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Cobalt Industries B.F.G (HDRP) 1.0.2

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About Cobalt Industries B.F.G (HDRP)

Commanders! It is time to invest in some defense from those who come from otherworldly places. I present to you Cobalt industries B.F.G,  or otherwise known as (Big Fragmentation Cannon) but the acronym you were thinking of works as well.

The BFG is a highly guarded monument that comes with a 3 tier loot puzzle, figure out the puzzle and grab the goods. Be warned, once you start, any player in the area will know you are breaching the defenses.

Munitions Stores 

Red and Green Card
Uses Four Fuses
Four Elite Crates
Three Military Crates
High Difficulty Level (doing as a group is recommended)

How to play

Fight your way to the center of the B.F.G from the front entrance, put the fuse in the fusebox on the right.

Go through the first green door and use the fusebox for the top-right control center that opens with a red card

Once in the first red room use the fusebox to activate the door on the upper left control room, you only have 60 seconds to get to the other side.

The fuse box in the 2nd red card room opens to the door to the last loot room on the ground in the center of the B.F.G

Prefab Count



RustEdit plugin is required
Flatt ground is required
Given Splat maps are recommended


The B.F.G is an extremely large piece of space artillery leftover from Cobalt industries during the planetary defense act of 1972 to combat extraterrestrial threats.

In 1952 a research station in the artic codenamed Terif 1 picked up a transmission seemly from the other side of the solar system. Having no human origin, the Russian government enacted a precautionary measure to defend against any and all extraterrestrial threats as the meaning and origin of the transmission were not known. It was later realized that the U.S had been launching probes of their own in secret and testing a new technic of radio encryption which was mistaken by the Russians as alien contact.

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