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About Excavation


This monument is somewhat similar to the standard monument from Facepunch, but this is far from the case. You won't be able to launch an excavator on it, but it will perfectly decorate your map with a detailed landscape and also give your players the opportunity to fight with bots for loot that is there

P.s. On the screenshots you can notice that there is an entrance for underground tunnels on this monument, but due to the fact that for reasons that are unclear to me, it is not saved in the prefab, I removed it from there but left a place to install it, so if you have a desire, you can install it there yourself


  • 3114 Prefabs for this build
  • There are all the necessary modification masks for easy installation on the map
  • Resource mining stones, bots, triggers and crates

Modification masks

  • Height Mask
  • Splat Mask
  • Topology Mask


  • Building Sphere
  • Radiation Med
  • Water culling volume

Check out more of my work here!
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