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Medical Items 1.0.2

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About Medical Items

Medical items to help those in need!

The plugin includes 2 unique medical items that your players can find, research and craft.


The defibrillator can do 2 things:

  • Recover a player from a wounded state immediately, with a risk of the defibrillator breaking (default: 10% chance), removing any bleeding effects that the target has and bringing them back on 10hp.
  • Resurrect a dead player, spawning them back at the position of their body, but breaking the defibrillator. The player spawns a "new" body, and must still loot their items.


Medical Box

The medical box is a deployable, reskinned, wooden box that heals any player within x metres for x amount of health per every x seconds, x amount of times.

For example, using the default values, the box will heal any player within 5m for 20 health every 3 seconds, for a maximum of 10 times.


The items are researchable via a workbench for a configurable amount of scrap, and can be built using a level 2 or 3 workbench for a configurable amount of items.

They can also be found in normal_crate's and normal_crate_2's.

Full config:

  "Chance that the defibrillator will break when bringing a wounded player up [%].": 10,
  "Defib Research Cost": 300,
  "How many Tesla coils are required to craft the Defibrillator?": 2,
  "How many medical kits are required to craft the Defib?": 2,
  "Maximum time before a player is no longer revivable.": 30.0,
  "Add loot to crate_normal & crate_normal_2 entities?": true,
  "Loot chance for crate_normal_2 [Out of 1000]": 2,
  "Loot chance for crate_normal [Out of 1000]": 10,
  "Medical Box Skin": 787716105,
  "Medical Box heal distance": 5.0,
  "Medical Box heal amount per tick": 20.0,
  "Medical box heal tick time [seconds]": 3.0,
  "How many health ticks should we output?": 10,
  "Allow the defibrillator and the medbox to be researched & crafted?": true,
  "How often should the timer update while using a research bench": 3.0,
  "Medical Box Research Cost": 300,
  "How many medical syringes are required to craft the med box?": 2,
  "How many medical kits are required to craft the med box?": 2,
  "Crafting time": 30

Have added APIs to prevent the /remove from removing the medical box. It also cannot be picked up by a hammer.


Chat Commands

/givemedbox - spawns a medbox in your inventory

/givedefib - spawns a defibrillator in your inventory

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