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About HDRP-FP Monument-Airfield

This will allow map makers to create their own unique style of the main monuments by adding or modifying the prefabs.

Big thanks to all from KBEdits for the work on helping to make these prefabs, also to EndlessDisorder for the research and help.

Due to the size of the monument, its been uploaded by itself on a map, after its been fully tested it will also be created as a prefab.

Whats on the map.
Complete IO Puzzle, Metal ore in the mines and Loot Spawn Points same as standard Airfield that can be modified by the user to suit their needs.
Original version of Airfield and  broken version. The original version on the side can me moved with movement snap of 10 when selected and overlays on the broken version, when creating a prefab overlay the original and then when placed on the map use the original for the prefab modifiers and then delete the original.

If you notice anything missing or out of place please let us know via pm or on our Discord.

Left in a map for users to create their own prefabs.
Tested on Live server. (May)
Tested on RustEdit v-1-1-37

Prefab count 1719.

We ask that you leave in the text saying Supplied by Knockcree and Codefling.com as a way of helping support us.

If you need any help or more info then feel free to join our Discord https://discord.gg/3DYPGMxG5s

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