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About Hotbars

Hotbars is a Rust plugin that lets users create multiple MMO-style hotbars they can switch between on the fly either with chat commands, key binds or a GUI interface. Users can configure up to 5 bars to switch between. If the items are lost, the items are removed from the hobar when the user switches or recalls the hotbar.



  • hotbars.use - Required for use.
  • hotbars.(1-5) - Limits the amount of hotbars a player/group can have. Example: hotbars.3



  • /hotbar - Will print a list of availible commands.
  • /hotbar list - Alternative method to open GUI interface.
  • /hotbar close - Alternative method to close GUI interface.
  • /hotbar save - Alternative method to save a hotbar.
  • /hotbar delete 1-5 - Alternative method to delete a saved hotbar.
  • /hotbar 1-5 - Alternative method to switch between hotbars.



  • OnlyUsableItems (Default: true) - Prevents un-usable items from being saved into a hotbar, like resources, etc..
  • RestoreHotbarOnDeath (Default: false) - Restores the hotbar on respawn after a player dies.
  • ToggleButtonContainerBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button.
  • ToggleButtonImageBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button icon.
  • ToggleButtonBounds - Configure the placement of the GUI hotbar button texture layer.
  • ToggleButtonColor - Configure the color of the GUI hotbar button.
  • ToggleButtonBackgroundColor - Configure the background color of the GUI hotbar button.
  • ToggleButtonOpacity - Configure the opacity of the GUI hotbar button.
  • ToggleButtonBackgroundOpacity - Configure the background opacity of the GUI hotbar button.
  • HotbarContainerBounds - Configure the placement of the hotbar menu.




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