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  1. Hi Grumbles. NPCKits certainly could be the culprit, assuming you have some profile there set to 300HP. If there's any API to check if an npc is one of yours, @nivex, or even just a custom component name I can check for, I'd be glad to add that in.
  2. BotSpawn doesn't spawn Scarecrows but it does give the Scarecrow attire to its murderers as a default loadout, since they would spawn naked by default. None of them should be able to spawn naked now, unless Keep_Default_Loadout is false and the kit you're giving them has no clothes in it. Put simply, if you're trying to dress these npcs yourself, make sure you're giving them a valid kit and make sure that kit has clothing in the inventory portion. In addition, set Keep_Default_Loadout to false for that profile.
  3. Hi, Murderers spawned by BotSpawn are given the Scarecrow attire by default if you don't specify any kits. If yours are getting shirt/boots/pants then I guess you must be giving them Kits? Either way, each BotSpawn profile has options to Wipe_Belt and/or Wipe_Clothing upon death. They're both a percentage chance so if you set Wipe_Clothing_Percent to 100 then when your npcs die their clothing should not be available as loot.
  4. Steenamaroo

    color code

    Hi, It's RGB A decimal. The A is alpha - Transparency. This site's useful for getting your values. Just be sure to enter the correct format in PlayerRanks config file - There are no commas.
  5. No worries. Thanks for flagging it.
  6. Not really sure what else to suggest. Is your map publicly available for free? If so I could fire it up and test exactly as you are. if not perhaps the creator would agree to let me test it?
  7. I tested with your snippet without issue. Just noticing you're asking for 100 of them in that profile, though. If your other profiles are like that you've probably just overloaded the server. I'd reduce the numbers and test - Maybe disable all profiles except that one testing profile, with only a few npcs. If that works, you've just gone too far.
  8. Alright. Try them with no kit. If they move around just fine without the kits then double check kit contents and make sure there's nothing unusual in the belt. It should have regular bullet weapons and/or melee weapons only.
  9. I see. Ok. Are you using custom spawn points? If so, is Stationary set to true?
  10. "Thanks Steenamaroo, I have tried this and they don't move." If regular scientists aren't moving then it's likely to be something about the map/terrain and not something BotSpawn's doing. Not really sure how to help, other than to suggest trying lots of different areas around the map.
  11. Did they previously work fine on the same map?
  12. Hi, You can find out pretty easily if it's a BotSpawn issue or an obstacles/terrain issue. Go to where one of these static npcs is, look at the ground, and do spawn scientist in f1 console. If that new scientist also doesn't move, there's something about that location that's stopping them.
  13. Ah, ok. That's meant to work. There's an update due soon - It'll be fixed in that. In the meantime, use this. BotSpawn.cs
  14. Think you guys are in the wrong place, but thank you!
  15. This is fixed in the next version. Thanks for the report.
  16. If you want it to work for all weapons just leave the list blank.
  17. Hi, It's the short prefab name so what you're looking for is bow_hunting.entity, bolt_rifle.entity, and l96.entity.
  18. Are you sure CustomLoot is causing that? Doesn't sound like something it would/could do.
  19. Hi, No, it's just a UI front end for the permissions system in oxide so it has no storage of its own. Your timing is interesting, though, because I'm working on local+sql backup and restore as we speak! Thought it might be useful for people who set up servers in advance, or run the same perms/groups across multiple servers.
  20. Steenamaroo


    Glad to hear it. The scientist noises isn't really related to NPCKits but maybe I can put out a small fix-it plug.
  21. Steenamaroo


    Thanks, Jaws. Would you mind letting me know if this sorts it? Failing that, I'll get a look tomorrow. NPCKits.cs
  22. Steenamaroo

    bots spawned on 0, 0, 0,

    No immediate plans, but plans. Thanks for letting me know.
  23. Version 1.0.2


    UI spawn amount/time control for monument crates, keycards, barrels, etc. MonumentSpawnControl provides a UI per vanilla monument, listing each spawn group for that monument, with controls for spawn population, respawn timer, and max amount to respawn per cycle. Each group can be emptied, filled, enabled, or disabled, with one click. Respawn durations are in minutes. Where there are multiple monuments of the same name (e.g. Lighthouse), they are all controlled by the same settings. Notes Does not offer control over RustEdit created monument spaw
  24. Steenamaroo

    Duplicate GUI

    Hi! Thanks for posting back to let me know. Sorry it was forgotten about for so long.

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