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Advanced Entity Limit 1.0.5

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About Advanced Entity Limit


Enhance control over entity limits on your Rust game server with our powerful Oxide plugin, "Advanced Entity Limits." This plugin empowers server administrators to precisely regulate the number of specific entities that players can place, based on their privileges.

With "Advanced Entity Limits," you can effortlessly create different player groups or privileges, such as standard players, VIPs, or administrators, and establish unique entity limits for each group. Players will have the flexibility to place more or fewer entities based on their privilege level, ensuring a balanced and well-managed gaming experience on your Rust game server.

Player Permission "default" Required: To use this plugin, players need the "default" permission.

This plugin contains everything that can be built
and all entities that can be placed

Plugin Permissions:

advancedentitylimit.ui: Allows players to use the UI.

advancedentitylimit.setlimit: Grants permission to set limits for entities.

advancedentitylimit.createperm: Allows the creation of new permissions for entities.

advancedentitylimit.admin: Provides full access.


/limits: Opens the user interface (UI) for managing entity limits.

ael.createnew <advancedentitylimit.NAME> <optional: copy from advancedentitylimit.NAME>: Adds new permissions for entities. Optionally, you can copy permissions from an existing entity limit.


Custom Entity Limits: Set individual entity limits for various privileges and player groups.

User-Friendly Management Interface: The plugin provides an intuitive user interface (CUI) that allows server administrators to conveniently manage and monitor entity limits.

Support for Player Privileges: Seamlessly integrates with your server's existing player privileges and uses them to assign entity limits.

Search Functionality: A search tool enables you to quickly find and monitor entities, even when many are placed on the server.

Easy Creation of New Privileges: You can create new player privileges and assign entity limits to them, making your server management even more flexible.

Configurable Settings: The plugin allows you to customize chat messages and prefixes to suit your preferences.

Managing entity limits has never been easier! Extend your control over your Rust game server and ensure a balanced gaming experience with "Advanced Entity Limits." Available now.


  "Chat prefix": "<color=red>[Limits]</color>: ",
  "A message when the player reaches the maximum limit of objects": "You have <color=red>reached</color> the limit of this object",
  "Use teams for sum them constructions": false,
  "Use clans (by Mevent) for sum them constructions": false

If you have any questions or problems, join my discord

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