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  1. Hi, Are you watching server console or Rcon as you reload? If there was any mistake made in one of the config/data files spawning wouldn't happen, but console would at least throw some error to tell you something's wrong. Also if there was any other issue like no navmesh found, console/rcon should tell you. If there's no error then certainly setting AutoSpawn true and population (day+night) > 0, then reloading BotSpawn, should have spawned npcs. If you enabled biome profiles you'd need to wait a few seconds, or minutes...Longer for more npcs. All other profiles, apart from airdrop, should start spawning instantly. If you're testing with Airfield make sure you didn't do Airdrop by mistake. 'bots.count' console command is useful for proving whether or not npcs have spawned.
  2. Hi, Sounds like either your download or upload didn't complete. Grab it again but make sure file size is approx 122kb after download, and upload.
  3. Ooh, that's a new one. Thanks for reporting. Would be helpful to have someone to test - If you're willing give me a ping on Codefling discord, please.
  4. Steenamaroo

    No Chat anouncements...?

    Hey, I'll have a look. Thanks.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Automatically kills the npc who causes this console spam. ""SetDestination" can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh" No permissions, commands, or instructions. Just install.


  6. Hi, As far as I know Kits are working fine right now. BotSpawn uses the free version from uMod so stick with that. I'd empty your entire inventory and redeem one of the problem kits, so you can be 100% sure it has a valid weapon in the belt. Most likely the kit has been emptied somehow.
  7. Steenamaroo

    Not working

    I see you got sorted on discord. For anyone reading it was a file upload-to-server issue.
  8. Hey, What was the issue @LaCKoSCN Only reason I can think of for config to revert to defaults is maybe if there was an error in it, like a missing comma or True/False instead of true/false?
  9. Steenamaroo


    Version 1.0.0


    Boom is an admin/troll/OP tool which adds c4 explosions to regular weapon damage. It's a bit of fun and, with the price tag, an excuse/opportunity to 'donate' and support my real plugins. Details. When a player, or turret, has permission any damage that it inflicts with bullets results in a (real) c4 explosion and c4 damage. Anything that can be hurt/damaged/broken with bullets will go boom. Examples - Animals, players, barrels. Trees and nodes, for example, do not take damage and, therefore, do not go boom. Permissions boom.allowed - Allows players to toggle boom. boom.turretsallowed - Allows players to toggle boom for their turrets. Chat Commands /boom - Toggles boom on and off for players who have the permission and are not on cooldown. Initial use of the /boom command enables the tool and begins 'EnabledMinutes' countdown. Subsequent uses will toggle the tool on and off but will not pause the countdown. /boomturret - Toggles boom on or off for the turret that a player with the turret permission is looking at, and authorised on. Turrets are not subject to a countdown, or cooldown. Config. The config options govern player use of /boom command. public int EnabledMinutes = 1; - How long the player can use boom for. public int CoolDownMinutes = 1; - How long before player can use boom again. public List<string> AllowedWeapons = new List<string>(); - Shortprefabnames of weapons which will make booms. Notes. AllowedWeapons is a List<string> and should be formatted as follows. ["lr300.entity"], for single or [ "lr300.entity", "m92.entity", "etc", "etc" ], for many. Leaving AllowedWeapons blank enables all weapons.


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    Update install

    Hi, No, there's no need to delete anything to update. Just drop the new .cs file in to your /oxide/plugins folder. There's a few reasons they may not fight back. They could be peacekeepers and you have no weapon, or you're in vanish maybe?
  11. Hi, The config has the following options. public string fontColor1 = "<color=orange>"; public string fontColor2 = "<color=#939393>"; public string fontColor3 = "<color=white>"; public string buttonColour = "0.7 0.32 0.17 1"; public double guitransparency = 0.5; The default font colours are orange/grey/white so it should be easy to see which is which. Those accept hex or simple colour names, as demonstrated by the defaults. buttonColour is RGB-A but the R-G-B are on 0-1 scale - That's what the UI wants. This site seems to convert hex to that ^, if that's any help.
  12. Hi, Can you list some features you'd like to see in such a plugin?
  13. Hi Ryan, Welcome to Codefling! At a quick glance it looks like ZoneManager's NpNPCSpawns flag should kill any NpcPlayer type, which would include BotSpawn. I'm looking at CanSpawn method around line 360... else if (baseEntity is BaseNpc || baseEntity is NPCPlayer) { if (HasEntityFlag(baseEntity, ZoneFlags.NoNPCSpawns)) baseEntity.Kill(BaseNetworkable.DestroyMode.None); } Just be aware that killing a BotSpawn npc will trigger his respawn timer so it's possible, then, to have an npc trying to respawn over and overm depending on BotSpawn's location/radius settings.
  14. This is for my plugins, and the description lists them by name for clarity. I agree a site wide plugin would be very useful and am prepared to write it but there is no way to obtain plugin names and current versions in one lookup, at present. It has been requested.
  15. Nice one man, thanks. Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing.
  16. HI, NPCKits provides OnNpcKits(ulong) so that other plugins can override for their npcs. Pinging @FastBurst so he knows the option is there. object OnNpcKits(ulong ID) { if (YourRecordOfNPCIDs.Contains(ID)) return true; return null; }
  17. Hi, I got another request recently to allow users to specify weapons which should insta-kill for headshot. I'll see about doing that, but with additional options for 'all-bullet' and 'all-melee'. Thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Hi, Thanks for the info. I've actually added this to CustomLoot already so it'll be in the next update. I've added a config option per container type for water fill percentage.
  19. Steenamaroo

    CustomLoot oil_barrel test

    Max/Min items is a random number from the range you specify - It dictates how many items should be in a container. Max/min stack is a random number from the range you specify and dictates how much of an item you should get - No point getting 1 wood, for example. Neither of these affects probability.
  20. Steenamaroo

    CustomLoot oil_barrel test

    Glad you got sorted. Worth pointing out, though, that probabilities aren't percentages. It's a two-tier relative system. For each spawned item a category is chosen first, based on your category probabilities, then once a category is picked one item from that category is chosen using the item probabilities. For a simple example, if there were 10 categories and you set their probabilities all to 10 except for one, which you set to 1, then there's a 1 in 91 chance of the rare category being picked. I generally recommend people set all item and category probabilities to some sensible middle-ground number, like 10, then adjust certain categories and items up/down around that to taste. Always spawn list is there so you can guarantee some item without messing up probabilities for the other items in its category. A lot of people want scrap to always spawn along side randomised loot, for example.
  21. Steenamaroo

    Spamming consol

    Hm, OK. It's just a zipped json file. Well, to fix manually you can just replace my comment line above with "autoturret": { and add a closing } at the end of the file.
  22. Steenamaroo

    Spawns at Dome

    Your attached file has "UseCustomSpawns" false for "Top Dome" profile. As I say, you'd need to set that ^ to true and then use the chat commands to add a custom spawn point for that profile, where you're standing in your picture. Set 'UseCustomSpawns' to true for that profile /botspawn edit TopDome /botspawn AddSpawn reload plugin to confirm it worked.
  23. Steenamaroo

    Spawns at Dome

    Hi, Yes, this is possible. The default approach is that BotSpawn will pick random spots within the provided radius and place npcs at those. Those spots have to be on terrain with a clear view of the sky, looking directly up. For your custom profiles, in/on/under The Dome, you'd need to set 'UseCustomSpawns' to true, and then use the provided chat commands (documentation) to create custom spawn points. With this approach you can create spawn points anywhere that there is navmesh. If there is no navmesh you should get a friendly warning message in chat when you add a point. If that's happens you can use '/botspawn removespawn' to remove the last created point then move a little bit and try again. This allows precision custom placing of NPCs, but would have to be re-done each time the map changes. You will need to create at least as many spawnpoints as the number of NPCs you're asking for. Hope that helps.