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TaskEvent 1.0.0

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About TaskEvent

TaskEvent is an Event mode where you can keep your players busy by competing them with different tasks where they can compete and get amazing rewards which we can configure.
The "TaskEvent" plugin enhances player engagement by introducing dynamic competition through a series of randomly generated tasks. Players participate in the event by completing these tasks, vying to be the first to accomplish a set number of tasks from the generated list. Successful participants are rewarded for their achievements.

  • Randomly Generated Tasks: The plugin generates tasks at regular intervals, ensuring a diverse and constantly changing set of challenges. This randomness adds an element of surprise and excitement for players.
  • Competitive Element: Players are pitted against each other in a race to complete the required number of tasks. This competitive aspect fosters a sense of urgency and camaraderie as players strive to outperform their peers.
  • Engaging Gameplay: The plugin offers an engaging gameplay loop centered around completing tasks. This can help combat player boredom and retention issues by providing a consistent source of entertainment.
  • Customize or add more tasks in oxide/data/TaskEvent/Task_data.json
  • And many more!


Player Commands:

  • /task - Check all your tasks and task requirements when the event is running

Admin Commands:

  • /taskeventstart - Starts the TaskEvent
  • /taskeventstop - Stops the TaskEvent (Without any winner)

Console Commands:

  • taskeventstart - Starts the TaskEvent
  • taskeventstop - Stops the TaskEvent (Without any winner)


  • taskevent.admin - Needed to use Admin Commands

Simple Configuration

  "Enable Automatic Event Start": true,
  "Minimum players needed to Start Automatic Event": 1,
  "Repeat event between timer[In Sec]": 3600,
  "Time between event start chat message[In Sec]": 300,
  "Max total tasks": 25,
  "Task event duration[In Sec]": 1800,
  "Complete x number of task to choose winner": 10,
  "Enable Item remove on complete task": false,
  "Chat Avatar ID": 0,
  "Task view background image": "https://i.postimg.cc/rmFQMxCP/Untitled-design-3.png",
  "Winner Rewards": {
    "Give Rewards": true,
    "Commands to be executed when winner found[Use {player} for specific player]": []

Give Rewards Configuration

"Winner Rewards": {
    "Give Rewards": true,
    "Commands to be executed when winner found[Use {player} for specific player]": [
      "sr add {player} 100", //give reward from ServerRewards
      "deposit {player} 100", //give reward from Economy 
      "inventory.giveto {player} scrap 100" //give rewards from console (https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/)
//You can add many commands for winner player

How to Install

  • You will receive TaskEvent.cs & a Data file
  • Put the .cs file to the oxide/plugins Folder
  • Then Put the data folder in the oxide/ Folder or paste the "Task_data.json" to the oxide/data/TaskEvent/ folder
  • Now please don't forget to reload the plugin

For any Issues or Inquiries please knock me on Discord or open a Ticket
Discord: iftebinjan

Discord Server: Link


  "Prefix": "<color=#886add>[ TaskEvent ] </color>",
  "Config_Corrupt": "Configuration file is corrupt! Check your config file at https://jsonlint.com/",
  "Task_already_started": "Event is already running!",
  "Task_start_chat_message": "Event is starting in <color=#008000>{ChatMessageTime}</color> seconds",
  "Task_not_running": "There is no Task Event running!",
  "Task_stopping": "Event stoping without any winner!",
  "Task_hasnt_started": "Event hasnt started yet, please wait!",
  "Task_start_messasge": "Event has started. Please complete <color=#008000>{Task}</color> tasks within <color=#008000>{Seconds}</color> seconds to win exclusive rewards.\nUsages: <color=#008000>/task</color>",
  "Task_complete_player": "You have completed <color=#008000>{TaskName}</color> Task",
  "Task_completed_broadcast": "<color=#008000>{PlayerName}</color> has completed <color=#008000>{Amount}</color> Task till now.",
  "Task_end_nowinner": "Event has ended. No winner found for Task Event",
  "Task_completed_task": "You have completed {CompletedTask} Tasks!",
  "Task_end_with_winner": "Event has ended. Event winner is <color=#008000>{WinnerName}</color> with most completed task.\nThanks everyone for participitaing in the event.",
  "Task_winner_reward": "You have won the TaskEvent. Here are your exclusive rewards!"


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