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About Creep Land (Minimap)

A small island created in the World Creator 2 program with a couple of monsters for decoration.
Map size – 1500k
Prefab Count – 9500

This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


A small map for small servers, perfect for a week-long wipe for the upcoming Halloween holiday, and for a regular game. The island consists of 2 hills connected by a bridge. On the map you will meet 2 creeping monsters. The loot is perfectly balanced, there are all kinds of cards.

 Last Height
 Water Treatment
 Sewer Branch
 The Dome
 Combiner Bandit Camp and Outpost
 Fishing Village
 Underwater laboratory
 Underground Tunnel
 2 Oil Rig

Required Dependencies:https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit



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