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About RustRewards

An easy to use all in one solution to giving players cash rewards for various in game activities. Reward only upon completion of harvesting or empting loot container.

Chat Commands

  • /rrm -- Toggle the message about earn currency for a player. It is not case sensitive.

There are five sub-settings:

  • H - Harvest
  • K- Kill
  • O - Open
  • P - Pickup and
  • A - Activity

The second parameter is on or off.

Some examples

  • to turn on kill messages: /rrm K On
  • to turn off harvest message: /rrm H Off

Player can select what messages they want to see. You can set the default value with Player Default Settings in the configuration. By default they see them all, but most will turn them off over time as it can get a bit much over time.


Friends or Clan

If the respective options are enabled from config, the plugin checks if the victim is a 'Friend' or is in the same 'Clan' of the killer, if so, no reward is given to the killer. This was made to avoid friends abusing and killing each other. This can also be avoided by enabling the TakeMoneyFromVictim which takes money from victim and gives it to their killer.



  • rustrewards.vip -- Allows player to use the VIP multipliers

There are now optional permissions (off by default). If you set Permissions_Enabled to true you need to set these for players or they will not get a reward:

  • rustrewards.harvest
  • rustrewards.kill
  • rustrewards.open
  • rustrewards.pickup
  • rustrewards.activity
  • rustrewards.welcome

Stored Data

This plugin stores data in the data/RustRewards.json file to keep track of welcome money given to players. This file should not be deleted in most cases unless you want players to be given welcome money again when they connect after a wipe.

The plugin can also store zone modifiers. These are on top of other multipliers, so you you could have zones with increased of decreased rewards. This is store in /data/RustRewards-Zones.json Here is a sample, it contains one line per zone id and multiplier:{"65251237": 1.5}

Rewards players for in game activities

  • Looting boxes (till empty)
  • Breaking Barrels
  • Killing
  • Harvesting resources (completely)
  • Activity (with configurable time and amount)
  • First time on the server
  • There are multipliers for:
  • VIP
  • Weapon Type (for kills)
  • Distance (for kills)
  • Happy Hour (optional)

There are multipliers base on Group:These are at the top of the config file. Note it will pick the group with the highest multiplier the the player is a member of.

Here is an example from my server:"groupsettings": {"groupmultipliers": {"vip": 1.5,"mentor": 1.2,"esteemed": 1.15,"regular": 1.1,"default": 1.0}},

I would recommend turning off VIPMultiplier_Enabled if you use Do_Advanced_VIP to simplify set up.

If more than one multiplier is enabled, the total multiplier will be the product of all multipliers, which is then multiplied times the normal reward. There are also individual rates for each activity.

You can configure

  • Currency code true/false
  • Logging true/false
  • Console messages true/false
  • Distance multiplier true/false
  • Activity Reward true/false
  • Simpler Activity Reward true/false to work around vote day, skip night etc.)
  • Take money from victim (PvP) true/false (does not work with scrap)
  • Use Clans (to prevent exploits) true/false
  • Use Friends (to prevent exploits) true/false
  • VIP multiplier true/false
  • Do Advanced VIP true/false (which requires setting group multipliers)
  • Weapons multiplier true/false
  • Welcome money true/false
  • Reward for killing NPC true/false
  • Player Default Settings any combination of lowercase h k o p.
  • Use Scrap, Server Rewards or Use Economics (set only one to true)
  • There are two different distance multipliers, one with fixed milestones: DistanceMultiplier_Enabled and one based on actual distance: DynamicDistanceMultiplier_Enabled.
  • The milestone one used the values in:
  • distance_50 (for >= 50 and < 100)
  • distance_100 (for > =100 and < 200)
  • distance_200 (for >= 200 and < 300)
  • distance_300 (for >= 300 and < 400)
  • distance_400 (for >= 400)Distance less than 50 get no multiplier.

The Dynamic Distance uses the dynamicdistance multipler in the formula: 1 (distance * dynamicdistance)If the dynamicdistance multiplier is 0.01 and the distance is 100m then the resulting multiplier is 1 (100 * 0.01) = 2. For 200m it is 3, 500m it is 6, etc. It can add up quickly so you will most likely want a very small multiplier. To encourage close up combat you can set the dynamicdistance multiplier to a negative number. This can result in a negative reward if the multiplier is large.

Note we support negative rewards. Please be mindful of potential exploits by players. There is always one clever player looking for an angle to maximize their rewards. If the amount is negative and the multiplier is negative we now make the multiplier positive to avoid the double negative exploit. It does not support taking scrap from players.

Please note Server Rewards is a whole integer money system so all values will be rounded.  With small amounts and multipliers it may appear that changes in multiplier will have no net effect due to rounding.


  • Big thank you to Tarek, the original author of Rewards and the main inspiration for this plugin.
  • Scriptzyy and redBDGR for the Barrel Points, another inspiration
  • Mr. BubblesCanopySheep, and Wulf for the Gather Rewards plugin, yet another inspiration
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