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  1. Steenamaroo


    Hi, I'm not aware of a way to stop that. I think it's just a thing they do.
  2. It might be worth changing to the native chat notifications or popup notifications, to rule out any issue with GUIAnnouncements plugin.
  3. Rocket launcher is a default listed weapon so it should certainly work, at least. When testing are you definitely the player who did the greatest amount of damage to the heli/apc, because that's how the rewarded player is calculated. Rewards aren't given to the last hitter. If that's not it maybe try with dynamic distance multiplier set to false. That's carried-over code from the original and I'm not sure exactly how 0.009* would work. At a guess that's meant to be 0 and I need to implement some rounding?
  4. Steenamaroo


    That's a different error in different circumstances, but it's the same fix. Next version will address all of these.
  5. HI, No, that's not something that it does right now. It can place people in groups for holding titles but that's all. I would consider this kind of functionality, though. I suspect a lot of people probably use this to track stats during a wipe then issue perks/rewards.
  6. Hey. I'm doing some Rust stuff later. I'll take a look at this then. If Mike did make that plug and it works, please let me know.
  7. Hi, Do you have some weapon or distance multipliers set to zero?
  8. Steenamaroo


    Thanks for the info. This is patched in the upcoming next version. It's harmless, though. You can safely ignore until then.
  9. Sure, that sounds like a good idea. The rust server and website being hosted on different devices isn't a problem. Your Rust server (PlayerRanks config) should have SQL credentials so it can save to your SQL server and any php getting stats on a website would have the same somewhere within. The main hiccup people see is that the SQL server would need to whitelist the Rust server and webserver IPs - usually called "Remote Access" I think. Depending on your host, the IP you need to whitelist for the Rust server usually isn't the IP people use to connect. You may need to ask for it.
  10. Ensure that your loot table is working by assigning it to some box you can test easily. If it works as you expect then I'd unload all plugins (oxide.unload *) then just load BotSpawn and CustomLoot and test your npcs again. Chances are some other plugin is wiping their inventory after CustomLoot does its thing.
  11. You most likely need a wordpress plugin that lets you add in php snippets. Not sure if the tutorial covers that or not but with that in place it's not too complicated.
  12. Just noticing, your console output isn't showing 'admin' or 'treasurehunter' either. Perhaps there's some option with groups to prevent them from being displayed by command? I'll investigate.
  13. Not sure what would cause that. PermissionsManager grabs the groups 'live' from oxide's permissions.GetGroups(), so it's not like it's caching old information or anything like that. Do the names dniper or ppop mean anything to you? Did they ever exist? I'll take a look into it and see what I can find.
  14. Hi, Kenna kindly provided a template for reading and publishing PlayerRanks data. It still requires some amount of knowledge/experience to implement but certainly takes a lot of the work out of it. Hopefully it's useful to you - https://github.com/kennethrisa/Stats
  15. Is there an oxide console command to list groups? If so, give that a bash. It may be that the groups exist but the remove command is case sensitive?
  16. I've not been able to replicate this but I'll have another look and see what I can find out.
  17. Hi, I don't believe this to be related. I know what the error is in RustRewards and it's just a simple null error for something I failed to check. This pasted error appears to be coming from the client `BasePlayer.PostLateClientCycle()` which I can't see being related in any way.
  18. Steenamaroo

    Quarry Levels

    Hi @iDodger24 If the permission doesn't exist the chances are the plugin isn't compiling. Watch your server console or rcon window when installing and see if any errors are thrown. If you do see errors I'd delete any config file the plugin may have created and oxide.reload QuarryLevels. If that doesn't sort it ping back and we'll see what's going on.
  19. Hi, Sure - That shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  20. Steenamaroo


    @Halbox- There's an option for chute wind speed in the /config/BotSpawn.json. If you turn that down the'll drift less. Thanks for answering regarding suicide timer - That's spot on!
  21. Oh, never mind. I'd already patched it. Will be sorted in next V, although I'll not rush to release it incase anything else comes up. It's safe to ignore that for now. Thanks for the info, folks.
  22. Can anyone give me a case where this error occurs? I'm not getting it for console 'kill' suicide.
  23. Steenamaroo

    msc problems

    Hi, I'm not seeing this issue. It might be worth deleting your /oxide/config/MonumentSpawnControl.json then reloading the plugin, to rule out any mistake in that file.
  24. Steenamaroo

    error on death

    Aware of this one. You can ignore until next update. Thanks for reporting.

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