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About HDRP-KBEdits World War II Gun Bunkers

World War II Gun Bunkers

We are happy to say that KBEdits are releasing their range of WWII prefabs/monuments and mini arenas, so we are starting with this Three Bunker pack including the 150mm cannon.

Based upon gun emplacements on Omaha and Normandy beach, these ready made Gun Bunkers will bring life to any style of map and pave the way for new places to explore. The Bunkers come in 3 build styles and are ready to place on any part of an existing map or new map. Some loot spawns have been added and can be modified at the discretion of the customer so their players have a reward for exploring new and existing areas of their map. These new attractions will add a different start to waking up on the beach.

Simply place the bunkers where you wish and then alter the terrain to blend with it, it only requires minor terrain changes and use the floor of the bunker as a guide on the level when placing.

Due to the unlimited number of usage for these prefabs they DO NOT come with height/splat/bio or topology additions within the actual prefabs.
Placement of the prefabs is up to the customer and screenshots show some of the possible ways the prefabs maybe used.

If you have any issues or questions then feel free to join us on our discord channel https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s


Some images have been added to show potential usage of the prefabs and do not reflect the actual prefab itself. The video link is used to show the prefabs in a unique setting within the Rust game.

Enjoy the Prefabs
KBEdits Team

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