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About Medieval Rust Arenas (HDRP)

This arena pack holds three hand-crafted arenas with all custom buildings ready for you and your players to enjoy.   

Arena List
Pirate Themed 1v1
Viking Themed 2v2
Medieval Free For All or 3v3


When placing, make sure to use the splat maps and terrain heights given with the prefab.

Each arena has a special place where it is recommended for players to spawn. The Viking and Medieval Arenas have small rock alcoves on each end behind a tori gate. The Pirate arena has the player spawn location behind both waterfalls to keep from spawn camping.

For the prefab to function correctly, you will need the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll extension installed on your server. 

Good to know

Contains volumes to keep players in arenas and has an observation deck to view battles. 

Works with known arena plugins. 


As always, have fun! 


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