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About KBEdits World War II Mini V2 Launchsite

A new Custom Monument by KBEdits for Rust Servers, WWII themed V2 Mini Launch based upon Launch-site.

This Mini launch has a military theme to it, it can fit into any map as a new monument or as a main monument on a small map. This prefab will take a little extra work to place on a map due to its size and what it contains.

Placing the prefab for the flooded part is best at Y height 21.076. This allows for the beach-side as well on one side.

There is a mine entrance on one side that can be added to or removed and filled in. If you have any requests then please get in touch with us on our Discord listed below.

This is a Green/Blue/Red custom puzzle that gives electric power for 18 minutes to the central outpost in the center after the Red card has been swiped.

There is a Sentry Turret at the back which closes after the Red Card has been swiped. This allows other players to counter the hacked crate.

To try and prevent camping the central outpost there is 2 sentry turrets inside with some scientists. Normal scientist spawns outside. 

Its best to watch the video showcasing the monument to get a better idea what it contains and the terrain around it.

Contains Bradley APC path going around the dirt path.

This prefab is featured on the KBEdits WWII themed Mini Map .


Video Link on how to do the puzzle. 


Recycler inside the outpost.
Workbench and research table above and is accessible all the time.

Hackable crate.
6 Normal crate
11 Military crate
2 food crate
3 barrel spawners
Red Card spawner

Prefab count 3952

live server to view the terrain and monument. 

KBEdits WWII Duo/Trio Server

For Support and help if needed Join KBEdits main RustEdit Discord https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s

For the prefabs to function correctly, you will need the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll extension installed on your server.

As always, credit has to go to Bran and Cobalt for work on these prefabs. Thanks guys 🙂

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