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Simple KDR UI 2.0.3


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About Simple KDR UI

Simple KDR plugin for pvp servers. Many customization options available.


• Chat Commands


• Permissions


• Customization

You can change every aspect of those three panels and make them suit your needs
✔️ panel sizing, coloring and positioning
✔️ text color, size, style, outline
✔️ set your own icons
✔️ disable separate panels 

Positioning and Anchors explained here
image.thumb.png.e05c9da1f949d778c8d42a504019e356.png Anchoring UI Elements [RustPlugins]


• Config File Example

  "Kills Panel": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Panel Color": "0.56 0.20 0.15 0.97",
    "Icon": "http://333017_web.fakaheda.eu/kilicon.png",
    "Text": "Kills: ",
    "Size": 13,
    "Font": "robotocondensed-bold.ttf",
    "Text Outline Thickness": "0.8",
    "Text Outline Color": "0 0 0 1",
    "Anchor Min": "0.015 0.025",
    "Anchor Max": "0.075 0.060"



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