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Whitelist 1.0.0

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About Whitelist

Plugin Description:

Our Rust Whitelist Plugin is the ultimate solution for maintaining control over your server. This plugin offers a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to easily add or remove players from the whitelist, provided they've been on your server before. In addition, you can configure the plugin to send notifications to your Discord server when players are added to or removed from the whitelist.

Key Features:

Intuitive GUI: Our plugin features a clear and visually appealing user interface. Here, you can add or remove players with a simple button press.

Whitelist by SteamID: You have the ability to directly add users to the whitelist via the GUI.

Toggle On/Off: With a straightforward click, you can enable or disable the whitelist. The user interface makes it exceptionally easy.

Automatic Activation/Deactivation: You can configure the whitelist to automatically activate or deactivate at specific times, based on your defined time intervals.

Discord Notifications: You can opt to receive notifications on your Discord server whenever a player is added to or removed from the whitelist. This feature can be easily enabled or disabled in the plugin's configuration.

Configurable Whitelist Messages:

 You can customize the whitelist messages in the plugin's configuration to provide your players with a personalized experience.


whitelist.add: Grants the ability to add players to the whitelist.

whitelist.remove: Allows for the removal of players from the whitelist.

whitelist.admin: Provides full access to whitelist management.

whitelist.enable: Activates the whitelist.

whitelist.disable: Deactivates the whitelist.

whitelist.ui: Permits the use of the graphical user interface (UI).


Chat Commands:

/whitelist: Opens the graphical user interface (GUI). The whitelist.ui permission is required.

With our Rust Whitelist Plugin, you'll maintain full control over your server and simplify whitelist management. Manage your player list, enable or disable the whitelist as needed, enjoy the user-friendly GUI, and opt for Discord notifications if you desire. Get our plugin now to enhance the security and manageability of your Rust server.


  "Enable 'add' discord message?": true,
  "Enable 'remove' discord message?": true,
  "Discord webhook (for added to whitelist players)": "webhook",
  "Discord webhook (for removed from whitelist players)": "webhook",
  "Kick message": "You are not on this server's whitelist"


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