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Advanced Researching 1.0.1

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About Advanced Researching

## XPerience Plugin Support version 1.1.6 & up!
* Set the config option inside XPerience to true! and reload it!
* Advanced Researching will take over and work together with it!  * You can also change this inside the Admin Panel inside XPerience!
image.png.2062c87ef621b76eaaef9ce03e8b22fe.png             image.png.d5f6a322b9fe278f31a0419af85f0213.png

## Research Table Options
* Allows you to block items from researching if they already unlocked the blueprint.
* (Already Researched Toggle) If this is true it will block re-researching and show them a message response.

 * Supports Separate Earned amount from researching amount costs ( Research Table )
 * Supports Success Chance Values for each item being researched ( Research Table )

* Allows you to make money by repeatedly researching already researched items.
* Converts players scrap into the selected currency system option.
* Has a list of all default scrap cost amounts allows you to customize the cost/price of each research item!
("Custom Research Currency")

* This plugin now allows you to change the default research requirement which will be scrap as default.

* You can set your own research times for each item (default is 10 seconds).

* It allows you to change the research amount needed to research an item as well, though you will always need the default requirement for the research button to show up properly because it is handled client side and cannot be fixed.

* You can setup permissions to each individual Re-searchable Item. It's already Prefixed for you!
* Just do "SetPermission": "vip" < Example

## Important notes about Tech Tree Support.
 * Supports Block Tech Tree Researching toggle Enabling this will fully lock out tech tree use!
 * If that is false it will check if a blocked item is in the blocked list and block that as well.

 * Permission support to the tech tree so any custom perm you setup applies to tech tree as well now.

 * Supports First Time Research Cost ( if unlocking in TechTree )

## TODO List
* Finish UI integration
* Finish Multi Language

## Permissions

* `advancedresearching.use` -- Only players that have permission are affected
* `advancedresearching.bypass` -- Only players that have this permission can bypass any blocked item set.

## Configuration

  "Chat Prefix": "<color=#32CD32>Advanced Researching</color>: ",
  "Research Requirement this is the type of resource used to research items (Expects Item Shortname)": "scrap",
  "Already Researched Toggle": false,
  "Block Tech Tree Researching": false,
  "Use Popup Notifications": false,
  "Use Notify Notifications (Mevents Version CodeFling)": false,
  "Notify Notification Type": 0,
  "Use CustomUI Overlay Notifications": true,
  "Enable Economics": true,
  "Enable ServerRewards": false,
  "Enable Custom Currency": false,
  "Custom Name": "",
  "Custom Item ID": 0,
  "Custom SkinId": 0,
  "Research Table UI Options": {
    "CostColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "CurrencyColor": "#ff3333"
  "TechTree UI Options": {
    "CostColor": "#ff3333"
  "Blocked Items": [],
  "Custom Research Options": {
    "kayak": {
      "DisplayName": "Kayak",
      "EarnCurrencyAmount": 20.0,
      "TechTreeFirstUnlockCost": 20,
      "CostToResearchAmount": 20,
      "ResearchDuration": 30.0,
      "ResearchSuccessChance": 100.0,
      "SetPermission": ""
    "arrow.fire": {
      "DisplayName": "Fire Arrow",
      "EarnCurrencyAmount": 20.0,
      "TechTreeFirstUnlockCost": 20,
      "CostToResearchAmount": 20,
      "ResearchDuration": 3.0,
      "ResearchSuccessChance": 100.0,
      "SetPermission": ""
    "ammo.pistol": {
      "DisplayName": "Pistol Bullet",
      "EarnCurrencyAmount": 75.0,
      "TechTreeFirstUnlockCost": 75,
      "CostToResearchAmount": 75,
      "ResearchDuration": 3.0,
      "ResearchSuccessChance": 100.0,
      "SetPermission": ""

## Lang

  "AlreadyUnlocked": "You already unlocked {0}",
  "AddedCurrency": "has deposited {0} coins into your account",
  "Blocked": "{0} is not researchable",
  "Requires": "New requirement for researching is now {0}",
  "NoPerm": "You do not have permission {0} to research {1}",
  "AmountTo": "{0} needs {1} {2} to research it",
  "TechTreeUI": "{0} requires {1} {2} to research",
  "ResearchedRolled": "Researching {0} Failed!",
  "InvalidShortname": "Not a valid item shortname {0} set for research requirement! \n List of valid item shortnames can be found at https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/",
  "NowResearching": "Now Researching {0} for {1} {2}"


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