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Furnace Levels 1.2.8

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About Furnace Levels

Furnace levels provide players with possibility to upgrade certain aspects of smelting, like speed, fuel consumption and resource output.




 • How it works
Players can simply access upgrade menu through button located next to furnace name (3rd screenshot). Plugin supports Economics, 
Server Rewards and also ingame item as payment option for upgrades. 

Amount of levels is not limited, you can create as many as you want.
All upgrades are saved on specific furnace placed, upon destroying or picking up progression is lost. 

• Permission 


furnacelevels.use       ⇚   Required permission to access upgrade menu.

• Config example


   "Main Settings": {
       "Currency Type": "Economics",       ⇚   Economics / ServerRewards / Item
       "Currency Item ID": 0,
       "Currency Display Name": "$"
       "Currency Item ID (only if type is Item)": 0,
       "Large Furnace Cost Multiplier - Default 1.0x": 1.0        ⇚   Option to increase cost of upgrades for large furnace. 


    "Speed (Default is 0.5 - Lowering value increases smelting speed)": {
       "Modifier": [
             0.5,                ⇚   starting modifier, Level 1
             0.4,                ⇚   Level 2
             0.3,                ⇚   Level 3
             0.2                 ⇚   Level 4
    "Upgrade Price": [
             0,                ⇚   first value is only for index purpose as Level 1 is starting level.
             30,                ⇚  upgrade price for Level 2
             50,                ⇚  upgrade price for Level 3
             70                ⇚  upgrade price for Level 4
               //ps. you can create as much levels as you want, just add more values.


same goes for Fuel and Output...

• Credits

Co-Author @SinKohh
 Furnace Control and overall development.

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