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About Craft UI

Plugin Features:
Custom Crafting Recipes: Craft weapons, armor, tools, medic items,  special items and vehicles with fully customizable recipes and ingredients.
You chose what will be able to craft for how much ! Custom items or default items ,its about you !
This is great for giving player chance to upgrade items ,to get that Recycler or what ever .

You have text fields :
Server name , and short info where you chose your text in config.

How to open Craft UI :
command - /upgrades
or/and in WorkBench custom button
You can chose how players will open UI ,will you give them both ways ,or only one , its about you !

Permissions :
"crafting.craft" - perm for crafting
"crafting.upgrades" - perm for command /upgrades
"crafting.button" - perm for WorkBench button

How to use Plugin :
This is very simple plugin with easy to understand UI.
Most important thing is that for every item you need to put his :  "Identifier": " " .
You can add what ever item in what ever tab , based on shortname/skinID ,and cost for that item.
You can give amount of item what will be crafted ,will it be 1 Ak or 10 ,hmm yea ..
You can change names of items ,you have description for each item .
You can put what ever number of items per tab ,there are pages .
There is text field where you can put server name ,and some info text.
Everything is in config ...

Vehicles :

You can craft vehicles now ,and you can pick them up with hammer..
Vehicles are placed like innertube and large box .
Spawn distance is how far will vehicle spawn .
Identifier = 67,
DisplayName = "Attack Helicopter",
Shortname = "box.wooden.large",
Amount = 1,
SkinID = 3033643127,
IsVehicle = true,
VehiclePrefab = "assets/content/vehicles/attackhelicopter/attackhelicopter.entity.prefab",
SpawnDistance = -0.5f,
Description = "Attack Helicopter",

Future Plans :

Config Example : 
"Identifier": 1,
      "DisplayName": "Vamipre Ak Lv1",
      "Shortname": "rifle.ak",
      "Amount": 1,
      "SkinID": 3065510373,
      "Description": "5% lifesteal",
      "Ingredients": [
          "Shortname": "rifle.ak",
          "Amount": 1,
          "SkinID": 0,
          "DisplayName": ""
          "Shortname": "scrap",
          "Amount": 100,
          "SkinID": 0,
          "DisplayName": ""

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