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Gather Tools 1.3.0

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About Gather Tools

Key Features :
You can add to what ever tool Gather Bonus.
You can chose what tools will have Gather Bonus (based on shortname ,or Shortname + SkinID) , when you put only Shortname all that Shortname tools will have gather bonus.
Fully customizable percent of Gather Bonus .
Custom MaxDurability - You can change MaxDurability of Gather Tools ,and you can even make them Unbreakable.
Buff - tools can have special buff (more gather bonus) , you chose how much bost they will get ,how long ,and how much cooldown is .
Buff is activated on middle mouse button. 
Ui where you see stats of your tools (Yield bonus ,durability)
UI buff icon with timer , you can change icon ,you can hide timer .
You can add Gather Tools to loot table containers.
You can chose prefab and spawn chance .

Permission System :
gathertools.use - players will have gather tools bonus
gathertools.give - can use give command
gathertools.buff - can use give command

Give Command : 
/givetool "cmdgivename" (that cmdgivename is name of tool what you will get ,you can change names)

Config Example :

"IconImageUrl": "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/2bo0kezjneydplgy4pri6/pick-axe1-kopija.png?rlkey=b6llekf13rjqf332hn8tuorbx&dl=1",

  "GToolsDescription": [
    "IconImageUrl - you can change icon ,just paste your image link",
    "You can add more tools",
    "You can use shortname to apply gather bonus ,so all those tools with that shortname will have gather bonus(skinId=0)",
    "And you can add what ever skin to it,so tool with that skin will have gather bonus(shortname + skinid)",
    "GatherRateBonus - 1.0 (100%) is normal gather rate ,you can increase it or even decrease gather rate",
    "Unbreakable = true/false , if true tool cant be broken",
    "MaxDurability = null/1.0 is default value of durability ,you can increase that 2.0 is double durability",
    "BuffEnabled - if true tool will have buff when player press middle mouse button",
    "ShowTimer - will you show to players timer how long buff lasts",
    "BuffDuration - how long will buff last , BuffCooldown - how long they cant use again buff (seconds)",
    "BuffedGatherBonus - default is double gatherrate ,you can change it",
    "CmdGiveName - this name is for give command /givetool + (cmdgivename)",
    "TSpawn - PrefabPath (chose where will tool spawn),SpawnChance (0-100 ,chance to spawn tool in that prefab)"
  "GTools": [
      "ItemDisplayName": "",
      "ItemShortname": "stonehatchet",
      "SkinID": 0,
      "GatherRateBonus": 1.0,
      "Unbreakable": false,
      "MaxDurability": 1.0,
      "BuffEnabled": false,
      "ShowTimer": true,
      "BuffDuration": 5.0,
      "BuffCooldown": 30.0,
      "BuffedGateherBonuse": 2.0,
      "CmdGiveName": "stonehatchet",
      "Spawns": [
          "PrefabPath": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal_2.prefab",
          "SpawnChance": 100.0
          "PrefabPath": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal.prefab",
          "SpawnChance": 100.0

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