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Command Logger 1.0.0

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About Command Logger

Command Logger by Netch

This Command Logger plugin empowers admins to gather crucial insights from the player base. Recognizing that some players may be accustomed to commands from other servers, this plugin provides the ability to monitor those preferences, enhancing the user experience and increasing the likelihood of players returning.


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  • Stores and logs all commands your players use so you can accommodate them.
  • Command ignore list support.
  • Optional automatic data cleanup.


  • cl wipe – Wipes all stored data.
  • cl list – Lists all stored data.
  • cl ignore "Command" – Adds the specified command to the config ignore list.


  • commandlogger.admin – Required to use the console commands.


  • Log all player chat commands to the console (true/false)
  • Log all player chat commands to oxide/data/CommandLogger.json (true/false)
  • Wipe the data file on a new map (true/false)
  • Chat commands to ignore: Commands listed here will not be tracked by the plugin.


  1. Help! Where can I get support?
    You are welcome to contact me directly on Codefling or through my plugin support Discord - https://discord.com/invite/yz5D3PBXa8
  2. How to install this plugin?
    To install this plugin simply drop the CommandLogger.cs file into your servers /oxide/plugins/ directory.
  3. How to update this plugin?
    If an update is available, overwrite the new CommandLogger.cs file to your servers /oxide/plugins/ directory.
  4. Where are the command logs saved?
    The command logs are saved either in your servers console log, the oxide/data/CommandLogger.json file, or both depending on your configuration.
  5. Does using the plugin impact server performance?
    No, the impact of the command logger plugin on server performance is negligible and unnoticeable.
  6. Can players see that their commands are being logged?
    No, everything happens behind the scenes so your players are unaffected.
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