Default_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 - Remove from corpse default loot given by Rust  
    Note : Kits follows the same format as BotSpawn kits.
    If multiple are listed, one is chosen at random each time.
    "Kits":["Kit One"] "Kits":["Kit One", "Kit Two", "Kit Three"]  
    Object hook OnNpcKits(ulong) is provided.
    Return non null to prevent this plugin from giving kits to your spawned npcs.

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  10. Free


    BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments.
    It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations, and 'toplayer' by chat command.
    Offers Facepunch default scientist and murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits.

    BotSpawn allows storage of sets of data files.
    Each set has a prefix in their names and a specific set is loaded by setting this prefix in config - DataPrefix = "NameHere",
    Default locations are generated automatically and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-DefaultProfiles.json. Custom location are added by chat-command and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-CustomProfiles.json.  
    Recent updates notes.
    The way custom spawn points are stored changed in V2.1.2.
    The change means three main things.
    1: You will have to remove and re-add all your custom spawn points.
    2: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, those custom spawn points will now automatically relocate each wipe.
    I.E. You will no longer have to set them up from scratch every wipe.
    3: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, Parent_Monument must be set (and botspawn reloaded) before adding custom spawn points.
    If you change Parent_Monument, or set it later, all custom spawn points will need removed and re-done.
    Optional dependencies -
    Kits CustomLoot Permissions.
    botspawn.allowed - Required for non-admin use Console commands.
    bot.count - Displays the number of live BotSpawn npcs in console. bots.count - Displays the number of live BotSpawn npcs in console, listed by profile name. botspawn spawn <profilename> - Spawns additional out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. botspawn kill <profilename> - Kills any out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. botspawn toplayer <playername> <profilename> - Spawns bots from given profile at given player. botspawn addspawn - for keybinding botspawn removespawn - for keybinding botspawn info - Display profile name of the npc you're looking at  

    General notes.
    BotSpawn maintains populations based the Day_Time_Spawn_Amount and Night_Time_Spawn_Amount for each profile.
    NPCs spawned for airdrops or by 'spawn' or 'toplayer' commands, or by calls from other plugins
    are not considered part of the population and will not respawn on death.

    Without Kits default Scientists/Murders will have nothing in their corpse inventory
    except default Rust random loot - No weapons or clothes.

    All BotSpawn options will govern BotSpawn bots, only.
    The only exception is "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn" option which prevents other npcs from attacking BotSpawn npcs.
    "DataPrefix": "default", (tells BotSpawn which data files to load) "DayStartHour": 8, "NightStartHour": 20, "NPCs_Attack_BotSpawn": false, "HTNs_Attacks_BotSpawn": false,(Scarecrows etc npcs will ignore botspawn npcs.) "BotSpawn_Attacks_NPCs": false, "APC_Safe": true, "Turret_Safe": true, "Animal_Safe": true, "Supply_Enabled": false, (spawn 'airdrop' bots for user-called supplys) "Remove_BackPacks_Percent": 100 is always : 0 is never. "Remove_KeyCard": true, (any keycards in bot default loot will be destroyed) "Ignore_HumanNPC": true, (ignore 'bots' from HumanNPCCore plugin) "Ignore_HTN": true/false (botspawn npcs will ignore scarecrows etc.), "Ignore_Sleepers": true/false, "Pve_Safe": true, (bots will not be injured by fire/barbs, etc.) "Max_Chute_Wind_Speed": 100 "Max_Chute_Fall_Speed": 100 "Staggered_Despawn": false "PeaceKeepers_Ignore_Melee": false  
    *'BotSpawn' are npcs spawned by this plugin.
    *'NPCs' are npcsb spawned by any other means.

    Note - The 'Attacks' global options are preventative.
    False = disable : True = default behaviour.
    Chat commands.
    /botspawn add <customname> - Add a custom profile at your location /botspawn remove <customname> - Remove a custom profile at your location /botspawn move <existingname> - Relocate a custom profile to your location /botspawn list - Show all custom location names /botspawn toplayer <playername> <profilename> - Spawns npcs near player, using specified profile settings. /botspawn info - Tells you the profile name of the npc you're looking at. /botspawn spawn <profilename> - Spawns additional out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. /botspawn kill <profilename> - Kills any out-of-population npcs, for the given profile. /botspawn reload <profilename> - Reloads a specific profile, reading any data file changes, without reloading the whole plugin. For custom spawn points.
    /botspawn edit <existingname> - Show, and begin editing custom spawn points. /botspawn show <duration> - show custom spawn points for profile being edited, for X seconds. /botspawn addspawn - Adds your current location to the spawns for the profile you're editing. /botspawn removespawn - Removes the last-added custom spawn point. /botspawn removespawn <number> - Removes a specific custom spawn point, by number. /botspawn movespawn <number> - Moves a specific custom spawn point, by number. Note: You will need to edit data/BotSpawn.json and set AutoSpawn: "true", as well as any other customisations.
    Default locations.
    AirDrop - Spawns when crate is spawned.
    HackableLockedCrate - Spawns when hack is initiated. Monuments All major monuments are automatically detected and numbered 0/1/2 to allow multiples.
    HackableLockedCrate profile does not apply to the oilrig crates, or crates spawned by BotSpawn.
    Arid Temperate Tundra Arctic Note: Radius is irrelevant for biomes Each bot spawns at a random position within the relevant biome.
    Options per-profile.
    The following options will be listed once in your data json for each location.
    The only essential setting is AutoSpawn : True. Everything else is preference.
    AutoSpawn - true/false. Murderer - True/False.
    Spawns the 'running zombie' murderer prefab instead of Scientist. Bot Names - [], See below. Bot Name Prefix - eg "NPC". Keep_Default_Loadout - true/false.
    Keeps Scientist/Murderer attire and weapons, in addition to your custom kits. Kit - [], See below. Day_Time_Spawn_Amount - 0. Night_Time_Spawn_Amount - 0. Radius - 200 - Size of the area in which bots will spawn. Roam_Range - 40. Chute - true/false. Stationary - true/false - Allows CustomSpawnPoints npcs to exist off navmesh; They will aim and fire but will not move. UseCustomSpawns - true/false. ChangeCustomSpawnOnDeath - true/false - Killed npc will spawn at his original spawnpoint, or a random one. Announce_Spawn - true/false. Announcement_Text - "Custom text here.". Bot Health - 100 is default. Value can exceed 100. Bot_Accuracy_Percent 100 is most accurate. Bot_Damage_Percent (dealt)- 100 is greatest amount of damage. Aggro_Range - 30. DeAggro_Range - 40. Peace_Keeper- true/false
    Bots ignore you if you have no projectile/fire weapon drawn.
    Melee will do no damage to bots. Peace_Keeper_CoolDown - 5 (seconds).
    Once aggravated, bots will remain hostile towards you for this period, even if you put away your weapon. Attacks_Other_Profiles - true/false.* Suicide_Timer - 300 seconds.** Die_Instantly_From_Headshot - true/false. Instant_Death_From_Headshot_Allowed_Weapons - Shortprefabnames - See below Weapon_Drop_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent - 50(%). Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent - 100(%). Wipe_Belt_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never.. Wipe_Clothing_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent - 100 is always : 0 is never. Spawn_Hackable_Death_Crate - true/false - spawns hackable crate at npc corpse. Death_Crate_CustomLoot_Profile - "CustomLootProfileName. Death_Crate_LockDuration - 600. Disable_Radio - true/false. Running_Speed_Boost - 0.0 is default. Values of even 1.0 or 2.0 will make a big difference. AlwaysUseLights - true/false (ignore time of day) Corpse_Duration: 60 (Seconds) Respawn_Timer - 60 (Seconds). For custom profiles only
    Location - Data only - Do not change manually. Parent_Monument - eg "Dome" Maintains position relative to parent after map seed change.  
    * Murderers will never attack murderers but murd V sci and sci V sci will work fine.
    ** Prevents long term build up of airdrop and toplayer bots.
    ** Does not apply to re-spawning regular bots.

    Kits, Names, and Headshot weapons should be formatted as follows:
    ["kit1"], for single or ["kit1", "kit2", "kit3"], for many.
    ["name1"], for single or ["name1", "name2", "name3"], for many.
    ["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity" ], for many.

    If there are multiple entries BotSpawn will randomly pick one from the list.
    If the number of kits is equal to the number of bots, BotSpawn will always pair them together in sequence.
    Random names are generated for any blank entries - ["one", "", "three"],.
    Single instance calls.
    These will not respawn (like "toplayer" bots) location is your intended target, profileName is taken from BotSpawn (config or data), and group should be made up and assigned by the user.
    string[] AddGroupSpawn(Vector3 location, string profileName, string group) string[] RemoveGroupSpawn(string group) string NpcGroup(NPCPlayer npc) Long term calls.
    string[] CreateNewProfile(string name, string profile) string[] ProfileExists(string name) string[] RemoveProfile(string name) All returns are string array ["true/false/error", "details message"]
    Also, botspawn can return the Monument Name and a list of live bots, for each AutoSpawn = true monument.
    var result = (Dictionary<string, List<ulong>>)BotSpawn?.Call("botSpawnbots");  
    Example call.
    [PluginReference] private Plugin BotSpawn; Vector3 location = new Vector3(0,0,0); string[] Spawn = BotSpawn?.Call("AddGroupSpawn", location, "Dome", "YourNameHere") as string[]; Puts($"{Spawn[0]}"); Puts($"{Spawn[1]}");  
    Q: There's a million options. Where do I start?
    A: Set AutoSpawn to true for at least one monument in config/BotSpawn.json, then reload the plugin.
    A: Everything else is preference/user customisation.

    Q: My bots disappear or don't move.
    A: It's possible that some belt items and some weapon skins may caused the bots to stop responding.
    A: Try plain weapons only in the belt to troubleshoot.
    A: Failing that, try a different location.
    A: Certain terrain still causes issues for bot spawning.

    Q: Performance sucks.
    A: Try setting ai_dormant = true
    A: If this helps but you'd like to modify the dormancy range, you can specify 'ai_to_player_distance_wakeup_range X'. The default is 160m.
    A: Failing that, please reduce the number of bots.

    Q: My bots won't die?!
    A: Make sure Godmode permissions allow you to do damage.
    A: Same for vanish ^.
    A: If you're running a PVE server, use a PVE plugin which allows you to alter its settings for NPCPlayers.

    Q: I take damage when attacking my bots.
    A: This can also be caused by server, or plugin, PVE settings.

    Q: Will X kill my bots?
    A: Radiation, drowning, falling, and helicopters will not kill your bots.
    A: Turret targeting bots can be toggled. Bradley targeting bots can be toggled.
    A: Fire (campfires etc) will kill your bots. Damage from barbs, cacti etc will kill your bots, but can be prevented with the 'Pve_Safe' config option set to true.

    Q: What weapons can my bots use?
    A: I recommend sticking to basic bullet-weapons, hand tools and melee weapons.
    A: Some weapons may work better than others. Some weapon skins have been known to cause issues and errors.
    A: Please try plain weapons if you're having problems. Scientists are not optimised to use melee, only.
    A: At least one projectile weapon should be given.

    Q: Can I have custom profile locations?
    A: Yes. Your custom locations are stored in data with a filename of *YourPrefix*-CustomProfiles.json.
    Use chat command '/botspawn add NewNameHere' to create a profile at your present location.

    Q: Can I have specific custom spawn points? (underground, etc)
    A: Yes. Use the built in commands to create custom spawn points and set UseCustomSpawns to true, for some profile..
    A: That BotSpawn profile will now ignore radius settings and use the precise spawn points from your file.

    Q: Can I spawn bots at airdrops.
    A: Yes. Airdrop option spawns bots at server drops. Spawn at user-supply call is an additional option.

    Q: My bot kits aren't working.
    A: Console will report if your kit does not exist, or if there is no active weapon there.
    A: Please redeem the kit yourself to an empty inventory, to ensure that you remember to put items in it!
    A: If it's empty, kit yourself out the way you want the kit to be then type: /kit edit NameOfKit and /kit items.

    Q: How can I prove that bots have spawned? I can't find them.
    A: Type bot.count into console.
    A: Respawn timer is taken into account so if you spawn one and kill him, bot.count will show 0 until respawn.

    Q: bot.count console command shows that there are 0 bots.
    A: Double check that at least one monument is set "AutoSpawn": true in your config, and reload the plugin.
    A: Also, don't forget their respawn timer. Make sure they aren't all dead when you bot.count.

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  11. Free


    Convenient GUI manager for player and group permissions.
    Allows assignment of player permissions. (online or sleeping) Allows assignment of group permissions. Allows one-click removal of all players from a group.(group page - "Remove All") Allows adding/removing a player from groups. Supports unlimited plugins/permissions/groups Up to 60 plugins per-page. Up to 40 permissions per-page. Up to 40 user groups per-page Permissions.
    permissionsmanager.allowed - Allows players to use GUI. Plugin can be used with this permission, or by any Admin : Auth Level 2.
    Chat commands.
    /perms OR /perms player - Opens GUI player list, allowing a player to be chosen. /perms group - Opens GUI group list, allowing a group to be chosen. /perms player <playername> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified player. /perms group <groupname> - Opens permissions GUI for the specified group. Console commands.
    EmptyGroup <groupname> - Removes all players from the specified group. Configuration.
    Chat - Title colour Chat - Message colour GUI - Label colour GUI - On colour GUI - Off colour GUI - AllPerPage - Sets All/None option to per-page, or per plugin. Options - GUI Transparency 0-1 Options - Plugin BlockList - ex. "playerranks,botspawn" Block list must be lower case, comma separated, no spaces, and no final comma, as above.
    Useful tool for picking CUI colours - RGB Decimal.
    Q: I'm trying to revoke permission(Y) for a player, but it says "Inherited".
    A: The player is in a group(X) which is also granted permission(Y).
    Solution: Revoke permission (Y) from group(X) or remove the player from group(X).

    Q: I removed a player from group(X), but they still have permission(Y).
    A: This is the opposite of the above. This player must have been independently granted permission(Y) at some time.
    Solution: Revoke permission(Y) from the player.

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  12. Free


    Simple set of CUI info pages for Rust servers.
    InfoScreens offers multi-page, and multi-subpage,information viewable by command and also automatically presented when a user joins the server.
    infoscreens.show - Enables ability to show info screens to other players.
    with permission : 
    /infoscreen <playername>
    /infoscreen <playername <pagename>
    ISWipe – This clears InfoScreens' record of players who have joined the server.
    PermaUIButton = false; Creates a permanent 'I' button at screen top right. SideNav = false; - Toggles navigation between top and side. OnlyShowOnce = false; - If true, info is only shown automatically on first-join. NeverAutoShow = false; - Never display automatically on first-join. NumberOfPages = 4; - Automatically creates nav and config entries on reload. GuiTransparency = 0.95; ButtonColour = "0,100,0,1"; ButtonColourSelected = "0,200,0,1"; CommandAlias = "is"; - Alternative, customisable, chat command. Colours accept RGBA – maximums 255/255/255/1
    VisibleTo - "default,somegroup" Makes a page only visible to the listed groups.
    This is comma separated, with no spaces.
    Each page, by default, has three elements. Two are text and one is image.
    Each element has the following options.
    Text Elements Only.
    "Content": "Some Text Here", - use \n line break for multi-line "FontSize": 16, "FontColour": "255,255,255,1", "AlignTopMiddleBottom": "top/middle/botton", "AlignLeftMiddleRight": "left/middle/right", Image Elements Only
    "URL": "https://...", All Elements
    "GoBehindNav": false, "ShowOnSubPages": "0", "PosBottomToTop": "0.0,1.0", "PosLeftToRight": "0.0,1.0"
      Usage Info.
    The 'Pos...' entries are on a scale 0-1.
    "PosLeftToRight": “0.0,1,0” is full width, left to right. "PosLeftToRight": “0.0,0.5” is half width, left to centre. "PosBottomToTop": "0.0,1.0 is full height, bottom to top "PosBottomToTop": "0.5,1.0" is half height, centre to top Additional elements can be added by copying/pasting/editing name.
    'ShowOnSubPages' can be altered and will automatically create next/previous buttons.
    For example, you could have a background image with
    "ShowOnSubPages": "0,1,2",
    then have three content elements showing on “0”, “1”, “2” respectively.
    This will give three sub-pages with different content and the same background, under one nav-heading.

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  13. $25.00


    Spawn floating, rotating, collectable items.
    Includes instant-autoheal option for meds/foods, duration limit option for armour,
    and optional player UI to notify of heal amount and possession of temporary armour.
    Perfect addition to fast-paced arena games, but also useful for custom maps or placing health/armour perks around monuments.
    arenaitems.admin - allows use of UI and commands.
    /arenaitems - Opens UI
    /arenaitems create <data-set-name> - Creates a new data set with your specified name.
    /arenaitems <data-set-name> add - Adds the item you're holding to the specified data set.
    *When adding an item, ammo type, attachments, skin, and ammo quantity are all recorded.
    UI options
    Buttons are included for :
    Loading/unloading of complete data sets. Deletion of data sets. Deletion of items. Replacement of items (with current held item) Adjustment of repsawn timer per-item, in seconds. Adjustment of item stack/ammunition amount, where applicable. Quitting the UI automatically reloads all items, applying new settings.
    "AutoHeal": true,
        Toggles between collect or instant use medical items.
    "AutoHealNotify": true,
        Notifies of collected item heal amount for 1 second via UI.
    "ArmourEffectDuration": 10,
        Select duration of armour perk. 0 means no limit is applied.
    "ArmourBoostNotify": true,
        Notifies if player has an armour perk which will expire.
    "RotateSpeed": 10,
        Adjust rotation speed of floating items.
    "FloatHeight": 0.6,
        Adjust elevation of floating items.
    "PickupDuplicateWeapons": false,
        Toggle whether player can pick up more than one of each weapon.
    "AllowPartialHeal": true,
        Toggle auto-use of medical items where item heal value exceeds player health defecit.
    "UiSettings": {
        "GuiTransparency": 0.9,
        "ButtonColour": "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"
    This site has a handy colour picker, with RGBA decimal output, for CUI colours.
    Item data is stored in /data/ArenaItems.json.
    Users should not need to manually edit this file – All options are adjustable via CUI.
    Item skins are saved and recalled. Water/fuel weapons work. Amounts are controlled in UI, the same as regular ammo. Ammo types are saved and recalled. (hv, incendiary, etc). Some game items, particularly ammo items, do not have a custom world models and will show as burlap bag.
    I recommend locating these ammo types close to their weapon spawns for clarity. Item axis have been manually adjusted to look right.
    If you notice any items which spin on the wrong axis or look out of place, please let me know.  
    Finally, if you're a map-maker you might want to check out this free asset which compliments ArenaItems.
    Thanks to @Nemesis for creating and sharing.

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  14. Free


    Checks for updates for all Codefling plugins, and prints to console.
    Reports to console "Codefling has updates for the following plugins.", then lists the names.
    Authors - Each author name has a true/false option to enable/disable checking their plugins. CheckIntervalMinutes - How often the plugin requests updated information from Codefling. DiscordWebhookAddres - Address for your discord server's webhook, for posting updates. Ignore - String array for plugin names to ignore. eg ["one plugin"] or ["multiple", "plugins"]

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  15. Free


    Simple API for retrieving in-game grid coordinates from a Vector3 position, and vice versa.
    String[] GetGrid(Vector3 pos) returns the grid coordinates for the given position.
    object IntersectionPosFromGrid(string a, string b) returns Vector3 intersection (top left on map) for a given set of map coordinates.
    returns string message if input strings are not valid.
    object MiddlePosFromGrid(string a, string b) returns Vector3 centre of grid for a given set of map coordinates.
    returns string message if input strings are not valid.
    Object RandomPosFromGrid(string a, string b, int radius) returns Vector3 viable player position for a given set of map coordinates, within the provided radius of grid centre.
    returns string message if input strings are not valid.
    returns string message if no valid location can be found.
    *Useful for Tping or spawning players/npcs.

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  16. Free

    Cargo Plane Save Fix

    Fixes recent issue where spawned Cargo Planes prevent automatic server saving.

    No config or settings - Just install.

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  17. Free

    Oilrig Spawn Fix

    Automatically kills the npc who causes this console spam.
    ""SetDestination" can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh"
    No permissions, commands, or instructions. Just install.

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