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Gathering Clothes 1.0.4

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About Gathering Clothes



Gathering clothes adds 6x default gathering sets to your server, which increase the yield/luck when harvesting resources.

The plugin also allows for you o add additional pieces to the set, or create your own sets entirely with different bonus values.

The one thing that set's this plugin apart from others is that each set can qualify for a "Set Bonus" if the target amount of items worn is met.

For example the Mining set will give you:

  • Hat: +10% yield
  • Hoodie: +25% yield
  • Pants: +15% yield

Normally this would give the wearer a yield of 50% extra resources if all 3 pieces are worn, but since there is a set bonus for wearing all 3 pieces, the wearer receives an additional +50% yield on top, bringing their total yield to +100%.


Sets and set bonuses are fully customizable in the config.


Default sets:

  • Miner's set (3 pieces)
  • Farmer's set (3 pieces)
  • Angler's set (3 pieces)
  • Hunter's set (3 pieces)
  • Lumberjack's set (3 pieces)
  • Scavenger's set (3 pieces)


All sets (except for the scavengers set) increase the yield received when harvesting resources. This value is rounded up where applicable.

The Scavenger's set is a luck based modifier, giving the wearer a chance to receive additional scrap when destroying barrels or looting crates.


These clothing items can be found inside of normal, military and elite crates by default (with varying chances depending on the crate), and are added as additional loot to the container, rather than replacing an existing loot item. Additional crate types can easily be added using the same formula.


The plugin is also optimized to unsubscribe from hooks when no players are wearing the clothes.


Chat Commands

Command: giveitem <skin ID> - Gives you an individual piece of gathering attire.

Command: giveset <set name> - Gives you the entire set of the desired gathering attire (you can type /giveset without parameters into chat to see the set names)

Command: bonus or bonuses - Prints out the players current gather bonus based on what they are wearing.


Click here to see an example of the config


Always looking for feedback on this so feel free to suggest away.


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