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Container Yard 1.0


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About Container Yard




This monument has a locked crate inside a container hanging on a crane. To reach it, players will have to parkour their way to the top of the container pile with jumps and fishing nets to climb. On their way to the loot they will have to eliminate the scientists scattered along the way. Once they collect their loot, they can return to the yard to continue exploring. Players can also find more loot in the smaller container pile.  In the yard, a truck with a SAM on the back will shoot down any flying vehicles that come too close. A recycler is available inside the shelter.


Included in the zip file: Prefab file, splats, heights, biome and topology masks.



Objects: 1905

Height Masks: Included

Plugins Required: RustEdit.dll 


This monument is part of https://codefling.com/maps/keanland



This prefab was made for my custom map "Keanland". If you want to see how it looks like in game, come take a look on my server. Location on the map: I-3

Direct: steam://connect/

F1 console: client.connect



Discord: https://discord.gg/jahBP5enxj

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/SKIROW

Website: https://www.skirowmods.com


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