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Underground Tunnel Monuments 1.0.0

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About Underground Tunnel Monuments

Here are 2 special underground tunnel monuments , large and small one .
Easy to place ,simple drag and drop in Rust Edit . Just place enterance on ground ,and apply Alpha Mask. 
Large :
Dark place with few light objects ,you go deeper and deeper (follow the rail) ,at the bottom you will find container room with hackable crate and elite crates .

* Green Loot Room (2 normal crates)
* Blue Loot Room ( 2 military crates)
* 2 Red Loot Room ( in one hackable crate, in another one 2 elite crates)
* Few more Tool Crates , and few more military crates in container room.

* Mining Outpost 
* Cave (good to put some bots and crates)

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