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Welcome Info UI 2.7.1


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About Welcome Info UI

Give your players all the information they need about your server. Welcome Info UI has
a lot of customization so you can adjust everything to your taste.


/info - chat command to open UI

• server logo  and title
• background color
• panel colors
• text color and size
• text outline, color and thickness 
• four Rust Fonts available
• text alignment
• images under text 
• button color and icons





•  Changing text color and size within text strings.
Two simple tags, <size> and <color>, you will find examples in the default config where it is all demonstrated.
ex.: <size=65>YOUR<color=#FF8C1AFF>SERVER</color>.NET</size>

•  Changing text alignment.
There are nine options for text alignment in total. They are defined in config by numbers [0 to 8]. You 
will able to find the chart with available options in the default config. 

•  Base text size and color.
As mentioned before, you can change text size by putting tags together with text lines
however base text size will also define how much space you get between each new line. 
Base color works great when you are highlighting just piece of text.

•  RGBA Color
Rust UI uses a percentage RGBA color system. To make your life easier you can use Rust Color Picker

•  Changing position of images.
You can change the position of images by using the anchoring system which I already explained here. Basically
the first value is LEFT, second BOTTOM, third RIGHT and the last value is TOP. Please keep in mind that icon Image
is parented to button so you will be adjusting position related to button, same way for background images.

•  Available text fonts.


If you have more questions you can message me on my discord !David#1337


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