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About Tree House



It's safe to say that we all dreamed to have a tree house when we were kids  This tree house is the first monument I made for Rust months ago. With the HDRP update, I had to make some improvements on it and I decided to share this monument with you. The house comes with furniture: two chairs, sofa, static mixing table, a rocking chair, 3 small crates, 1 medium crate and 1 tool box. Also included, some custom made furniture:  table, curtains and bed... This monument doesn't come or require any specific terrain or topology so you can place it wherever you want. A ladder trigger cover the whole surface of the fishing net allowing players to climb to the tree house.



Objects: 229

Topology: None

Terrain Layer: None



This monument is part of https://codefling.com/maps/keanland



This prefab was made for my custom map "Keanland". If you want to see how it looks like in game, come take a look on my server. Locations on the map: N-6 and  O-18

Direct: steam://connect/

F1 console: client.connect



Discord: https://discord.gg/jahBP5enxj

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW

Website: https://www.skirowmods.com


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