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Treasure Maps 1.0.0

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Change in Gold Map "SpawnedPrefabChest" : assets/prefabs/misc/decor_dlc/storagebarrel/storage_barrel_c.prefab
to something else. ... That container is bugged for now !

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About Treasure Maps

How to use :
You get 4 map Items .
You can get those Maps from rust containers/prefabs .
You chose what map will spawn in what container and chance to spawn in that container in config .
When player press unwarp on map item it will spawn chest from that map .
Player will get chat text where chest spawned and he will see MapMarker on map. 
Each map will spawn chest(prefab) with your loot inside.
All is customizable , Map Items ,Loottable items, Prefab Chest - prefab skin, Prefabs where maps will spawn with chance , Npc Prefab - amount of npc - spawn radius.

Key Features :

Customizable Map Items :
Offer a range of treasure maps with distinct loot tables, stack sizes, and skins to make each find a fresh experience.

Dynamic Loot Spawns :
Configure treasure chests with specific loot tables, ensuring rewards are always enticing and fair.

NPC Defenders :
Add an extra challenge with NPCs guarding the treasures, making each hunt a thrilling encounter.

Flexible Spawn Configurations :
Set where and how often maps can spawn in the game world, adjusting the rarity and discovery chance.

Permission/Command : treasuremaps.give , command - /givemap "name" quantity

Config Example :

"TreasureMapsDescription": [
    "CustomStackSize - you can change stack size of each map",
    "You can change skin and display name of each map",
    "MinItemPerChest/MaxItemPerChest - how much items player will get from spawned chest ",
    "SpawnedPrefabChest - what chest will spawn when you unwarp map item,if you put default rust container it will be default rust loot table",
    "SpawnedPrefabSkin - skin of prefab",
    "You can add more items to loottable",
    "Min/MaxAmount - quantity of that item (you can put min/max - to same number (1),so its min and max 1 quantity of that item)",
    "Probability - from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%) chance to get that item",
    "command : /givemap display name quantity; example /givemap green map 5",
    "Spawns - PrefabPath (chose where will map spawn),SpawnChance (0-100 ,chance to spawn map in that prefab)",
    "NPCPath - what scientist will defend chest",
    "SpawnCount - how much scientist will be defending chest",
    "SpawnRadius - distance where scientist will spawn"
  "Maps": [
      "CustomStackSize": 10,
      "ItemDisplayName": "Green Map",
      "ItemShortname": "xmas.present.large",
      "SkinID": 3073615238,
      "SpawnedPrefabChest": "assets/prefabs/deployable/woodenbox/woodbox_deployed.prefab",
      "SpawnedPrefabSkin": 1818868472,
      "MinItemPerChest": 1,
      "MaxItemPerChest": 2,
      "LootTable": "greenmap",
      "LootTables": {
        "greenmap": [
            "DisplayName": "",
            "Shortname": "rock",
            "SkinID": 0,
            "MaxItemAmount": 5,
            "MinItemAmount": 1,
            "Probability": 1.0
      "NPCSpawns": [
          "NPCPath": "assets/rust.ai/agents/npcplayer/humannpc/scientist/scientistnpc_roam.prefab",
          "SpawnCount": 1,
          "SpawnRadius": 5.0
      "Spawns": [
          "PrefabPath": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal_2.prefab",
          "SpawnChance": 100.0

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