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This plugin requires fair amount of configuration. Before you purchase, read docs carefully and make sure you will be able to customize it properly.

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About Drug Mixing

Drug Mixing plugin is basically custom made mixing table which works pretty much same as "vanilla" Mixing Table. Worth mentioning detail, vanilla mixing table interface is no longer accessible while using this plugin although you can still list "teas" in DrugMixing and make them craft-able this way. Plugin comes together with extension for customizable buffs. These buffs are activated upon using consumable item with custom item name listed in data file. Buffs can modify only base metabolism values like health, bleeding, hunger etc. or apply Tea Boost with customized values (time, value, type).



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Create custom recipes and mix various items

Modify loot tables and distribute ingredients through loot containers
(Static Lootables were used in this example)


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Grow and gather custom ingredients
(Extra Gather Bonuses)

Consume created items and receive pre-configured buffs







if you have any questions feel free to
contact me here or on my discod 

Download plugin 
documentation here 


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