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Tahuata 1.2.0

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About Tahuata

Tahuata is a tropical map based on Hawaii islands. The map is composed of one main island and 8 smaller islands. This map has an huge train system above ground with 751 track segments. There are lot tiny details, entering buildings, puzzle and more. The 2 harbors on the main island. 7 train lines connecting Dodge Town, Elworth, Geystones Island, Baker's Warehouses and Caldweld. 


Map size: 3.7k

Optional Plugin: Work Cart Spawner 







⌬ Dodge Town
Dodge Town is the main town of Tahuta. There you have every you need: Gas station, super market, a dock, fishing village. If you need a place to stay, near the gas station there is a rental apartment available. The entrance is behind the house.

⌬ Graystones
This island has a town with the same name. The village is a nice place to hang out. There is a bar and a illegal gambling room in one of those houses... At the South on the town, there is a charming beach shelter that I recommend. It's cozy and perfect to relax.

⌬ Caldweld
This industrial area is connected to all important areas of the map via trains. Part of Caldweld, a container yard that also have a train connection. Lot loot are hidden for those who want some action.

⌬ Baker's Warehouses
Baker was a tyrannical boss. No one knows where is at. Some rumors says that one of his employees killed him and his family and hidden the bodies inside his house across the road. After killing his boss and his family, the employee started to kill hikers and tourists... 

⌬ DeadWood
The oldest town of Tahuata, now abandoned. 

⌬ The 8 Dragons Resort
The resort is a great place to party, relax or talk business in the private poker room. This resort is divided in 3 parts. The main building with a bar, music scene and lounge. The second part is the floating casino. Onboard, players have access to a pool, hot tub, mini bar, slot machine, private poker room... There is a loot room locked with a puzzle. The 3rd part of the resort is the cabanas. Those tiny houses can be rented by players. Each cabanas comes with a radio and a unique light theme. They also have an unlimited electricity and can be furnished by the renter. 

⌬ The Devil's Home
People in Dodge Town and Graystones talks about a huge amount of loot hidden inside the cavern but no one really knows what is inside.

⌬ The Bear's Cave
No one knows where this cavern is but if you use a computer and the following camera address: BEARCAVE. You might see a bear inside a cave.



There are a lot of custom prefabs on this map. Some are unique, some are also sold on my page.

⌬ Bandit Barge
The Bandit Barge is a perfect place to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loot is available for those who have the right key cards.
_ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse, x1 Blue Key Card and x1 Red Key Card.
Available here:  https://codefling.com/monuments/bandit-barge

⌬ Custom Train Car and wagons
At Elworth station, there are wagons with loot. Some are easy to get, some not. 

⌬ Caboose
This very old abandoned train car is home for vagabonds. There is some loot... for heartless players…
Also available here:  https://codefling.com/prefabs/caboose

⌬ Shacks and Treehouse
These prefabs all have different amenities. Shacks are safer unless you are lucky enough to find a psycho player inside… The best option is to find a cozy treehouses - there’s loot and are relatively safe.
The Tree House is available on this website: https://codefling.com/monuments/tree-house-hdrp

⌬ Beach Shelters
“Life is a beach!” There are two beach shelters on the map. Those prefabs are ideal to chill around a bonfire and beautiful sceneries.
Link to the monument: https://codefling.com/monuments/beach-shelter

⌬ Wooden Piers
Players can find wooden piers near the water where they can fish or just enjoy the view.



List of non or barely modified Rust monuments included on the map:

x2 Lighthouse
x1 Airfield
x1 Sphere Tank
x2 Gas Stations
x3 Fishing Villages
x1 Compound
x1 Junkyard
x4 Super Markets
x3 Quarries
x2 Harbors
x4 Caves
x2 Stables
x2 Underwater Labs

NOTE: Not all default monuments are connected to the subway. Some subway are closed. See map screenshots.



Discord: https://discord.gg/gfTXEeuctR (Updated)

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SKIROW

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadeBySKIROW



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