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IQHeadReward 1.5.15

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About IQHeadReward

IQHeadReward - with this plugin, you can bring a new gameplay to your server by adding notes of the wild west to it.
Make players fight with each other, it can also be applied on single servers, group and clan!

Video - Videos

Plugin Features :

Automatic announcement of a reward for the head :

A smart system of automatic announcements of rewards on the head of players!
You can :

  • Disable or enable this feature
  • Specify the interval at which a random player will be selected
  • Specify a list of awards that will be issued as a reward for killing
  • Specify the number of awards that will be generated for the list of awards
  • List of possible awards :Items
  • Supported Shotname
  • Supported SkinID
  • It supports specifying a random number of items from the minimum to the maximum
  • Your own name for the item is supported
  • Commands
  • The commands will be executed on behalf of the server, you can also substitute a parameter that will insert the player ID into the command
  • IQEconomic
  • An additional feature with the IQEconomic plugin installed, you will be able to give players a balance for the execution of an ad
  • The ability to specify the minimum and maximum amount of balance
  • Set up notifications that will come to the chat with information that a reward has been assigned to the player

Manual announcement of the reward for the head :

Thoughtful and easy-to-use manual announcement of the reward for the head by your players
The interface is made in the "Step-by-step task creation" mode , which will allow you to see the stages of creating a task by a player and will not allow you to send an ad without finishing it
Players can :

  • Choose independently any player on whom they want to declare a reward
  • Specify any number of rewards in the form of items
  • Set limits on the number of items as a reward
  • Set the time to create a reward
  • Supported NoEscape
  • Supported IQRankSystem
  • The ability to allow the creation of an ad having a certain rank IQRankSystem
  • Items
  • Supported Shotname
  • Supported SkinID
  • It supports specifying a random number of items from the minimum to the maximum
  • Your own name for the item is supported
  • With the IQEconomic plugin, players will be able to specify the lifetime of the task, both for free and for currency (the standard time is specified in the configuration)
  • When the reward lifetime expires, players will have the opportunity to return their delivered items and take them back

Reward system :

Quite an interesting reward system, I decided not to use the standard issue of items from "nowhere"
Now if a player has completed a task, his reward will be scattered around the map in boxes, depending on the number of reward elements, one box holds 6 items, if there are more rewards, there will be more boxes in different places on the map
The boxes will be buried underground (smallstash) and closed from above with a barricade, which will need to be broken to get to the box (it breaks easily enough)
This will add interest to your server and more goals in order to run around the map, and as we know-running around the map, you meet adventures along the way! I hope you will like this system

System display on the G map :

The display on the G map is present in 2 methods of the plugin

Display of the player who has a reward assigned to him - if a reward was assigned to a player for his head, he will be displayed on the G map for all players on your server

Displaying rewards for killing a player by ad - if a player has completed an ad, his reward will be scattered around the map and highlighted on the G map for him personally, no one except this player will see his reward on the G map

  • Ability to customize the display of the placemark on the map
  • Marker size
  • Time update
  • Marker color
  • Outline color
  • Description when hovering over the marker
  • Enable or disable it

Protection against abuse of team players :

There are team players who may want an "easy loot" and will want to abuse the rewards for the head, leaving the team and killing their teammate for whom the reward is assigned. I have provided for this problem, now even if a player leaves the team, re-enters , disbands it, whatever, and kills his former teammate - the reward will not be given to him, of course it will not last forever, this lock will be hung on players if they were in the team before the award was assigned to his teammate and removed from them for some time, so that there is no effect of "abuse in a friendly way"

Additional points :

The remaining settings are available in the configuration and language file, you can view them in the "Configurations" tab or "Language file" on the resource page

Supported Plugins :

  • IQChat
  • IQEconomic
  • Duel
  • Battles
  • Clans
  • Friends
  • XDQuest
  • IQRankSystem

Permissions :
iqheadreward.invise - adds immunity to the automatic announcement of a bounty on the head

ChatCommand :
/ih - open menu
/ir - returns your delivered items if the player reward expires


void KilledTask(BasePlayer Killer, BasePlayer Wanted) /// - called when a player is killed by an ad (Killer - the one who killed, Wanted - the one who was killed) 
void CreatedTask(BasePlayer player, Uint64 WantedID) /// - called when creating an ad for a player (player - the one who created it, WantedID-Steam64ID of the one for whom the task was created) 
void UpdateTask(BasePlayer player, Uint64 WantedID) /// - called when re-creating an ad for a player/updating / adding items or time (player - the one who created, WantedID-Steam64ID of the one for whom the task was created)


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