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  1. @small hands- if you reload PlayerRanks does that resolve the issue?
  2. Steenamaroo

    NPC and supply drop

    Suicide timer governs that. Any NPCS which aren't population controlled auto-destroy themselves after a period of time. The reason is that nothing's monitoring how many of them there are, so if you have a low pop server with regular airdrops, you could end up with hundreds on npcs roaming around very quickly.
  3. Steenamaroo

    mysql error on save

    Hi, Completely remove the tables then reload, or save, PlayerRanks. The tables will then be created automatically.
  4. Steenamaroo

    loot and respawn

    Hi, Sounds like you're looking for "Allow_Rust_Loot_Percent" : 0. Yes, you can set the Respawn_Timer as high as you like - It's in seconds so set it greater than 600.
  5. Steenamaroo


    The way custom spawn points are stored has changed in V2.1.2, to facilitate automatically migrating them when the monument moves at map-change. Any existing spawn points would need to be wiped and re-done then, hopefully, would never need to be changed again for default profiles, or custom profiles using Parent_Monument.
  6. Steenamaroo

    Failed to call hook...

    Thanks for reporting. I'll fix this tomorrow. For now, removing 'admin' from the groups entry should get it going for you.
  7. Steenamaroo


    Increase the radius for that profile, or add custom spawn points.
  8. Hi, TimePlayed requires the PlaytimeTracker plugin from uMod. PlayerRanks just reads the data straight from it.
  9. Hi, Yeah, I may add some info like that in time. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Steenamaroo


    @L3ag3r- You can set BotSpawn_Attacks_NPCs to false to prevent BotSpawn engaging the Bandits, etc. The latest update will also ensure that BotSpawn npcs remain neutral whilst inside protected areas, like the Bandit camp. They'll respond to hostility only, just like the Bandits do.
  11. Steenamaroo

    BotSpawn loot

    There's no %. It's all probability. If you set Ammo 1, Food 1, Weapons 8, then weapons category has an 8 in 10 chance of being picked, for each item that's created. The same logic applies to choosing an item within the chosen category. Two stages of probability. If you have some category enabled and then all item probabilities set to zero, that category will never be used. If the probabilities are set such that no item can ever be picked, then there'll be no items.
  12. Steenamaroo

    BotSpawn loot

    Hi, You can set loot for Harbor only, for example, but there's no reference loot table or default setup. You would have to balance it yourself.
  13. Steenamaroo

    Loot question

    Hi, There's a number of places these npcs can be getting loot from. The grenades, guns, rocket launchers could be coming from the default Rust loot but that seems unlikely. Make sure your kits don't contain these items by mistake. Also check and see if you have any other plugins which might be giving loot to npcs, such as AlphaLoot. If you want to use CustomLoot for BotSpawn npcs then, yes, you need to set "enabled": true in your second snippet. You would also need to customise a loot table, though. The "default" loottable is a placeholder and has everything set to 0 s
  14. Steenamaroo


    Respawn Timer is one of the options per profile, yes.
  15. Steenamaroo


    Hi Ron, That server setting makes murderers spawn automatically around the map. BotSpawn does nothing to those npcs. As BotSpawn spawns its own murderers and scientists halloween.murdererpopulation is not needed, but can be used in parallel if you wish.
  16. Steenamaroo


    @mcoulter876- Hopefully before forced wipe. @SlyvestorStone- Oilrig bots aren't spawned or controlled by BotSpawn.
  17. Hey man. Those sort filters exist although, admittedly, they could be named better. Click the 'Plugins' tab on the main page to show plugins only. 'Recently Updated' is the default view but you can click Sort By > Start Date to order by when they were added. I'll mention to @Death about changing 'Start Date' to the words 'Recently Added' or something more obvious. There's no option to opt out of UpdatesChecker. If the plugin is on Codefling and the author uses conventional version numbering, increasing as they go, UpdatesChecked should tell you.
  18. Steenamaroo

    Missing groups

    Hi, As far as I know all groups should show. Is it possible there's a second page? Look for the -> arrow in UI. I don't know what "ppop" means. The blacklist is there to allow you to prevent plugins from showing up in the PermissionsManager UI. There's no way to prevent certain players from being displayed.
  19. Steenamaroo


    Hi, The only way is to use custom spawn points and set 'Stationary' to true. Of course that means the npcs will not be able to move but they will then spawn, and stand, on user-built structures. Your rotation is taken into account when adding custom spawn points, so you can be sure they'll spawn facing the correct way.
  20. Steenamaroo


    I think you're looking for `/botspawn move <profilename>`
  21. Steenamaroo


    I don't think so, no. I wrote and submitted a hook for OnNpcReload a few years ago but I'm pretty sure it was never implemented. As far as I know they'll always get the basic ammo, regardless of what you do with your kits. I don't believe so.
  22. As with any RustEdit prefab this is not mobile, but it does have a built in invisible chair so you can sit on it.
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