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About Boom

Boom is an admin/troll/OP tool which adds c4 explosions to regular weapon damage.

It's a bit of fun and, with the price tag, an excuse/opportunity to 'donate' and support my real plugins.




When a player, or turret, has permission any damage that it inflicts with bullets results in a (real) c4 explosion and c4 damage.
Anything that can be hurt/damaged/broken with bullets will go boom.

Examples - Animals, players, barrels.

Trees and nodes, for example, do not take damage and, therefore, do not go boom.



boom.allowed - Allows players to toggle boom.
boom.turretsallowed - Allows players to toggle boom for their turrets.


Chat Commands

/boom - Toggles boom on and off for players who have the permission and are not on cooldown.
        Initial use of the /boom command enables the tool and begins 'EnabledMinutes' countdown.
        Subsequent uses will toggle the tool on and off but will not pause the countdown.

/boomturret - Toggles boom on or off for the turret that a player with the turret permission is looking at, and authorised on.
        Turrets are not subject to a countdown, or cooldown.



The config options govern player use of /boom command.

            public int EnabledMinutes = 1; - How long the player can use boom for.
            public int CoolDownMinutes = 1; - How long before player can use boom again.
            public List<string> AllowedWeapons = new List<string>(); - Shortprefabnames of weapons which will make booms.


AllowedWeapons is a List<string> and should be formatted as follows.
["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity", "etc", "etc" ], for many.

Leaving AllowedWeapons blank enables all weapons.

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