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About Team Fix

Fixes Facepunch Team Logic when incorrect shutdown/crashes occurs resulting in all teams lost and restores them on boot.

Includes config option for changing default team sizes ( off by default & preset as default value )



This plugin does not support Clans Reborn or any other plugin that modifies or forces players into teams.

Also, this plugin will NOT FIX, any server that already had a fucked up/broken teams prior to installing this plugin.

Team Fix will only restore/fix teams in the event a server crash causes it.

If its caused by a 3rd party plugin this cannot fix that.


Setting the team size limit to 0 will disable teams on your server and force unload the plugin. ( Rust Default is 8 )

  "Option": {
    "MemberLimit": 8

Works with https://umod.org/plugins/automatic-authorization

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