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About Sign Manager

Admin and player UI for saving/recalling/deleting sign drawings.


Gives players a 25 capacity image library so they can save, and restore, their artwork.
Saved images exist even after the signs they're on are destroyed.

Multi-layer support for animated signs allows save from and restore to each layer separately.

Admin can view a 25 image history for any sign, with the SteamID of the painter shown.
Clicking a SteamID shows a 25 image history for that player.
UI delete allows for very easy moderation of unwanted images.



  • SignManager.admin – Allows use of /sma command.
  • SignManager.autosave – Allows auto-saving of paintings upon completion.
  • SignManager.manualsave – Allows manual saving of paintings in UI menu.


Chat commands


  • /sm – Opens SignManager UI. Player must be close to a sign


  • /sma – Opens admin menu for closest sign.
  • /sma <steamID> – Opens admin menu for closest sign
  • /sma export – Exports all images/library data to file. These are auto imported on next server boot.


Console commands

  • sma export -Exports all images/library data to file. These are auto imported on next server boot.



  • ButtonColour : “0.7 0.32 0.17 1”
  • CommandAlias = "SignManager";
  • AdminCommandAlias = "SignManagerAdmin";

Note : SignManager uses Rust storage and, therefore, saved images will be wiped when the server is wiped.
To avoid this, use the the `/sma export` chat command or `sma export` console command before shutdown and wipe.

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