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KBEdits Roadside Monuments (Supermarket, Warehouse, Oxums Gas-Station) Rebuilt 2.0.2


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About KBEdits Roadside Monuments (Supermarket, Warehouse, Oxums Gas-Station) Rebuilt

Rust Roadside Monuments, Oxum's Gas Station, Supermarket and Warehouse rebuilt, perfect for making Custom Monuments for your server.

These 3 roadside monuments have been rebuilt and have all the loot containers included, there is an original version of each monument overlay-ed on the rebuilt one so you can use that to apply the prefab modifiers and then delete it.

Contains a prefab for each of the following.

Oxum's Gas station Prefab Count 457
Supermarket       Prefab Count 546
Warehouse         Prefab Count 121

Place any of the prefabs on your map and then break it, select the main prefab (as listed above) and apply all the prefab modifiers. Delete that main FP prefab and modify the rebuilt one as you wish. Remember to regroup your finished prefab.

For Support and help if needed Join KBEdits main RustEdit Discord https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s

For the prefab to function correctly, you will need the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll extension installed on your server.

Any issues or questions then join our Discord from the link above.

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